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Friday, December 9, 2011


It just isn't Christmas without Poinsettia's placed here and there thru-out your home (or store)...what a bright "hello" they greet me with each morning - and placed in our "Fernery" they really "sparkle" !! (I suppose I should put a price on the "fernery" as I haven't done so yet).   It always come in handy for something to display - like the 10 pounds of Christmas potpourri we sold, or a bushel of "sprigs" - and now to showcase our Christmas Poinsettia's !!
Across from the fernery is this wonderful olde pressed back chair...looking very prim in it's rather unique gold paint - Santa seems to like it!!
..and hanging above the fernery is this wooden spoke wheel with hard rubber around the rim...(we have two of them) and are not sure what they came off of.   They were held together with a metal rod - and pretty far apart - Tony (after much work) was able to separate them and wire them to hang - great to display herbs, kitchen utensils or make your very own "prim" mobile !!  We are showcasing Terri Leamer's handmade stockings that she made using our toweling fabric from French General - pretty cool !!
"tis the season to be "jolly"....hope you ALL have your "jolly" on !!

***Here you go Joanne and Connie (boy was I sweating that one out... (big smile) since I have been know to "make-up words - however.....)

Definition of FERNERY

1: a place or stand where ferns grow

2: a collection of growing ferns


Joanne said...

Why I learned something new this morning - the word "fernery"! Happy Day - the Sun is Shining!

ctlogcabin said...

Me too Joanne ... "fernery" is new to me. Love the stockings what a great idea to use the toweling. And the wheels are neat !!
Everyting looks so festive Miss Judy wish I was visiting today, cause as much Jolly as I have ... a trip into the Cinnamon Stick always adds more.
Big Warm Hugs ~~ xox