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Thursday, December 15, 2011

ME OH MY.....

Look what arrived at the store this morning !!! Four of them !!!
My dear friend Lorraine Filmore, Lancaster, PA makes these snowman heads using paper mache over a styro foam ball, fastens them on a canning jar lid and hand paints them !!!  You can fill the jars with candy (yummy M & M's look so pretty)  - what a nice decoration or even a better gift for someone special.....$15.

I finished my shopping this evening and now the wrapping - also finished my Christmas Exchange gifts today....whew!!  Haven't a clue how I am going to wrap them....that sort of has become a "BIG" deal....the way they are wrapped...sigh!!!  Might just have to go for the old "brown paper bag" wrapping....(but I am sure I can "fancy that up)!!!

I am starting something new for January - (well it is not really new - new) and will only be available to pick up at the store.  Years ago I wrote a little newsletter called THE CINNAMON THYMES - and I am bringing that back to the store but not doing any mailings. (so please do not ask - just not enough time) The NEW newsletter will be called "SPRINKLES" -partly because of the "sprinkles" I add to the customers purchases and partly because it will be "sprinkled" with all kinds of newsy stuff !  I am excited to do this again and hope those who come to the store enjoy reading it.   It will be published monthly instead of bi-monthly like before!
Just another "gimmick" to get you to visit the store!!! (but worth the visit - big Christmasy grin)!!!


Susan At Glen Oaks Primitives said...

The Snowman Jar Heads are adorable.
Congratulations on starting your newsletter again. I'm sure your
customers will love it.

ctlogcabin said...

Hi Judy ~~
Cute Jars .... and M & M's a Great filler.
I can't come every month but I will grab a copy when I do visit ... Love your News Letters.
Big Warm Glittery Hugs ~~ xox
P.S. I have EXTRA Joy tonight cause my Tommy is in for Christmas !! Woo Hoo !! xox