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Saturday, December 24, 2011


...cap on my pen last evening readying myself to leave for the night- I felt this sense of melancholy mixed with relief... am I the weirdest storekeeper or what!!!  Sad that the season had come to an end - but relieved that I can move on to start putting all the plans I have for 2012 into motion.
I was closing the store (a bit early) at ten of five - putting the goodies on the porch away - when a car pulled up with a young father and his two young sons - the oldest being 4.  His wife had seen something in the store a day or so ago and he came to get it for her.  I AM SO GRATEFUL THAT I DIDN'T CLOSE EARLY !  Little things like that make Christmas special for me.  ie. - the melancholy that I will miss these special happenings!! 
The relief comes very quickly though as I rushed home to start our own Christmas...closing today was a very good cheese pies are in the oven giving me time to visit here.  Only one more present to wrap and 3 gift baskets to fill and I am done.  Guess what  - Tony and I are going shopping...!!  He is at the bakery picking up the tomato pies and rolls for our Christmas Eve celebration this evening at our son's home.  It is low key  (as much as it can be with 9 little ones TRYING to be good for Santa Claus) - and informal.   We are blessed that we enjoy each others company.   I enjoy the hustle and bustle of Christmas shopping - hope everyone is NICE when we are out there!! (my toaster died and we MUST have toast for hubby in the morning)!!
I am so grateful for all my cyber friends - I wish I could meet everyone of you - best I can do is to wish you the MERRIEST OF CHRISTMAS  and A HEALTHY AND PROSPEROUS NEW YEAR !!
Stay safe my friends,  Judy


moosecraft said...

You sound a bit like Santa after all the gifts have been delivered for Christmas Eve! Very happy the little boy and his Dad were able to find the gift for their Mom! What a great Christmas story! :-) Stuffed cabbage today and Ham tomorrow will certainly add to my already "belly shaking like a bowl full of jelly"! lol! Ho! Ho! Ho! And Merry Christmas to you and your family!

ctlogcabin said...

Those are the Sweet Stories of a StoreKeeper ... Love it !! EnJoy every minute of Christmas Eve and Christmas Day with your Beautiful Family.
Love & Hugs ~~ xox

Janet - underthewillow said...

Merry Christmas Judy!!


Penny said...

Merry Christmas, Judy!! Your Christmas Eve sounds like our's -- informal family gathering -- food and games -- so much fun!! Enjoy everthing!!

My hope is to visit you soon -- I have a doctor's appt. in Allentown in Jan. Hope we can scoot on over to see you and visit a few of our other favorite haunts there in town as well!

Merry Christmas to you all!!

Quilting "b" said...

Sounds like your Christmas will be filled with lots of sugary kisses with nine little ones. I love your Blog and your stories. Thank you and have a very Merry Christmas. Hugs

Holly Hills Primitives said...

Merry Christmas Judy! This has been a wonderful holiday season - the best yet, but I'm also relieved to be moving on to the next thing. Hope you and your family have a wonderful holiday. We will meet one of these days! Dawn

Joanne said...

Merry Christmas!