We are now located on the Lower Level in Morgantown Market. A 90 dealer co-op that is just amazing!!
Open every day - 10 am to 5 pm
2940 Main Street, Morgantown, PA 19543

Wednesday, November 30, 2011


This weekend is our Sleigh Ride with three other stores - pretend of course (gosh alittle sprinkle of snow would be nice) - Friday, Saturday and Sunday.  This is our 5th year for having it and customers look forward to the fun !  Lots to do though to get ready.
I want the store filled to the rafters with goodies and of course there is the goodies for the tummies and then the setting up and finally the FUN!!   Hope to see you there!
One year it did snow....just alittle!

Last year at the end of the season sweet friends Jean and Len from New Jersey brought me a couple very large tin snowmen for sale...I had one left and forgot about him - until NOW!!  Yesterday I put him in the store for sale.   I purchased one from them right before we moved to Hereford (12 years ago) - and I love him to pieces.  Each year he stands guard on our "outhouse" door welcoming everyone who visits! (couldn't find a picture :( !!  Here is the one we have for sale - $49...he is a BIG fellow, made of tin, hand-painted and a wooden stake is attached to the back (it is an old rake, shovel, pitchfork??? handle - nice and sturdy)!!

Don't you just love that smile!!!!

Monday, November 28, 2011


Well that is always questionable isn't it!!   However, I am not going to the store today...instead I will stay in my neighborhood - do the laundry, (again),  shop for home and FOR OUR SLEIGH RIDE EVENT THIS WEEKEND!
Always a fun Saturday when Elf Tony is serving his "Hot Pockets" and popcorn ( all to be washed down with some hot cocoa!!
Here is a picture of the BIG snow guy made by Helen Voytilla - we even found a vintage child's broom you can purchase to go with him!!!
Tried and tried to get a "good" picture of the Christmas bunting...but it was tooooooo sunny (good thing) so this is the best I could is really, really neat...and only $5.00 !!
Sweet little wheelbarrow - all metal with a hard rubber wheel...a nice centerpiece to go on your old farm table...counter...or by the fireplace!!  So many uses!!!
Have a great Monday - I intend to get alot accomplished!!  (haven't even started to Christmas shop yet  - and I love to shop!!)

Sunday, November 27, 2011


What a nice weekend we are having....lots of familiar faces have come to shop and many new faces too....FUN!   Black Friday has certainly kept us in the "pink" with lots of giggling and sharing - and also lots of $$$'s and to come right down to it..that is what keeps us going!  I am thrilled that we can give you the best handmades and unique Christmas decorations we can find.  
Helen just brought me (last evening) another big Santa with lantern (sold the first two first week of open house) and a new tall snowman...3 feet tall (or close to it) - handsomely finished with a top hat and jingle bells!
There is one "Scrooge" up for grabs - but I do think she is working on a couple more for us.  
Tony is at market this morning hoping to find lots of replacements for all the vintage boxes etc. that sold this past week...!! Fingers crossed he does well!
These green velvet snowman sacks (large and small) arrived on Friday along with Christmas bunting...(didn't take a picture of the bunting but will today) pretty the bunting would look draping a doorway or across a ladder like we hung ours.
..large sack $28. - small $12.
Great to hang on a door filled with greenery - or on an old snow shovel or rake you use for display!

Candy Canes and Pansies???  One lone pansy plant is still flowering pretty little faces for us to enjoy...had to pick a couple to share with everyone!
...and not to be "out done"...little "johnnies" peeking thru the fallen leaves!  Me oh My!!!
Have a great week everyone...hope you find just the right "gifts" for everyone on you list!!

Thursday, November 24, 2011


Enjoy this day of giving thanks with family and friends...we are so blessed with lots of family and lots of friends - (there are even a few enemies tucked in here and there - but we are thankful for them because they keep us honest and true to who we really are)!! 
Gobble, Gobble!  ..... 

Tuesday, November 22, 2011


4 months
She was a very happy little girl today - but I went back to babysit tonight (Mom and Dad had school conferences) and she was NOT a happy camper.  She let me know she wanted her MOM !!  Kennedy and Blakely (her big sisters) helped me calm her down and finally she cooed and smiled again!

Some pictures of the Baker's Table Tony found, used his "magic" on and brought to the store on Sunday...
 Two bins...
Two drawers...
Two bread boards...a really nice piece!!  $450.
Joanne (during class Sunday) made this "Wool Feather Tree" using Glitter Wool she purchased from Linda Keller at Grant Street Woolworks, in Chambersburg, PA  -

 Isn't it should see it in sparkly and prim at the same time!!
For all you DIY gals...we have some wonderful yardage of red and white cotton velvet. $16. pyd.

What great St Nicolas' or Christmas stockings the velvet would make!!!
Well....I am off to put the pj's on and tuck myself in to see who WINS Dancing with the Stars.....I love all three finalists so it is really, really hard to pick a favorite!!!

Monday, November 21, 2011


Joanne was kind enough to give two classes in a row to accomodate all the gals who NEEDED to make the Wool Feather Tree...(Thank you Joanne)!  These gals were a bit "rowdy"...hmmmmmm maybe that is not the right word...."FUN LOVING" is maybe better!!  Our workshop is in the Attic Studio - two flights up from the main floor...Customers could hear all the "giggling" and "laughing" and I had to keep explaining that a class was going on - "making a Wool Feather Tree"...I don't  think they couldn't figure out how making a wool tree you would make so much noise!!  Needless to say - it was a wonderful afternoon! Here are some pics -
I said "smile girls...look like you are having fun" for my blogs sake!!
 ...twirling and snipping
Sara...finally started to feel better and started working....(we won't mention why she wasn't feeling well)
Camera kept "acting up" and now I know why...our spirits were visiting us...see the "orb" !! much fun - so friendly and she kept everyone laughing!! 
..looks like Maryellen is pondering what to do...she was!  To use brown floral tape on her white wool tree or white...decisions do not come easy!! (she chose brown)!
...working very hard and wondering...How will this ever look like the sample!!
 Noreen (on left) found our blog and never having been to the store emailed to come to the class...she came from  far - and a new friend was made!!  Hugs Noreen!!
Now I must prepare for Thanksgiving and Black Friday...We are closed Thanksgiving but will be bright eyed and bushy tailed (my Mom use to say that all the time)..for Black Friday.   Forget the malls ....come shop with us for a relaxing - no shoving or pushing - time!!
BTW - Tony brought the Baker's Table into the store....will get pics when I go up tomorrow to clean!!!

Sunday, November 20, 2011


Here are some pictures of Saturday's class....I didn't get to spend much time "having fun" with everyone as the store was busy and Tony had a previous engagement so he couldn't come help out.  I know I missed some good times - It looks like they were very "into" making their trees !! 

Joanne greeting everyone and giving the instructions -
Joanne must have said something funny....(she has a great sense of humor)!!
 ....time to get serious

 ..and now we will twirl
...glue and twirl...glue and twirl
...still smiling
I didn't get a picture of the finished trees...(sad face)...It was a beautiful Saturday in PA and customers were out shopping the many "happenings" that were going on!
Terri of the gals who brings me wonderful creations - brought in these stockings on Friday...
Wool Penny Stockings...Stars - Holly - and Pennies - they are beautiful in the picture but you should see them in person...beautiful works of art!
These are smaller muslin stockings - aged slightly, and the candy cane is red and white vintage rick-rack braided together - Terri has a vintage apron that she saw this "technique" on and decided to try it herself...not as easy as it sounds but the outcome is wonderful!

...take some time to stop in and see all our new goodies!!

Friday, November 18, 2011


...a perfect shopping day.   Lots of sunshine...a store filled with Christmas cheer.. holly jolly Christmas Carols to hum along to (or sing outloud)...warm orange tea and cookies...nibbles thru-out the store to sample...jingle bells ringing...and a storekeeper who loves her job!   Come for a visit!!!  So much to see!!

...and a Baker's Table arriving late this afternoon....white agate top - two bins - Now where in the heck will it fit????