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Monday, October 3, 2011


Brrrrrr...chilly out today - I needed a jacket and even put the "heat" on in the car for a minute or two!  Went up to the store to do some "research"....opening bins from last Christmas to see just what was there.  Have to say it was alittle unnerving as not alot was leftover.  Alittle of this and that - I always count on having a nice base to start with and now I better start scrambling with making some the goodies !!  Lots of new Christmas has already arrived...just really waiting for one more company and of course all the handmades will come at the last minute (big smile)!!  Why am I talking about Christmas???  Well just realizing that it is ONE MONTH FROM TODAY OUR CHRISTMAS OPEN HOUSE BEGINS!!  Have yet to think of a theme - or how the porches will be decorated - (guess I am enjoying the fall season too much) but I better get busy !!! lets get back to fall  - as there is still much going on here at THE CINNAMON STICK!  I am making plans for our WITCH'S NITE week from this Friday - Oct. 14th - I do hope you can come!   New fall items arrived last Friday and I took some pictures today -
The Halloween bunting I spoke about....

 These are "velvet" sacks in the shape of a cone....ready to fill with bittersweet, Sweet Annie or sprigs & twigs!!

 Really cool to hang on a pegged rack, cupboard door - anywhere!!
 Also a wonderful sack of potpourri from Crows Nest Primitives...."Pomander" !!!  Scentsational!!!
My car went back to the garage fix the same problem I have been dealing with for months....yiyiyi - so I will be house bound tomorrow - Guess I will open up the Christmas file drawer and pull out patterns and all my notes, scribbles and "must do's" for Christmas 2011!!!


Joanne said...

Hard to believe it's Witches Nite Out already! I'll be there! (wink wink! LOL)

gail said...

went to Zville today. looked for your car. got too pooped to do much. sorry i missed you :(

The Cinnamon Stick said...


ctlogcabin said...

Fall .... Christmas .... Fall ... Christmas
it's all good to me !! lol
Don't think I can make Witch's Nite Out but sure hope I get in to see Christmas,
at The Cinnamon Stick !!
Have Fun creating, always love what you come up with !!
Hugs ~ Connie xox

Nettie said...

Hello Judy,...... looks like you got quite a lot of new items.... Witch's night I hope I can make it.... Cannot wait for Christmas open house you always have the best ideas and merchandise.... Hope to see you soon.
Love Nettie

laura said...

Your owl sack is so cute. Witches Night sounds like so much fun. I know you all will have a blasty. Take planty of photos so the rest of us can live vicariously.