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Wednesday, October 12, 2011


I would certainly recommend getting a group of your friends together to have a Halloween Exchange Party....truly it is so much fun - and gets you ready to buckle down for the next season to come.....CHRISTMAS !!   (still stuffing candy canes!)

Here are the exchange gifts we shared with each other....
These were mine all packaged up...I didn't get any pictures of my gift....duh!!  I made "velvet" pumpkins in prim white and orange...and a flattened silver plate spoon stamped "Halloween 2011" !!
...a group shot I displayed to show Tony when I got home!!
...a pillow from Sharon with a hand embroidered spider web - (her embellishment on her packaged was a "bat" garland...glittered and strung on black tinsel garland....!!
Brenda's....somewhere in time!  This  is a real piece of "art"....all done in a 3-D effect with lace, ribbons ephemera, game pieces inside and on top of a ephemera covered box sitting on an antique tart tin on top of a candlestick....woohoooooooo!!
 ..the back!!
Vicki's gift ( I don't know how she did this)....OMG, unique and wonderful!  A vintage silver candlestick with a vintage silver coaster made into this bird cage that has captured a crow and the little witches are having fun taking rides on her swinging perch !!  Hand punched tin creative!!
 SPIDERELLA...from Bev...honestly you need to see this gal up close and personal to see all the detail...and count the "13" spiders clinging to her!!  Made on top of an old "beer glass" and just decorated to the hilt!  Her face is glued to a little tablet that sits upon the glass base...wish you could see her for real!!

...and Dianne's Pumpkin Pete...we have some of these for sale in the store...He is just too cute for words!!! (he also has a vest that must have been on the floor when I took the picture...:(  !!!)   Hand painted and sewn to perfection.....
 Mona's gift....this was Mona's first time at our exchange and she kept saying "my gift is not good enough"...well Mona I hope you are reading this because this is a favorite.   A book....with a Witchy short story she wrote herself - I love Mona's creations (she makes the shadow boxes for sale in the store) she ALWAYS thinks "out of the box" !!  Pages and pages of two books were the same!! of the pages!  We took turns reading each page....just like we use to do in Grade School in the reading circle!
The purpose of the book is to keep adding "it's and bit's" each year -   she has made little pockets thru-out the book so you can add that "magic stone" or "lock of a grandbabies hair" !!  Very Special gift indeed!!!
Now can you see why I get so excited about our Exchange get togethers!!!!
US !!! (except me as I was taking the pictures...(big pumpkiny grin!!)

Back to Reality....all the shopping is done for our Witch's Nite Out...Tomorrow I will start the cooking - hope you can join us for some "WITCHY FUN" !!!


ohiofarmgirl said...

I went back and was looking at your past posts and you have some great pictures. Your crafts are awesome and your friends home is kinda the direction I am going with my home...shades of white. Have a great day. Dianntha

Joanne said...

Wow what creative gifts - I don't know how you girls think of all those things - so very cool! Each one is so cool and unique in its own way - I can image if all of you get together for a "creativity day" - the possibilities are endless for sure! Oh and maybe get Pumpkin Pete to the bathroom - looks like he has to go! LOL

Bittersweet and Ivy said...

That sounds like so much fun! I can see how much your friends enjoyed it! I love the gifts too!!

Thanks for sharing!

ctlogcabin said...

Judy ~~ What a night you gals had, great friends meeting at a wonderful home
and exchanging laughs and the best
hand-dids !!!!
Not sure I would have even wanted to
open the gifts the packaging was so great !!
Me & my pals would fall way short in the creative
area but a get together is always fun !!! xox

TeresaM said...

WOW!!! What a great idea and fun time!!!

Kathy said...

I am a first time visitor and just love your blog. What fun, the Witch nite looks wonderful and so many wonderful goodies. I love the spider web pillow. I am your newest follower. Kathy