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Monday, October 31, 2011


As I drove up the little cut off road (from the main Route 100) Star Road and came upon the stop sign...there they were.....WINDOW CANDLE LIGHTS  ALL AGLOW!!  I let out a "woohoo" and sang Jingle Bells I went dashing through the "puddles" left from melting snow!!!  That meant our electric was back and heat too...(which helped with the 38 degrees outside)!!  
So - I worked and worked and worked all day - getting as much accomplished as I could....(making up for not being able to do anything Sunday)!!   I was begging the clock to slow down as I was on quite a "roll" and knew once I stopped this old body would just tighten up and I would be deemed useless for the rest of the evening. 
Happy with what got finished...lots, lots, lots more to do~~~ but I am smiling.  Only moved furniture to a new destination one time (ususally it is 4 or 5 times before I am happy)...(maybe I am getting easier to please) LOL!!
Still my ornament order for the tree and the decorations for the back porch have not arrived....(saying alittle prayer they come by Wednesday) !!
I did come home and make 5 lbs. of chocolate fudge for open house....delish!!!   Tomorrow cookies!!!
Christmas music was blaring...I was singing.....and the spirits were dancing.....(I could just feel the magic)!!
Boxes of goodies waiting patiently.....

Sunday, October 30, 2011


Benjamen Franklin - Thomas Edison - or the Met-Ed workman who finally  "after 2 days" got our electric back on.  I have to say it is really REALLY hard not having electric.   We have NO water (well) - which means brushing your teeth with a bottle of water and a cup - not fun !!  You cannot "flush"....that is REALLY NO FUN!!   Using a wet wash cloth to "try" and mat down the bed head - (I won't go on)...Just THANK YOU everyone who has anything to do with ELECTRIC !! 
There is NO electric at the store either...still none at this moment.  Did I tell you I have 3 days to take all the fall/Halloween down - CLEAN - and redecorate for our Christmas open house....hmmmmm.  IN THE DARK!!  Our store is in "the country"...pure country (I love it there) however, always the last to get service back.  Not sure how I can undecorate - clean - and redecorate without electric power....Everything is in the basement that has to come up and the rest must go the dark...with only one hand to hold a flashlight...(do you feel sad for me yet??)  
Okay, venting is is what it is and I will just deal with it.....BUT PLEASE NO MORE SNOW AND GET ME SOME ELECTRIC!!!

Saturday, October 29, 2011


Then how come we are dealing with this  ???  (taken from my back door at 4 pm)
 ...beautful BUT  ????
 ...well...the rosemary is frozen along with the last batch of parsley from the front garden  :(
I went to the store and opened this morning but then it started to look like this - big heavy flakes and in no time everything was covered.  I high-tailed it out of there and slowly made my way home (16 country miles)!!
Not use to seeing my pumpkins covered with the time I left the store they all were. 
  Thought I would tease you alittle - goodies coming this Thursday - snow should be all melted by then!!
 The basement is filled with all kinds of jolly fellows just waiting to be "released" into your custody!!
These are the only "houses" I want to see covered in snow....
We have lost our electric for most of the day....leaves on the trees, a very wet heavy snow = power outages......NO COMPUTER (worse than not being able to flush)!! (big smile)!!  It is still snowing heavily so who knows what the evening will bring.   Thank goodness we have the generator...haven't seen a plow yet!!!
(very happy Blogspot saves everything as the power went off just as I was going to click POST)
Hope you are having a much better day....

Thursday, October 27, 2011


We will be closing at 3 pm today, October 27th and closed on Friday, October 28th. (due to a death in the family)
REOPEN - Saturday, October 29th with Halloween's "last hurrah" !!
Don't forget we will be closed Wednesday, November 2nd to finish all the little "it's" for our -
Thursday, November 3rd
(we will be open til' 8 pm this evening)
Promises to be an extra special season with lots of wonderful decorations and gifts!!

Wednesday, October 26, 2011


It finally HIT 7 days THE CINNAMON STICK will be filled with Christmas delights!!  No more messing around -(ie. playing) is time for serious action!! 
Plan A can't be finalized as I am waiting for ONE MORE ORDER to arrive....sigh...why is it always the items that I need the most ???   Is there a Plan B...NO!!  
What I am waiting on is the decorations for our tree...and the back porch decorations.....fingers crossed they come in by next Wednesday....better yet wouldn't it be great if they came in TODAY!!  
Between the painters, the rainy weather, the order not coming and being closed on Friday - I think I better get serious!!!  (keep singing Judy...keep singing) !!!
Whew!!!  Got that out of my system!! (big smile - thanks for listening!!)  Just wanted you to know this "job" comes with it's wonderful "ups" and it's crazy "downs" !!
Helen Voytilla brought me wonderful Christmas goodies for you yesterday.....just waiting on Dianne's handmades and everything will be ready for next Thursday!!  (well....keep fingers crossed for me the tree is NOT bare)!!
I would love to share (intice) you with some of our Christmas goodies but forgot to take any pictures...will try today....On the agenda is to CLEAN up and ORGANIZE my back counter....(those who visit the store KNOW what I am talking about)!!
Hope everyone has a great day....rain expected here...again!!!

ps.  the picture from yesterday was my kitchen windowsill at home last year....the tree is an olde feather tree that my Mom gave me....very special to me.  Many of the Santa ornaments were made by a friend who is delighting the angels with her creativity now.

Tuesday, October 25, 2011


Brrrrrrr...chilly this morning...a great "fall" day!  I did make some "progress" yesterday and would have made more IF I wouldn't stop to "play"!!  How come I get the most creative when I am too busy to be so???
Back to the store this morning....and first on the agenda is to get my Christmas fabric ironed and ready to put on the tables and shelves.   I am "one of those" that HAS to have doilies everywhere.  Pieces of cloth bring a softness to a piece of furniture or shelf.  (and they don't have to match) !!  I remember when The Seraph first came out with repro homespun fabric for sale (Connie - Log Cabin Primitives can relate as she was a "talent" at Seraph).  It was $9. a yard - alot of money 28 years ago....But I had to have it and still have pieces of the original yardage.  Of course, I have vintage homespun but most of that I have sold.....(see how I go off in tangents ?? Can you imagine how many times I stray from a job at hand....yi yi yi !!
I am humming (and sometimes "belting out") Christmas Carols to keep the "jolly" in what I am doing...the painter was working on the back porch yesterday and I am sure he could hear me as when I left for the day he put his head down (probably couldn't keep a straight face)...LOL!!  Oh well...might as well be known as the "crazy lady" at THE CINNAMON STICK...!!
Hope you make alot of "PROGRESS" today in whatever you are doing!!!

Monday, October 24, 2011


It is Monday - AGAIN~~time seems to be going so fast lately...hard to get a grip on everything that has to be done.
Sadly, Tony's brother passed away Saturday evening and we have alot on the agenda this week with our personal lives. 
We will be closed on Friday, October 28th ~~~otherwise life goes on as normal as it can be.  

Today I am going to focus on pricing Christmas trimmings for the store and getting as much ready as I possibly can for our Old-Fashioned Christmas!! (it is good to stay busy)!!
I get these ideas in my head and (I know I drive Tony crazy)...sometimes just can't shake them....the outside of the store is being "refreshed" by the landlords and the RAIN has put a damper on our outside decorations as they can't get the painting completed.  Now again....more rain is expected and my "ideas" may not be able to get done....sigh!!!  Tony did  put the "lights" back up and we removed the hay bales...but will leave the pumpkins till the weekend...(I can't believe I am talking about decorating for Christmas)!!
I am getting excited I open boxes of goodies we will be presenting to you....such great stuff!!!
I am such a "last minute" decorater....I truly have no idea what I am doing until I do it.   Sometimes that can be very hits me and then I usually have to hustle, hustle, hustle.....(think I am getting too old for too much hustling)!!
Off to make some "progress"....that is my word this week....

Saturday, October 15, 2011


I don't want to go on and on about our Witch's Nite Out but is was the best fun ever!  A great group of customers and friends came....DRESSED... for fun and camaraderie!!  I didn't get great pictures...First we were busy...and then I was busy talking and socializing (I am best at that - talking that is!!!)  It was just so much fun and poor Joanne worked her fanny off - wasn't an easy night as everyone had to "hand bob" for an apple that gave a discount on your purchase...(somehow EVERYONE picked the same apple and it said 20% off) so there was alot of "calculating" to do.  Joanne is a PRO!!!  And she never stopped smiling -
well....she did goof off and tie silly ribbons on her witch's hat!!  I should have gotten a picture of her "spider web" stockings too....woohooooooo!!

and then I got sidetracked and stopped taking pictures...(sad face)
...we enjoyed a menu of Sloppy Joe's, baked beans, Salsa and chips, a witch's hat cheese ball and crackers (Thank you Kim- it was delish and beautiful - picture at end of post), cubes of cheese, pumpkin cake, brownies, candy corn crumble, spiced cupcakes (delish Joanne - XO) Cold Cider !!!
...some customers brought their "familiars" with them....meow!!!
 ...oh Jan has her "familiar" trained well....(What a great sport Chuck is!!)
 We had some very pretty witches...happy to pose for us...
ooops....Witch Joy with her "familiar" Molly.....remember her from last year??  Molly LOVES to dress up and has more clothes in her closet than me.
..beautiful and happy witches all !!
...Good Witch Judy on the left and Good Witch (most of the time) Kim on the right!! (Kim won our Best Dressed Witch Contest)....a Gift Certicate to the store!
There were fancy hats...
...and no hats !!
..and some came as far away as Kentucky (well Trina moved and was visiting a friend and we were so happy to see her)!!!
...and one from South Carolina...(okay she was visiting her daughter and grands...but joined the fun)
...enjoying the treats..
 ...Kims Witches Hat Cheeseball....
First Prize Winner - Kim
Seond Prize Winner - Kathy (Kathy's hat dances and plays music and kept us entertained)

Third Prize Winner - Jan

..and to think I wasn't going to have this party this year.....what a great time I would have missed sharing with the most wonderful customers friends!!!
See you all next year....  BE THERE OR BEWARE!!!!!

Friday, October 14, 2011


This evening from 6 pm to 8 pm will be our Customer Appreciation - 'WITCH'S NITE OUT" - we hope everyone can join us! 
We will be closed all day till 6 pm so we can prepare a fun Witchy Time for you!

Creepy crawly things ....
Hoping to get LOTS of pictures to share with you!

Wednesday, October 12, 2011


I would certainly recommend getting a group of your friends together to have a Halloween Exchange Party....truly it is so much fun - and gets you ready to buckle down for the next season to come.....CHRISTMAS !!   (still stuffing candy canes!)

Here are the exchange gifts we shared with each other....
These were mine all packaged up...I didn't get any pictures of my gift....duh!!  I made "velvet" pumpkins in prim white and orange...and a flattened silver plate spoon stamped "Halloween 2011" !!
...a group shot I displayed to show Tony when I got home!!
...a pillow from Sharon with a hand embroidered spider web - (her embellishment on her packaged was a "bat" garland...glittered and strung on black tinsel garland....!!
Brenda's....somewhere in time!  This  is a real piece of "art"....all done in a 3-D effect with lace, ribbons ephemera, game pieces inside and on top of a ephemera covered box sitting on an antique tart tin on top of a candlestick....woohoooooooo!!
 ..the back!!
Vicki's gift ( I don't know how she did this)....OMG, unique and wonderful!  A vintage silver candlestick with a vintage silver coaster made into this bird cage that has captured a crow and the little witches are having fun taking rides on her swinging perch !!  Hand punched tin creative!!
 SPIDERELLA...from Bev...honestly you need to see this gal up close and personal to see all the detail...and count the "13" spiders clinging to her!!  Made on top of an old "beer glass" and just decorated to the hilt!  Her face is glued to a little tablet that sits upon the glass base...wish you could see her for real!!

...and Dianne's Pumpkin Pete...we have some of these for sale in the store...He is just too cute for words!!! (he also has a vest that must have been on the floor when I took the picture...:(  !!!)   Hand painted and sewn to perfection.....
 Mona's gift....this was Mona's first time at our exchange and she kept saying "my gift is not good enough"...well Mona I hope you are reading this because this is a favorite.   A book....with a Witchy short story she wrote herself - I love Mona's creations (she makes the shadow boxes for sale in the store) she ALWAYS thinks "out of the box" !!  Pages and pages of two books were the same!! of the pages!  We took turns reading each page....just like we use to do in Grade School in the reading circle!
The purpose of the book is to keep adding "it's and bit's" each year -   she has made little pockets thru-out the book so you can add that "magic stone" or "lock of a grandbabies hair" !!  Very Special gift indeed!!!
Now can you see why I get so excited about our Exchange get togethers!!!!
US !!! (except me as I was taking the pictures...(big pumpkiny grin!!)

Back to Reality....all the shopping is done for our Witch's Nite Out...Tomorrow I will start the cooking - hope you can join us for some "WITCHY FUN" !!!