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Monday, September 19, 2011

JUST ANOTHER DAY AT THE OFFICE.... one thing I can never ever say...!!!  Every day brings something new and exciting to Hereford.  Be it a customer I haven't seen for awhile- renewed friendships- a box filled with surprises from the UPS guy-a new decorating idea!  The list could go on and on.  
When that creative "light bulb" goes on I can't help but want to design it right away (and sometimes it "comes to be" just like I envisioned it)...and sometimes not. (grinning)!
A beautiful group of friends (I spoke of them before) get together for what we call an "Ornament Exchange" for Halloween !  It is anything but that.  These gals are sooooo creative and challenge me to my fullest to come up with something unique and fun.  I have been absolutely unimaginative until yesterday...and I am excited to get going on my project...six in all!!  Now I just have to make it come together as I envisioned it...(not always so easy)!! October 10th!!
Also, busy making witchy hats for our upcoming class - redoing the store as new items are due in this week - and wondering how I can add a few more hours in the day without taking away my precious "down" time???
Remember those Halloween masks?? 

All gone...but they will be replaced on Wednesday - gotta thank Cathie again for sharing her great idea to put them on the pumpkins....I get all the compliments (but honest I tell everyone it was not my idea)!! 
AND, I am not going to mention that half my brain is working on Christmas....just half though...the other side is in full Halloween Fun preparing for our....

...we really do hope you will join us for a "spooktacularly" (say that 3 times fast) FUN TIME!!!

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