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Sunday, September 11, 2011


I am one of those people who tries to detach themselves from the hard reality of the ugliness in this world.  I deal with it on a small level from once upon a time friends to major disasters of 9-11 and the devastion of people's lives and homes thru earthquakes, floods and fires.
On September 11, 2001 I was in the store setting up for our fall open house.  I had the radio on instead of the "spooky" Halloween music that I usually played listening to the weather for the next day.  That is when I heard the shock I saw the shopkeeper next to me arrive and walked outside...  Corinna and I stood just looking at each other.  No words can describe the feelings being felt or shared that moment.
We debated whether to go on with our open house plans...truly you didn't know what to do...confused and nerves at edge we decided to go forth. I am very happy that we made that decision.
That Wednesday was one of the busiest days we ever had....not the financial part but the customers who came - it confused me a bit - but then I realized they needed and "escape" - from the TV and news...if just for alittle while.  No one spoke of what happened until someone mentioned it around 2 pm...again I thought that was going to be the talk of the day and wasn't sure I could handle that.   That day The Cinnamon Stick was a "happy place"..where  one could come and pretend all was all okay in the world...if just for a brief moment.
No one will ever forget this horrific one ever.

GOD BLESS AMERICA... and pray for all of us.

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Cathie said...

Hi Judy,
I remember that day so clearly.
The news was on the radio and I was on my way to Rice's. The first Tower had just been hit and as I walked around Rice's, the news spread. People were softly crying while packing up their stands to leave. Some customers stayed, while others clustered in groups...stunned. The weather was so beautiful with the bluest sky, but the atmosphere at the market was so somber...truly devastating.
I went home and checked on my daughters, who were both in school.
People were taking their children out of school. Mine stayed, to keep things normal. Such a sad, sad day. Peace be with everyone today. Cathie