We are now located on the Lower Level in Morgantown Market. A 90 dealer co-op that is just amazing!!
Open every day - 10 am to 5 pm
2940 Main Street, Morgantown, PA 19543

Friday, September 30, 2011


Tony just brought in this neat pie safe...(if my ceilings were not only 7 ft. high I would keep it as this is MY color)...We have a great price on it so come and get it!!!
..the inside
 AND LOOK !!!  A new railing going up the first three steps to the second floor.  Everyone is thrilled with this as you had nothing to hold onto until you started up the steps from the landing.  The steps (if you have not visited) for an old building (1860) are really nice...wide and not steep (even the ones to the attic - although curved).  There is a railing going up but now we have a new one to get you to the landing...woohooooooo!!!
Of course I have bumped into them a zillion times already as I am just use to flying around here - a few more black and blue marks and I will be cured of that!!
A true fall day this and foggy...perfect day to purchase Halloween goodies!!

Tuesday, September 27, 2011


I know some of you enjoy our tales of the paranormal that go on in the store..but not everyone, so if you are not a believer skip this post!!

If you notice in the pictures in the last post  #6 and #11....up at the light you will see a white mist.....This does not show up in all the pictures that I took.  The ones in the beginning this is not there...but once we got active and started our chatter the mist showed up in the pictures.  I even let Patti see what I was seeing thru my lens...there were 3-4 orbs BIG one and a couple little ones....hovering over the table while the girls were working.  The orbs did not show up in any of the pictures....but the mist did.  It moved...did not stay the same so I can't see that it was any kind of a reflection....and when the girls left this area...the mist did too...interesting huh!!!  Here is a picture of it overhead in another area of the attic.

I take pictures ALL the time of our classes and this has NEVER showed up before.  It is Halloween at THE CINNAMON STICK and one thing I KNOW for sure is our "SPIRITS" love this time of year!!!
DO DO DO DO....(that is me making spooky sounds......)!!!

Saturday, September 24, 2011


Today was our Witch Mannequin Workshop....and I have to say it was one of the best ones we have had...(Tony heard us laughing all the way down on the first floor)...!!!  It all started quite innocently - one by one the girls filed into the store with anticipation of what was to come...(we waited for a bit but there were 3 no-shows)..I feel sad for them cause they missed a really, really good time!! 
When the girls first went up to the Attic looked like this -
 Work station #1 - glittering the "spider"
 Work station #2 - ribbons and lace for the witch's skirt
 Getting the witch some clothes on!!!
Gluing those patches on...
 ....cutting ribbons and lace for the skirt that olde spider some "sparkle"
...decisions - decisions...
...putting the witch all together
 TA-DA !!!!
..and more TA-DA'S
These gals gave me a fun afternoon of creating and certainly lots of laughing!!!  Can't wait till they come again!!! 
We served a Veggie Pizza and I promised to post the recipe here...
2 - pkgs. crescent rolls (which now come in sheets...woohoo - alot easier)
2 - 8 oz. cream cheese - softened ..3 T chopped FINE onion...2 T Dill weed...Mix all this together in mixer.
Finely cut - red pepper, carrots, cauliflower and broccoli and mix altogether
Press out crescent rolls on baking sheet - making a little stand up edge on all four sides (just alittle)
Bake 350 degrees for 12-15 min. - remove from oven and let cool. 
When completely cool - spread cream cheese mixture on top - spreading out evenly.
Then top with veggie mixture pressing down into the cream cheese (softly) - Refrigerate for an hour before eating!!

Thursday, September 22, 2011


To be honest - summer was over quite awhile ago for me mentally!!  Anyone who makes their living from seasonal items always has to be in the next "quarter" of the year all the time!  Right now I SHOULD be into winter (but I am having so much fun with fall)!!! 
Christmas Open House begins November 3rd...that really is not that far away.   Christmas items have started to arrive at the store - unopened boxes in the basement begging to be opened and explored !! (just can't get my mind into that just yet)...!!!
Saturday is our Witch Mannequin Workshop - we have a FULL house of creative gals and I know we will have lots of fun.  AND THEN, finishing up the plans for our WITCH'S NITE OUT !!  Friday evening from 6pm to 8pm, October 14th !  This will be our third annual Witch's Nite Out and a "Best Dressed Witch" prize will be awarded at 7 pm.  Don your bestest witchy garb and join us for our "Customer Appreciation" night of fun!!!

OH MY!!! Did I just hear sleigh bells.....yikes!!!
,,,,sometimes I just can't help myself !!!

Wednesday, September 21, 2011


...some of the people I hang out with!!

Hope you have a great day...lots of Autumn in the air today!!

Monday, September 19, 2011

JUST ANOTHER DAY AT THE OFFICE.... one thing I can never ever say...!!!  Every day brings something new and exciting to Hereford.  Be it a customer I haven't seen for awhile- renewed friendships- a box filled with surprises from the UPS guy-a new decorating idea!  The list could go on and on.  
When that creative "light bulb" goes on I can't help but want to design it right away (and sometimes it "comes to be" just like I envisioned it)...and sometimes not. (grinning)!
A beautiful group of friends (I spoke of them before) get together for what we call an "Ornament Exchange" for Halloween !  It is anything but that.  These gals are sooooo creative and challenge me to my fullest to come up with something unique and fun.  I have been absolutely unimaginative until yesterday...and I am excited to get going on my project...six in all!!  Now I just have to make it come together as I envisioned it...(not always so easy)!! October 10th!!
Also, busy making witchy hats for our upcoming class - redoing the store as new items are due in this week - and wondering how I can add a few more hours in the day without taking away my precious "down" time???
Remember those Halloween masks?? 

All gone...but they will be replaced on Wednesday - gotta thank Cathie again for sharing her great idea to put them on the pumpkins....I get all the compliments (but honest I tell everyone it was not my idea)!! 
AND, I am not going to mention that half my brain is working on Christmas....just half though...the other side is in full Halloween Fun preparing for our....

...we really do hope you will join us for a "spooktacularly" (say that 3 times fast) FUN TIME!!!

Thursday, September 15, 2011

TRYING AND TRYING... get good pictures of our "Witchy" necklaces - made exclusively for THE CINNAMON STICK by creative artist  "extraordinaire" Vicki Schubert !!  I am NOT a very good photographer and the sun was too bright and ....(excuses excuses)....but these pictures will give you an idea....MUCH better in person though!
They can be used as an ornament or necklace (and yesterday Lynn purchased TWO to wear as earrings...she is the ultimate Halloween lover!!

The size of a small match box they are made in a 3-D effect - box covered with book pages - witch head and other goodies (spiders, webs, stamps clocks etc) some stamped, some in figure form with  a 3-D look,  a hand-cut glass cover soldered closed and a soldered hook to hang.  Cost - $16.   A MUST SEE IN PERSON TO APPRECIATE !!
Well it certainly ended up a very Autumny day today....went outside and just about blew away and were my toes cold....It was 61 degrees!!  Now in April when it is 61 degrees we feel like it is summertime...but when you are use to temps in the 90's  - 61 degrees felt mighty cool.....LOVIN' IT !!!

Wednesday, September 14, 2011


First day back in the store after a fun Open House Week.....we are restocked and ready for another great week.   
This is such a fun time of the year - I love the colors of Autumn and slowly the trees around here are changing into their fall wardrobe.   The herbs in the garden look the best they did all summer....and I have lots to harvest and bundle for sale.  Seeing those bundles all winter is a "good thing" as it reminds me that the cold, cruel days of winter will eventually depart. (gosh now I sound morbid)!!  I like winter till the end of January and then I want spring...(smiling)!!
Some of the guys and gals that keep me smiling all day long......!!!!

Sunday, September 11, 2011


I am one of those people who tries to detach themselves from the hard reality of the ugliness in this world.  I deal with it on a small level from once upon a time friends to major disasters of 9-11 and the devastion of people's lives and homes thru earthquakes, floods and fires.
On September 11, 2001 I was in the store setting up for our fall open house.  I had the radio on instead of the "spooky" Halloween music that I usually played listening to the weather for the next day.  That is when I heard the shock I saw the shopkeeper next to me arrive and walked outside...  Corinna and I stood just looking at each other.  No words can describe the feelings being felt or shared that moment.
We debated whether to go on with our open house plans...truly you didn't know what to do...confused and nerves at edge we decided to go forth. I am very happy that we made that decision.
That Wednesday was one of the busiest days we ever had....not the financial part but the customers who came - it confused me a bit - but then I realized they needed and "escape" - from the TV and news...if just for alittle while.  No one spoke of what happened until someone mentioned it around 2 pm...again I thought that was going to be the talk of the day and wasn't sure I could handle that.   That day The Cinnamon Stick was a "happy place"..where  one could come and pretend all was all okay in the world...if just for a brief moment.
No one will ever forget this horrific one ever.

GOD BLESS AMERICA... and pray for all of us.

Friday, September 9, 2011


It's the BEST kind of tired when customers make you feel "special" and all the hard work (hours, days) was worth getting them excited !!
The shelves (tables, benches, cupboards) are restocked and ready with the BEST handmades and sparkly treasures!!
Escape to THE CINNAMON STICK  to get your mind off the weather - at least for a little is another world inside those doors - enjoy some Cider, Trick or Treat candy and spookiness!!!

Wednesday, September 7, 2011


Candles are at the ready...pumpkin spice and cinnamon awaken the senses...friendly spirits are surveying all the new treasures...owls are hooting...hearts are beating faster and faster....soon it will be time to open our doors...



Today is the last day to have everything ready for our "Autumn in the Country" open house.  On the agenda is cleaning up this mess...

...those who frequent the store KNOW that my back counter is always a "work in progress".  I just can't sit there in between customers (or even when they are browsing the store) and do nothing but stand there and look "pretty" !  So I make "messes"  - creative messes !!!  There are BIG messes right now as you can see...and today is the day to get it all cleaned up!   My problem is that I go on "tangents" - start one project and then go on to another and another and then back to the get my drift - so there are so many happenings all at once.  (sigh) !!!  Somehow (?) it all gets accomplished!

I posted some pictures of the store (randomly - without explanation) on our Picture Trail (click on the rughooked pumpkin picture on sidebar) 
See you tomorrow - "Let the Fun Begin" !!!
Did I ever tell you I LOVE HALLOWEEN!!!

Monday, September 5, 2011


 - come from my customers...Cathie had me save her 4 of the Halloween masks that we are selling as she could see them tied on her pumpkins - look how cool this bat mask is on one of our pumpkins....!!  Thanks Cathie for a great display idea!!
...and this gal's name is - (you'll never guess...)
...little by little -  it's by it's  the store is starting to come together...Three days and counting.....


As you can see I got my blog posts fixed... thank you  !!!
I am off to the store to START the cleaning, decorating and all the other stuff that will make our Autumn in the Country open house a fun time for you!!
I will share some pics as the progress for the next 3 days takes place....hopefully "smoothly" - already I can't find any cornstalks and they are painting the front porch...yiyiyi !! 
Looks alittle rainy and "dreary" outside my windows - perfect  day to decorate for Halloween!!

Saturday, September 3, 2011


Are these gals not the bad witches EVER at The Cinnamon Stick....maybe somewhere else but NEVER at our store...(even though some may look alittle frightning - after all they are witches!!)
Handmade by Helen them!
 ...lots of Halloween signs will be in the store for our "AUTUMN IN THE COUNTRY" open house...
Have a fun and safe holiday weekend....

Friday, September 2, 2011


This sweet little kitten is trying her best to scare me...but she is just too darn cute to do that!!....Olivia modeled our Halloween masks that are for sale NOW in the store....made the "olde-fashion" way using sturdy felt and cloth ties!!  Come check them out!!

..a bat, cat, owl and pumpkin!!! Halloween ribbon to decorate wreaths etc..(maybe some of you need a pretty new bow on that broom)!!  $1. pyd.
Enjoy your day - I have a busy one ahead of me....Helen Voytilla brought our order to us yesterday and I have lots of pricing to do...just wait till you see her witchy mice- woohoo!!