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Thursday, August 18, 2011


Today Sweet Annie left for her summer home - I will miss her - she is such a good listener and always has a smile for everyone who visits!   Here she is taking her job very seriously!!!  Goodbye my friend see you next spring!!
 Soooo...having a big empty spot where Sweet Annie stood guard I decided to bring up the "Fake Dead Tree" that we decorate for Halloween....You have to know that I absolutely hate fake trees...but they are a necessary evil when you own a store.  I hate them because you have to take each and every wired branch and straighten it out and twist and bend it back into shape....I just find this a boring, tedious, unforgiving job!
I did get the top done in this picture....I just kept walking away when I got frustrated...!!!
...this is all I finished in three hours.....and then woohoo.....
 Joanne to the rescue!!!  She just plopped herself down on the floor and took over....after of course she told me the tree looked crappy where I had it so we rearranged the store a bit ( she had a brilliant idea for a piece of furniture that I was not prepared to move....AND I LOVE WHERE IT IS - gave the store a whole new look!!)
...and is all pulled out and ready for lights....(hmmmm wonder how Joanne is with putting on lights!!)
It was a very quiet day in the store today so I did get some of my messes cleaned up and all the beautiful rughooked pillows Joanne brought me are priced and displayed....( will show you soon)!!! 
The  "Attic Studio" is all ready for Saturday's class, my knee only hurts alittle bit,  and I cooked dinner 4 days in a row - so far it is a good week!!


gail said...

Now that's a great friend!

Angela said...

I really love the fake dead tree. Where did you find one like that? Last year I found a brown tiny one at Tuesday Morning and I can't wait to decorate it for fall. Love yours. Can't wait to see it decorated for fall.

Kathy (woolfind) said...

That Joanne! She has the eye for things like that, and she is great with lights :)

ctlogcabin said...

Oh Miss Judy .... Back in the day I can remember Kathy & I bending, twisting and fluffing the fake trees till I thought our fingers would bleed.(now that I don't miss) lol
Cant wait to see what got moved, glad Joanne
stopped in and gave you a hand.
Bye Bye Sweet Annie enjoy your Vacation !!! xox

Joanne said...

Did Sweet Annie get sent on a worldwide cruise for the winter? If so I want to go with her! LOL - I don't think i used the word "crappy!" Contrary to what Miss Kathy said - I don't do lights - I do however hang ornies!

moosecraft said...

Joanne loves lights... don't let her fool you! She did an awesome job on setting that tree just right! :-) The store is looking great!

The Cinnamon Stick said...

Joanne...I was reading your mind about the crappy - I thought so too but couldn't get it together...thank you!! (of course where I had it you couldn't put lights on 'cause no I have to put lights on!!)(grinning like a naughty kitten)