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Monday, August 15, 2011


NO - not the ones that make all the noisy caw - caw sounds...these CROWS are for eating...yummy in your tummy!!  A favorite at THE CINNAMON STICK'S open house!
 So happy I found them this early....they disappear from the grocery store shelves very fast! (of course you have to LOVE black licorice (and I do)!!!

I was busy Sunday afternoon changing some things in the store....As I stand behind our cash/wrap counter, right in front of me is this vintage card catalog table from a library.  It has 30 drawers and I have always filled them with lots and lots of candy for sale.  It had "ladybug" fabric as a doily and I just couldn't handle looking at it any I had to change it.  The drawers are now filled with our "dips" and of course our penny candy sticks (that cost 20 cents a piece-(inflation)???).  We have decided not to sell as much candy as we use too so I moved our "treats", that we serve each day,  to this counter too....thought it would be easier and not tie up traffic when I manage to "overcrowd" the store with goodies for sale.  The doily is now "candy corn" and I added Halloween colored lights and garland!  Something new to look at - !!!
I was busy making some Witch's Shoes Candy Boxes - and put them on there for sale too!
We have been having storms here most of the day....and it sort of made me a bit now I have to get moving and get some things accomplished on my day off.   Tomorrow I am babysitting for my daughter's four boys as she has to go to school for a workshop and maybe 2 (or 3) of my son's children will go along with me to play with their cousins.   Hoping it is a "sunny" day - I can stuff pumpkins and they can swim!!!
Toodle-loo !!!


ctlogcabin said...

Judy ... its raining here too, the grand-girls are watching "Home Alone" so I'm checking on my Friends.
Love the candy corn cloth .... your candy counter
always looks great ... but I'm sure you are
ready to look at something different.
Have a Fun day with the grands tomorrow.
Hugs ~ xox

Ginny said...

Love Crows, but Dots are my favorite!! I find them in our Dollar store, check it out if you have one near you.

The Cinnamon Stick said...

Ginny - lots of Dots are around...even candy corn ones and bat ones...(bought them too!!!) Something about how fall/Halloween and candy go together ! Guess I am a "trick or treater" at heart!