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Wednesday, August 31, 2011

WEDNESDAY MORNING....last day of August...

August has been a very "strange" month....
The bad - hurricanes and earthquakes
The good - BUSINESS HAS PICKED UP - the hot weather of July seems to have disappeared - and the excitement of our fall open house is "contagious" !!
I must say, although summer is so welcomed in May and June - it is a long time between open houses and I am so ready to "party" with everyone!!
Many really fun items have come into the store and I just love changing everything around and "finding" room for all the goodies.  EIGHT days till open house...oh my!!  Porches need to be decorated (they are painting the front porch this week) - treasures have to be priced  and  completed - our resident  Cornball hasn't arrived yet - wonder where he is!!
I better get to much to do !!! I'll leave you with some hooked mats that are in the store NOW!
 by Joanne McIllmurray - beautiful!

Sunday, August 28, 2011


Thank goodness that is over with - we faired quite well and were very lucky.  The electric went off and on a few times but stayed on!  The  orange cords are all wrapped up and put "out of service" for (hopefully) a long, long time!  It is still quite windy here and the sky is very eerie looking

I was going to open the store today and then I wasn't and then I was....well I didn't - listening to the news there are so many creeks and streams that overflowed and closed roads I just didn't want to get caught in that.  Right on  Route 100 (the main road to the store) there is a stream going through farmland and it always floods the road so I thought it better to stay home. 
Tony went out at 6 am to help our son (owns Fast-Pro Restoration)...he does the water clean-up and he had over 50 calls with basements flooding.  What a mess- crews will be out all night it seems! 

I wanted to get pics of all the wonderful goodies the girls made to share with you  - I plan on going to the store tomorrow (clean, price, decorate) so I will take some pictures!    It is "Back to School" for all my grands tomorrow (and my daughter) - they are excited to start the new school year.   Football (3 play) Soccer (2 play) Cheerleading (2 cheer) - going to be a very busy fall !! (can't wait) !!!

Saturday, August 27, 2011


Sitting and waiting for the storm.....we are ready!!!  Everything in the basement of the store is up high - and outside is as "empty" as I could make it.

Came home to this....Generator on side porch...
 All "work in progress" now in enclosed porch....
Follow that orange trail....thru the kitchen and
up the steps and down the hallway..
to the basement keep that sump pump running ( just in case )
That pile of cords will go to the coffee pot - TV - and an electric light or two.   It has been raining for a couple hours...just a nice summer shower - getting a little windy but nothing drastic - yet !
This olde house has been standing for 183 years and hopefully it still has alot of "spunk" left !!
We parked our cars at the end of the driveway as we have a big black walnut tree that has been around a pretty long time too - if it had to fall and fell just perfect it could miss the house and workshop....big IF !!
Wishing everyone a safe journey thru the storm...


This morning it is the "calm before the store"....quite eerie in fact!  Sunday's newspaper was delivered this morning and I have a list a mile long for Tony to do today.  I am going into the store as the storm is not suppose to come till later tonight - (hopefully that is right)!!
All those battery lights will be "twinkling" today...(big smile)!!  We ALWAYS lose the electric at the store - so I am really really hoping the storm holds off till we get everything up high in the basement and batten down outside.   I have the outhouse that is just "sitting" there - not tied down in any way.  (fingers crossed it is standing Monday morning) !!
Earthquakes - hurricanes....severe hot weather..stinky economy.....think we are being told something???
I for one am on my very best behaviour - I'm listening!!

I can't wait to show you the coolest Halloween goodies I got from are going to flip out!!!  She is so creative - I should have taken pictures but I was trying so hard to organize my back counter that I forgot - and then Mona came in with her UNIQUE (and I mean unique) one of a kind shadow boxes.....(witchy with a Parisian theme)...incredible!!  

Did I ever tell you I LOVE HALLOWEEN !!!!
(pictures coming - promise)
Oh - and if I am not here - well you will know we lost electric at home too!!!  Wishing everyone a very safe and quick visit from Irene-stay safe my friends.


Thursday, August 25, 2011


...cause the sun is NOT shining and the rain clouds linger all day - spitting drops off and on ...and then sometimes opening the faucet full blast - The only thing you can do is TURN ON THE LITES!!  Not the store lights, but all the little lites that make the store "twinkle" !!!

Purple battery operated rice lights for the feather trees....(have them in orange lites too!) AND they have a timer - woohoo!!
Pumpkin face lanterns with an orange flicker light inside - and a small little jack-o-lantern with a candle lite inside!!
Lots of little battery tapers twinkled all day too...It was just a magical day!!!

We received the NEW Fall/Winter Flea Market Style magazine today - it is a great issue with lots of fun decorating ideas...stop in for your copy !! (don't you just love the little blue child's chair)???
 Wasn't going to put any of the Halloween signs out till open house but there was a big blank space on this wall so I just couldn't help myself!!!!  We will have some really fun signs like this for sale soon!!!
I expect that Alexandria will be visiting you know her???? 

Wednesday, August 24, 2011


On our shopping spree yesterday we did alittle bit of the above title....the earthquake in Virginia rumbled thru PA as we were eating saw some very unique expressions on the other diners in the restaurant.  No one had a clue what was happening - now we all know..!!!  Happy it wasn't "earth shattering" !!

OUR SHOPPING SPREE was just great...OMG - The Cinnamon Stick is going to have the bestest open house ever.  I found some of the coolest Halloween goodies.  We went to 5 different wholesale warehouses and to Michael's for ...MORE GLITTER!!  It will take me all morning to unload the van.
THEN...last evening Dianne (one of the artist who makes for the store) brought me "49" items - I am beside myself with all her goodies.   (If you see me wearing a great big "pumpkin grin" you will know why) 

Trying to figure where everything will be displayed will be a real challenge (but I am up for it...big smile)!!
Beautiful cool and crisp morning here - going to enjoy it before "Irene" comes to visit...!!

Tuesday, August 23, 2011


I have been "trying" to go shopping at some of my favorite places for a few weeks now - something always seems to come up (broken car, babysitting, doctor's appts.) WELLLLLLL - today is the day.  Joanne and I are off for a day of (hopefully) purchasing goodies for the store.   The sun is shining, it is not too hot and I have some $$$'s in my pocket....some days are made for having fun!!

The countdown to our "Autumn in the Country" open house is nearing and I want it to be the most special one ever!  Since I was "so" overly anxious for fall to arrive, I do have a good start on some of the transformation of summer to fall.  Right now that is a good thing and honestly no one complained it was too early.  The porches are still very "summery" and I am tryng to clear my head as to how to "do" the porches this year.  I am not the type who can plan it ahead of time - I am more of a "wing-it" decorator.   Not always an easy way of doing things.

Next week  ALL the "grands" start school (all of course but Trilby) and even they are anxious.  Yesterday Blakely and Kennedy had to try on all their new "school clothes" to show me...ahhhh  - a new "season" begins!!!

Sunday, August 21, 2011


Yesterday we had the first Wool Feather Tree class of the season...made from black wool for Halloween!  It seems the best customers and most creative gals come to our classes  cause they certainly made the day fun!
Here are a couple pics to share with you - more on our PT!!
We start with nice clean tables - organized and ready to go...
..and then the fun begins!!
..concentraing, snipping and twirling - (you have to take a class and see what all that is about!)
 ...more snipping and twirling and Amy is ALREADY gluing...!
...gets very quiet when everyone is working...
..on to the ornaments...forgot to get good pictures (I was having too much fun)...this is Kim's cone that she put a punch out of a spider in...she made it so when you pulled the string the spider popped up....toooooo cool!!
...rosettes to hang on the tree..
Joanne usually "hooks" a couple tree skirts for the trees and sells them....she made two and both are sold!
Everyone had a fun time - and when I was downstairs they CLEANED everything up ( and we do make messes)....Thank you girls....but that is certainly not necessary (see I have the bestest customers)!!!
Join us for one of our classes sometime...we quarantee a fun time!

Saturday, August 20, 2011


...all over at THE CINNAMON STICK !!  Joanne has been a very busy girl giving us some wonderful pillows with sunflowers in full bloom!!

...and some pumpkins and crow pillows!

Really cool pillows...and there is another "OWL" darn wonderful!!
Today is our Halloween Wool Feather Tree Class...we have a great group of girls coming....all are new except one so it should be fun.   Joanne does all the hard work, I just walk around being "me" !!  I do have some fun ornaments to show them how to make for their trees - lots of "glitter" going to be in the air !!!

Thursday, August 18, 2011


Today Sweet Annie left for her summer home - I will miss her - she is such a good listener and always has a smile for everyone who visits!   Here she is taking her job very seriously!!!  Goodbye my friend see you next spring!!
 Soooo...having a big empty spot where Sweet Annie stood guard I decided to bring up the "Fake Dead Tree" that we decorate for Halloween....You have to know that I absolutely hate fake trees...but they are a necessary evil when you own a store.  I hate them because you have to take each and every wired branch and straighten it out and twist and bend it back into shape....I just find this a boring, tedious, unforgiving job!
I did get the top done in this picture....I just kept walking away when I got frustrated...!!!
...this is all I finished in three hours.....and then woohoo.....
 Joanne to the rescue!!!  She just plopped herself down on the floor and took over....after of course she told me the tree looked crappy where I had it so we rearranged the store a bit ( she had a brilliant idea for a piece of furniture that I was not prepared to move....AND I LOVE WHERE IT IS - gave the store a whole new look!!)
...and is all pulled out and ready for lights....(hmmmm wonder how Joanne is with putting on lights!!)
It was a very quiet day in the store today so I did get some of my messes cleaned up and all the beautiful rughooked pillows Joanne brought me are priced and displayed....( will show you soon)!!! 
The  "Attic Studio" is all ready for Saturday's class, my knee only hurts alittle bit,  and I cooked dinner 4 days in a row - so far it is a good week!!

Wednesday, August 17, 2011


(all day today I thought it was the 16th until I opened my blog and saw the date....holy moly girl.....!!!)

The fall issue of A Simple Life arrived this morning....a really nice issue with great articles!  Come and get your copy!!
The "PLAYERS" from yesterday's babysitting "gig" !!!
Evan and Champ in the "X-BOX" room - yes that is what it is called....(big smile) dinning room waiting to knock down wall to make a larger kitchen (dining room moved to living room...oh too confusing to even described) !!
 Breck, Blakely and Crew....playing with Legos and making faces at me in the Game Room. sweetie pie...always ready with the smile...going to play with the "Wii" (asked me to play with him cause he KNOWS how bad I am at it!!)
They really kept themselves occupied and were so good....they are growing so fast.   Glad I got to spend some time with them before school starts...and all the sport activities they are in...

Monday, August 15, 2011


NO - not the ones that make all the noisy caw - caw sounds...these CROWS are for eating...yummy in your tummy!!  A favorite at THE CINNAMON STICK'S open house!
 So happy I found them this early....they disappear from the grocery store shelves very fast! (of course you have to LOVE black licorice (and I do)!!!

I was busy Sunday afternoon changing some things in the store....As I stand behind our cash/wrap counter, right in front of me is this vintage card catalog table from a library.  It has 30 drawers and I have always filled them with lots and lots of candy for sale.  It had "ladybug" fabric as a doily and I just couldn't handle looking at it any I had to change it.  The drawers are now filled with our "dips" and of course our penny candy sticks (that cost 20 cents a piece-(inflation)???).  We have decided not to sell as much candy as we use too so I moved our "treats", that we serve each day,  to this counter too....thought it would be easier and not tie up traffic when I manage to "overcrowd" the store with goodies for sale.  The doily is now "candy corn" and I added Halloween colored lights and garland!  Something new to look at - !!!
I was busy making some Witch's Shoes Candy Boxes - and put them on there for sale too!
We have been having storms here most of the day....and it sort of made me a bit now I have to get moving and get some things accomplished on my day off.   Tomorrow I am babysitting for my daughter's four boys as she has to go to school for a workshop and maybe 2 (or 3) of my son's children will go along with me to play with their cousins.   Hoping it is a "sunny" day - I can stuff pumpkins and they can swim!!!
Toodle-loo !!!

Sunday, August 14, 2011


...and she brought her sisters with her - they are triplets!!

..the pumpkin patch yields more pumpkins everyday - all sizes!!!

...and soon the Halloween tree will be filled with lots of these candy corn ornies!!!
Going to be a rainy day today - a perfect day to go shopping!!!

Friday, August 12, 2011


Hard to believe I haven't posted in 6 days....not like me but goes to show you how dedicated I am to getting the store ready for fall and Halloween.  (or maybe I was just having more fun reading other blogs)!!!   It is sort of an "inbetween" time right now....too early for Halloween (and that is what we do best) and getting late for summer.  I am "gradually" putting summer florals away and replacing them with the beautiful shades of orange, rust, gold and browns, along with changing the fabrics that cover the display pieces.  The store is starting to take on a "look of Autumn" !!
Joanne brought me a wonderful selection of hooked mats and pillows....she is an excellent "hooker" and amazingly fast (once she gets those fingers going look out!).
Here's a peek -

 I asked her for an "owl"...this is her design and soooooo cool!!!

 If you are interested in any of these - call or stop in the store .   There are more to see!!

Tony and I are always saying how SPOILED are grands are....they do have everything under the sun, but they are such wonderful kids...loving, polite, honest, and only fight with each other alittle bit!!  My DIL posted pics of the four oldest (new baby Trilby is 3 weeks old) of them helping her do "her" chores and I just had to let them know how proud I am of them helping out!!!
Anthony - weed wacking...
Kennedy - skimming
 Champ - mowing
 Blakely - sweeping
Trilby - loving her Mom !!
Have a wonderful day today...I plan to have one too!!