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Thursday, July 28, 2011


Had lots on my agenda to do yesterday as it was the first time I was in the store since Sunday (cause my car broke down)...  I did get my car back and it WAS under Warranty - thank goodness because it was the "fuel pump" and a $975. dollar bill!   That is just crazy. 
I wanted to pull all my fabric pieces ( for fall) that I like to decorate the tables, barrels, windowsills etc. with for each season,  get it all ironed and ready to display when the time comes.....but that has to be "on the agenda for today" - my best laid plans are never the "best" it seems! 
I am going to "redo" our old Gift Wrapping Counter soon so I can start with our Fall/Halloween preview of what is to come!!  We purchased this counter from from the Quakertown Pharmacy (about 25 min. from the store) the first December we moved the store to Hereford. It was commissioned to be built in 1902 when the owner of the pharmacy moved to his "big" store.  The original owners son retired and sold all the fixtures that were in the store...beautiful but very pricy - we had just moved into the Hereford store that August and money was tight BUT I had to have this piece - it is 8 feet long and has three glass doors on one side (where they showcased bath sponges, back brushes etc.) and 24 drawers on the backside where they kept tissue paper, scissors, ribbons and bows.   A double tier paper cutter for wrapping paper also was holds "3" different size papers - 6" - 9" and 18" -( paper came with it and  the paper was quite '60ish)!  (I have a "weakness" for old paper cutters)  I can no longer find the 6" paper but there was a nice size roll on it that I keep there for display!  I have filled the drawers with "goodies" for sale - candle light bulbs, potpourri, candle rings, cinnamon sticks etc.   One part is "lower" than the other as this is where they kept the cash register for the gift line (here we usually serve a beverage and snack for the customers).  Behind the counter the wall was filled with mirrored shelving, beautiful woodwork and unique lighted sconces.  The shelves held "perfume", powder, watches and jewelry - along with other gifty items!  It is a rather LARGE display piece that (although it has been in a couple places in the store) stays in one place now!   I love to display on it as it shows off our "items for sale" no matter what season!!!

Sorry the pictures are so blurry - I need to get my "instruction booklet" out and read what I am doing wrong!

Baby Trilby is doing great....nights and days mixed up alittle yet - but she is just the sweetest....check out this pose (5 days old)!!  She was quite "squiggley" while tucked away for those nine months and is certainly taking advantage of her new found freedom to move freely- (the other night she was laying with both hands under her head )
Cooled off alittle here...hope you are enjoying the same....


Ginny said...

Trilby is so cute, have fun today in the store.

Joanne said...

Great story about the counter - and here I just eat the pretzels not realizing all that history lies below! Trilby is a beauty - so cute!