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Thursday, July 14, 2011


Things seem to be a bit quiet right holidays coming soon, vacation is over and the next few weeks should be a quiet end to summer.....OH - but wait...we have a new granddaughter due any day now!!!  Woohoo!!  Sitting on pins and needles ( I know it will be a 2 am phone call to come watch the other 4) and I am certainly excited to have a newborn around again!!  Life is good! 
(I had a cyber friend who always said or signed off his emails by saying "LIFE IS GOOD" - Bear suddenly passed away and I miss his friendly writings  - I am happy his life was good)...

A random picture of a bench for sale in the store...(the tin ladle is filled with dried catnip...growing WILDLY in every garden )- yi yi yi !!
 ...and Helen Voytilla brought us in more Mice & Berry pincushions...(much cuter in person)!! $28. each
A surprise visit from Ginny and Les Beyer - - was the highlight of yesterday at the store....(I talked their ears off all afternoon )- Ginny and Les are Antique Dealers and gave me some good input on what is happening outside of The Cinnamon Stick. They do alot of "good" antique shows and brought some flyers in for two shows they are doing in August....(stop in and pick one up)!! They also have a booth in an Antique Mall and I am happy to report that the Vintage, Antique, Prim world is still going strong!!


Patti said...

Hi Judy, How exciting...a new grand daughter soon to arrive! I am sure you are on "pins & needles" and I am sure you will share picture of your precious baby.
I LOVE the little bench. I am thinking I better hurry and get there before it is gone. ONE of these days Tim and I will come down for a visit and to SHOP! And HOW GREAT that Ginny and Les paid you a visit. Ginny is my buddy on FB and I am hoping to meet her and Les sometime soon. Thanks for sharing that things are looking up for the prim, vintage and antique world..that is your friend Bear would have said: "Life is Good" I hope Life is Good for you this week...

Katies Rose Cottage Designs said...

Ohhhh how fun having a precious little baby coming soon ~ I can't wait to have grandbabies!

Your shop pictures look

Holly Hills Primitives said...

Can't wait to hear about that new baby! I'm so jealous when I hear about everyone stopping in to visit you - wish I was one of them! Last year I sold "corn potpourri" and it went like crazy for bowl fillers. Have a great weekend, Dawn

Jennifer said...

oh how wonderful!!

ctlogcabin said...

Hello Miss Judy,
So sorry to hear about your friends passing.
Sounds like he was a Great Guy. My BIL Dennis is a one of kind Great Guy ... when you wish him a good day he responds "Everyday is a Good day some are just Better than others". Love to be around people like that. I hope today was a Better than Others kinda day for you. Love & Hugs ~~ Connie xox

Ginny said...

Hey Judy, we loved our visit with you yesterday!! Always love chatting with good friends. Thanks for the plug for our shows, we really appreicate it, you are the best of the best friend!!