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Monday, July 25, 2011


That title says it all about how I am feeling lately.   I have SO much I want to do and just can't seem to get my act together.   Many plans were made for today but my car broke down - stinks...had to be towed and hopefully they will discover and FIX the problem is under warrantee (more hopefully's)!!
The weather hasn't helped my "attitude" either...(big frown)...this old farmhouse does not have air conditioning (except for the bedroom) and it makes it even harder to get things done.  Okay - venting over!!
(I do feel better now-thanks for listening)!! (bigger smile)!!
Here is a picture of the new Halloween fabric that came in last week....I am anxious to start working with it...
Candy Corn
Green Flashlight...(silly names) but great fabric!!
Cool huh!!!
A local customer came in yesterday with two of her friends from Virginia - they come for a visit twice a year but because one teaches they are never here for Halloween -  they did get to see some Halloween goodies as my back counter is a mess with Halloween projects in the works.  (I even sold "Afterlife Fairies" to them as I felt bad that they don't get to see what we do for this fun season)!!  AND - it seems I did put out some Halloween stickers in the Make-Do Room that they found (forgot I did that as I am having a hard time finding room (already) in this display everything!  Growth is good and troublesome at the same time!!
We went to the local flea market yesterday morning but not many vendors were set up....(the heat was horrid and I don't blame them one bit)!!  I am looking for divided boxes...small for display....I have sold so many of these and now I NEED some...(sigh)!! especially for the next two seasons!
The BEST part of the flea market was that I was meeting up with Vickie (one of the artist that makes for the store)...What she showed me was so excitingly awesome....YOU ARE GOING TO LOVE THESE ITEMS!!!  Woohoo!   Seeing her creations gave me the "push" I need to keep working - soooo off I go to get something done......that "rabbit" is not going to win this race today!!!


Joanne said...

Hoping you car is an easy and CHEAP FREE fix! You get way more done than I ever could! Stay cool today!

Green Creek Primitives said...

Well you are not the only one, have lots to do, just can't seem to get on track. Maybe its the hot weather, I just don't want to be pushed to finish up items right at the end. Finished a few items yesterday, thrilling when you see something come together, that's probably going to be my inspiration. Hope your car gets fixed soon, take care. Vicky

Lynn said...

I hope your car is fixed soon and that the warranity covers the cost. I am feeling for you not having ac in all of the house. I am so sorry but I would be so miserable. Hugs to you. I am also green with envy wishing I lived closed to you so I could join in the fun that happens there in Sept and Oct for Halloween.
Hugs and try to stay cool
Lynn in NC