We are now located on the Lower Level in Morgantown Market. A 90 dealer co-op that is just amazing!!
Open every day - 10 am to 5 pm
2940 Main Street, Morgantown, PA 19543

Saturday, July 30, 2011


Behind my cash counter is another long counter (6 feet) that I work's purpose is to hold the bags, tissue, ribbons, my stamps and all that other stuff. (those that visit the store also know that it is ALWAYS filled with projects - and not neatly organized either - in honesty...A MESS!!)! Lately, I have been working on Halloween tags and using alittle "orange glitter" that I keep in a saucer back there....seems that I am always "sparkling" with glitter and am sharing it with some customers as they "peek" at what I am working on...(picture orange glittery mustaches)!!
NO - I wasn't kidding about the mess!!  (going to clean it up today - uh...maybe)!!
 Other parts of the store are really quite nice - don't you "heart" this little child's chair...I have a "love" for them and purchase as many as I can find!
 Beautiful "hit or miss" rughooked mat hooked by Joanne McIllmurray - $68.  COME AND GET IT!!!
...and alittle peek into fall....rag stuffed pumpkin done in vintage corduroy...yes...quite unique! 
Enjoy your weekend  everyone.....XO

Thursday, July 28, 2011


Had lots on my agenda to do yesterday as it was the first time I was in the store since Sunday (cause my car broke down)...  I did get my car back and it WAS under Warranty - thank goodness because it was the "fuel pump" and a $975. dollar bill!   That is just crazy. 
I wanted to pull all my fabric pieces ( for fall) that I like to decorate the tables, barrels, windowsills etc. with for each season,  get it all ironed and ready to display when the time comes.....but that has to be "on the agenda for today" - my best laid plans are never the "best" it seems! 
I am going to "redo" our old Gift Wrapping Counter soon so I can start with our Fall/Halloween preview of what is to come!!  We purchased this counter from from the Quakertown Pharmacy (about 25 min. from the store) the first December we moved the store to Hereford. It was commissioned to be built in 1902 when the owner of the pharmacy moved to his "big" store.  The original owners son retired and sold all the fixtures that were in the store...beautiful but very pricy - we had just moved into the Hereford store that August and money was tight BUT I had to have this piece - it is 8 feet long and has three glass doors on one side (where they showcased bath sponges, back brushes etc.) and 24 drawers on the backside where they kept tissue paper, scissors, ribbons and bows.   A double tier paper cutter for wrapping paper also was holds "3" different size papers - 6" - 9" and 18" -( paper came with it and  the paper was quite '60ish)!  (I have a "weakness" for old paper cutters)  I can no longer find the 6" paper but there was a nice size roll on it that I keep there for display!  I have filled the drawers with "goodies" for sale - candle light bulbs, potpourri, candle rings, cinnamon sticks etc.   One part is "lower" than the other as this is where they kept the cash register for the gift line (here we usually serve a beverage and snack for the customers).  Behind the counter the wall was filled with mirrored shelving, beautiful woodwork and unique lighted sconces.  The shelves held "perfume", powder, watches and jewelry - along with other gifty items!  It is a rather LARGE display piece that (although it has been in a couple places in the store) stays in one place now!   I love to display on it as it shows off our "items for sale" no matter what season!!!

Sorry the pictures are so blurry - I need to get my "instruction booklet" out and read what I am doing wrong!

Baby Trilby is doing great....nights and days mixed up alittle yet - but she is just the sweetest....check out this pose (5 days old)!!  She was quite "squiggley" while tucked away for those nine months and is certainly taking advantage of her new found freedom to move freely- (the other night she was laying with both hands under her head )
Cooled off alittle here...hope you are enjoying the same....

Monday, July 25, 2011


That title says it all about how I am feeling lately.   I have SO much I want to do and just can't seem to get my act together.   Many plans were made for today but my car broke down - stinks...had to be towed and hopefully they will discover and FIX the problem is under warrantee (more hopefully's)!!
The weather hasn't helped my "attitude" either...(big frown)...this old farmhouse does not have air conditioning (except for the bedroom) and it makes it even harder to get things done.  Okay - venting over!!
(I do feel better now-thanks for listening)!! (bigger smile)!!
Here is a picture of the new Halloween fabric that came in last week....I am anxious to start working with it...
Candy Corn
Green Flashlight...(silly names) but great fabric!!
Cool huh!!!
A local customer came in yesterday with two of her friends from Virginia - they come for a visit twice a year but because one teaches they are never here for Halloween -  they did get to see some Halloween goodies as my back counter is a mess with Halloween projects in the works.  (I even sold "Afterlife Fairies" to them as I felt bad that they don't get to see what we do for this fun season)!!  AND - it seems I did put out some Halloween stickers in the Make-Do Room that they found (forgot I did that as I am having a hard time finding room (already) in this display everything!  Growth is good and troublesome at the same time!!
We went to the local flea market yesterday morning but not many vendors were set up....(the heat was horrid and I don't blame them one bit)!!  I am looking for divided boxes...small for display....I have sold so many of these and now I NEED some...(sigh)!! especially for the next two seasons!
The BEST part of the flea market was that I was meeting up with Vickie (one of the artist that makes for the store)...What she showed me was so excitingly awesome....YOU ARE GOING TO LOVE THESE ITEMS!!!  Woohoo!   Seeing her creations gave me the "push" I need to keep working - soooo off I go to get something done......that "rabbit" is not going to win this race today!!!

Saturday, July 23, 2011


...certainly not "lazy days of summer"...whew....seems that I am on a merry-go-round and I can't get off!! 
This heat is not helping - zaps my energy - I don't feel like cooking - or cleaning - or anything in between that stuff!  
Baby Trilby is home and doing great...(nights and days mixed up but her Mom will straighten that out quick enough)!!
Grass is brown here everywhere you look - we need some know the nice steady summer storms or flooding...just some nice cool rain.  Hope that isn't just wishful thinking!
Every "here and there" you find veggie stands filled with corn, tomatoes (bright red and delicious), cantelopes, melons and cucumbers.....(I am on a cucumber and tomato kick with Ranch dressing (and not the low-fat kind)!!
I am working on Halloween little goodies - getting some goodies together for the Make-Do room so the crafty girls can get started too.   Gotta do something to keep cool!!

Wednesday, July 20, 2011



..and she is here!!

We are welcoming "Trilby Blu" into our hearts....all 6 lb. 7 oz. and 19 inches....(a bit smaller than her father who was 9 lb. 3 oz. and 22 1/2 in. long)
Mother and baby are doing great.....don't know anymore than this right now...but I am sure I will have a picture to share later......LIFE IS SOOOOO GOOD!!!

....and the wait begins

I sit here early this Wednesday morning at my son's home (for the second time in 8 hours) BUT this time I am pretty sure it is for real!!  Our 12th grandchild will be born this glorious day in July.  We know it is a little girl (Tad and Wendy's 3rd daughter along with 2 sons) but they have not shared her name - they wanted to meet her and and then decide from a list that has been in the making for 9 months!!!
I have a stepdaughter who has blessed us with three wonderful grandsons...our daughter who blessed us with four wonderful grandsons and a son who has  blessed us with two wonderful grandsons and two beautiful grandaughters and ANY minute that will change...woohooooooo to THREE!!

Tuesday, July 19, 2011


I am keeping the PINK background on my blog to remind me it is STILL summer!!  (not that the 95-99 degree heat here in PA isn't a good enough reminder)!!  I am so absorbed in fall and this time of the year .... that it is hard to stay focused on the "good old summertime" fun !  Stores are filling up with "Back to School" goodies and my back counter is all orange and black glitter and ribbons! 
Part of the problem is I get "antsy" to change the store around - spring/summer is the longest season and I really should change the display fabric and move things around the beginning of June - then it wouldn't "irk" me so much!  You would think as I get older I would have more patience and want to slow down alittle. (well I am slowing down alot....(big smile) ...I just don't want to!!
To keep my "fall momentum" going we are planning some Halloween workshops in August...the first being a BLACK Wool Feather Tree.   We did these in green wool  last November (and one in January) and everyone loved this class.  Joanne McIllmurray is the instructor and everyone will attest she is a great teacher and fun too!!  Click on the "tree" on our sidebar and it will take you to our PT where you will see an album for Workshops...all info is there!
Pictures from a class last November-


Friday, July 15, 2011


...a bundle of NEW country notecards arrived in the store - (really yesterday but didn't have time to post)!!
I tried and tried to get a good picture but I am not very good at it....Here is a favorite and I think the message inside says it all....
PRIMITIVES - For them they were necessities
                         For us, they are our heritage
Love that ...!!
Also these baskets arrived...waxed and cinnamon covered with a metal taper holder for battery taper fastened in the center - neat idea for your battery tapers...!!! ( now I am hoping the small battery tapers will come in soon for the little basket)
 All dressed up with rosehips, cinnamon stick and taper!!
I had to go thru a ton of bins to find my Halloween rubber stamps...of course they were in the next to the last bin...(I didn't label anything...cause I am in such a hurry to put fall/Halloween away cause Christmas Open House is always in a couple days...sigh!!)

Today I had FUN stamping and creating Halloween items....but forgot my carrier that I take back and forth to work every day...and the camera was inside it so pictures will have to come tomorrow!
New Halloween fabric arrived today too...can't wait to use some of it!!! -  Don't get me wrong...I am really enjoying my summer but it is time to work on the next season....AND I LOVE HALLOWEEN !!!  Woohoo!!!

Thursday, July 14, 2011


Things seem to be a bit quiet right holidays coming soon, vacation is over and the next few weeks should be a quiet end to summer.....OH - but wait...we have a new granddaughter due any day now!!!  Woohoo!!  Sitting on pins and needles ( I know it will be a 2 am phone call to come watch the other 4) and I am certainly excited to have a newborn around again!!  Life is good! 
(I had a cyber friend who always said or signed off his emails by saying "LIFE IS GOOD" - Bear suddenly passed away and I miss his friendly writings  - I am happy his life was good)...

A random picture of a bench for sale in the store...(the tin ladle is filled with dried catnip...growing WILDLY in every garden )- yi yi yi !!
 ...and Helen Voytilla brought us in more Mice & Berry pincushions...(much cuter in person)!! $28. each
A surprise visit from Ginny and Les Beyer - - was the highlight of yesterday at the store....(I talked their ears off all afternoon )- Ginny and Les are Antique Dealers and gave me some good input on what is happening outside of The Cinnamon Stick. They do alot of "good" antique shows and brought some flyers in for two shows they are doing in August....(stop in and pick one up)!! They also have a booth in an Antique Mall and I am happy to report that the Vintage, Antique, Prim world is still going strong!!

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Celebrating Birthdays...

Lots of birthdays are in the month of July for our family...and soon a new birthday will be added....getting very, very anxious for the new granddaughter to arrive....due July 31st but Wendy has gone "early" with the other four!! 
So many birthdays that I just HAD to put off my dieting for another month (this is the best excuse ever!!)
On the store front....things are a bit quiet - vacation time, swimming pools, picnics and just plain old summertime porch sitting seems to be the agenda!  SOOOOOO - I am steadfastly working on Halloween goodies and having MUCH fun!!  My back counter is filled with projects in the making - I have this hard time doing one thing at a time...seems I have 4-5 things going at once..always!  Not sure if that is a good or bad thing ??? 
I have put out some Halloween embellishments for the DIY gals as I am sure they are getting "antsy" to start creating too.  (stickers, ribbon, etc.)

Tinsel garland by the yard or roll...also in black!

Thursday, July 7, 2011


Customers can set the "tone" for the whole day and yesterday the "bar" was raised very high!! This sweet couple were our first customers of the day - arriving from Germany and wanting to shop at THE CINNAMON STICK!
Christina and Oliver -
 Christina had visited friends 4 years before and they brought her to the store...and on her return trip her first thought was to visit us!!   (before going to Amish country)!!
They are the sweetest couple - Oliver owns  a gourmet manufacturer of marmelades and other gourmet products. (if I could read German I could tell you what they are) :(

New arrivals in the store were this wood and glass lantern - this is the large one and there is also a smaller size.  This order was due in quite awhile ago and when I went to market I visited the company's booth and was going to cancel the order (not their fault it was backordered for them too)..but she showed me how they did one up for fall and Christmas and I said - SEND THEM!!!  LOL!!!  Now I remember why I ordered them...they are super cool!!  I hastily put this one together with a hydrangea candle ring and battery pillar - I know you can do better!!
July is usually not a very busy month for us, however we are filled with great treasures so stop by and see what we have to offer!!  (nice and cool in the store too!) XO

Monday, July 4, 2011

FOURTH OF JULY - the last holiday before fall.......

A customer came in yesterday and was "excited" that today was the last summer holiday before fall.  I had to laugh as that is the same place my mind was too. 
Sitting on my kitchen table is a "Witch Mannequin" that we did a class on two years ago - last year Halloween Workshops were few as I just didn't get myself prepared in time to "do it all" ! Losing Sharon to a full time job has certainly changed the way I have to do this year I am "preparing" early...and our Halloween Workshops will be happening soon.    The Witch Mannequin will be the first one - this workshop will  be on a Saturday as it takes awhile to get it all together and there is drying time involved!!  GREAT FUN !!!  Details will be on our PT soon as well as on here.  

I am searching for old bottles to decorate too....we sold some really cool ones last year and thought how much fun it would be to have a workshop in making them - so many "ramblings" going on in my head...(big wicked smile) !!!

Wishing everyone a very funfilled holiday today - we are going to my son's to picnic with friends and our families...(never can get enough of the grandkids!)

Friday, July 1, 2011


Back from vacation - weather was perfect - happy, fun times every minute!!  (even my knee felt better) !!
AND now back to work - I am anxious to go to the store today...silly huh??  The Cinnamon Stick is such a HUGE part of my life that I actually miss not being there. 
NOW it is time to get all those "plans" in motion -before I know it summer will be gone and fall will be here...time goes so fast when you are having fun!!
Our final breakfast in Ocean City -

Sometimes I think the waitresses "flip a coin" to see who is going to "handle" our crew - (we make it worth their time and patience at the end) - and I must say the service no matter where we went was wonderful!!!