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Thursday, May 19, 2011


Even though the Post Office is directly across the street from the store we have to use a Post Office Box to receive our mail....yesterday morning a little green card was in my mail box telling me I had a package....WOOHOO!!...what a package!
I won the "secret give-away" from Prims by the Water  (  ) - Janice wrote to me and told me I won and my "secret prize" would be coming in the mail....WELL LOOK AT THIS GREAT GIFT!!!!
A beautiful spring card...(much needed as we are getting rain rain rain here in PA)
AND - all wrapped up in pretty paper and bows - the candle is Strawberry Cheesecake...delightful - and goes perfect for what was inside the wrappings. -
 TA-DA !!!  An olde wooden bowl filled with scrumptious strawberries....THANK YOU JANICE ...I love it much!!!
 Yesterday was quite the busy day as we also had our first ever PAPER CONE WREATH CLASS - we only had two classmates but we had fun talking, sharing and of course creating.....Just look at how beautful Nancy's wreath came out...
...and Beth's !!
 ..and mine!!
Each of us used olde music sheet paper to construct our wreaths - (making lots of cones) -  we also decided to distress the edges with Distress Ink to bring some color to our creations.  Adding a "rosette" in the middle with a vintage button brought the wreath to perfection...(yeah...we think we are perfect!!) 

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Cathie said...

How creative you are! I love the paper cone flower wreaths using old music sheet paper. What a wonderful idea. You're always an inspiration. Will you have any saturday classes? XOXO Cathie

Karen/My Colonial Home said...

Morning Judy,
Seems you are getting the same rain as us...I follow your weather as I do ours

What a grand package - those strawberries are perfect! How fun to win a give away.

Neat looking wreaths - very creative.


rachel said...

I love your mail goodies! Very cute! The paper cones are super cool too! Thanks for sharing!

Joanne said...

Wish I would have stayed and made one too! If only my paws weren't aching then I might have! Love how wonderful everyone's looks! Great strawberries!

Maureen said...

How I wish I lived in your neighborhood.It would have been fun crafting with the ladies.