We are now located on the Lower Level in Morgantown Market. A 90 dealer co-op that is just amazing!!
Open every day - 10 am to 5 pm
2940 Main Street, Morgantown, PA 19543

Tuesday, May 31, 2011


We had a fun weekend spent with friends and family....but now it is time to get back to work.   Lots of errands to run today and now that the weather has turned ~~~HOT and HUMID~~~it takes me twice as long to do anything. 
Tony and I made our annual trip to the Memorial Day Antique/Flea Market at 5 am yesterday morning.  It wasn't too hot in the early morning hours and we found some really fun items for the store.   We were a bit surprised that there weren't as many vendors as there use to be and were able to do the whole market in under two hours.   Some prices were "to the moon" but we managed to get some goodies.   I love the "hunt" and am always in amazement of what some people will buy...!!! 
One dealer friend purchased the most beautiful little girl dresses she was going to hang in her bedroom....(I was jealous of her great find)....most everyone had purchases in their arms...carrying them back to their cars to continue the shopping - it was good to see people buying and vendors making some $$$  !! 

New herbal soaps arrived in the store on Friday....what a nice gift they make.   I have a friend (who knows of my love of lavender) and finds the bestest soaps to gift me with.   Using the soaps always makes me feel special!!  They make a great "me" gift too! 

Friday, May 27, 2011


about it being too hot....NO NO NO no complaining about nice summmmmmmmery days!!!

I am supposing the "spirits" did not want me to take any pictures on Wednesday cause when I tried to take pictures yesterday my camera worked fine....sigh...I don't want to upset the spirits!!!
This is the tiny cloche with the velvet strawberry....too sweet -  3" H  x 2 1/2"W
 ...and to celebrate Memorial Day...YOU NEED THIS BONNET!!! 

Thursday, May 26, 2011


My camera is giving me "fits" (well it could be me and my lack of techno skills)....I wanted to take a picture of the sweetest tiny cloche with a velvet strawberry underneath ~~~sigh....Maybe today I can get a picture.  I love to work in "small" - little pillows, tiny birds, little berries....I am not much on making larger items - I do sometimes, but it takes me forever to complete.

GUESS WHAT - my mind is starting to think that crazy or what???  I am off to Market in a couple weeks and I need to get my fall and Christmas ideas all focused in my head  - which means I better pull out all the "scribbles of ideas" I wrote down last fall/Christmas season...soon!!!! 

There will be "Fairy Planters" in the store next week.....we found some nice twig baskets that are perfect to sit in your garden to give the garden fairies a nice place to visit!

Tuesday, May 24, 2011


I have so many "projects" in mind - too many - that I don't really know where to start.  I am toying with "re-doing" a section of the second floor of the store and yet (if I mention this to Tony he is liable to ...???) I really like how it is set up now.   I love change though - change is good - it is not that I get bored...I just get "antsy" to keep IMPROVING!! 
Maybe I will just go to my favorite wholesale barn and see what she has new!!   We still have plenty of herbs left  and thought (one of those projects on my mind) some of them should be put in baskets or pots to sell together to sit in your garden or porches or decks - PARSLEY, SAGE, ROSEMARY AND THYME !! (now I will be humming that for the rest of the day) !!!  Maybe a "fairy garden" or two should be made!!!!  that would be fun!!

Sunday, May 22, 2011


I LOVE flowers...and herbs...and wild grasses and even ragweed in bloom.  I try to have some "real" nature in the store all the time....even just alittle "sprig bottle" of evergreen in the winter months.   There is just something that makes me happy when I make a "country bouquet" !!!
Little things like this -


Saturday, May 21, 2011

AUTOGRAPH BOOKS...remember those??

Gosh - I haven't thought about them in years - brought back memories of grade school when we would have our friends and family sign our "books" wishing us good "everything" !!  Then we would fold the page in a triangle and the next person would write in it and then that page would be folded the opposite way...what a trip down "memory lane"!!  
Mine are lonnnnnnnggggg gone..but I had the good fortune to purchase two Autograph Books that belonged to "Effie" and were written in 1883 and 1888 respectively.  They are tattered and torn and much faded but kept all those years - I thought I would share the pages with you and will try to write each day one of the pages...they are quite unique.  I believe this family to be of German decent in a town not very far from where our home and store is located..  the English is broken...the handwriting is beautiful and the words are heartspun...
Hope you enjoy as much as I do...

Thursday, May 19, 2011


Even though the Post Office is directly across the street from the store we have to use a Post Office Box to receive our mail....yesterday morning a little green card was in my mail box telling me I had a package....WOOHOO!!...what a package!
I won the "secret give-away" from Prims by the Water  (  ) - Janice wrote to me and told me I won and my "secret prize" would be coming in the mail....WELL LOOK AT THIS GREAT GIFT!!!!
A beautiful spring card...(much needed as we are getting rain rain rain here in PA)
AND - all wrapped up in pretty paper and bows - the candle is Strawberry Cheesecake...delightful - and goes perfect for what was inside the wrappings. -
 TA-DA !!!  An olde wooden bowl filled with scrumptious strawberries....THANK YOU JANICE ...I love it much!!!
 Yesterday was quite the busy day as we also had our first ever PAPER CONE WREATH CLASS - we only had two classmates but we had fun talking, sharing and of course creating.....Just look at how beautful Nancy's wreath came out...
...and Beth's !!
 ..and mine!!
Each of us used olde music sheet paper to construct our wreaths - (making lots of cones) -  we also decided to distress the edges with Distress Ink to bring some color to our creations.  Adding a "rosette" in the middle with a vintage button brought the wreath to perfection...(yeah...we think we are perfect!!) 

Stop in to sign up for this week's drawing - picture on sidebar...!!!

Tuesday, May 17, 2011


My goodness rainy days are getting to become the "norm" around here...the woods are so lush and green and trying to get the grass cut (not my job) a real chore.   I really don't want to complain but we need some sunshine and warm "summery" days to get those strawberries all ripe and ready to enjoy....I have a favorite "patch" I go to pick them and not looking forward to be "wading" in mud!  
Till then......I will just have to keep creating fun little berries like this one -
Just a mere 3 inches tall - cotton berry, wool hull, tiny vintage spool wrapped in old dictionary page.
 Strawberry soup - old ladle holding a strawberry ...sweet!! this is a "baby spoon" Tony flattened and I stamped "JOY" on it...great package tie on.....

.... or you can do this....

Saturday, May 14, 2011


It has been a VERY quiet week at The Cinnamon Stick so far....I suppose everyone was taking advantage of the beautiful spring days we had by cleaning up their gardens...okay I get it, but now you have to come and get some HERBS (still have plenty for you) to plant in your nicely, cleaned up gardens!!!   Spattering of rain here and there today so it is a great day to shop.....AND....
Since it has been so "quiet" your chances of "winning" our **FLOWER POT OF GOODIES** in this week's drawing is very HIGH!!

The Garden Fairies have come to visit and left their "calling cards" all over the just have to see how sweet they are!!  Somebody "picked" almost all the strawberries from our "patch" but more are on their way today!!

I have an outdoor wedding to attend this Joanne will be in the store to help you this afternoon...(hoping the rain holds off) - my daughter's four little boys - ages 10, 8, 7, 5 are in the wedding ...should be interesting - she said they "behaved" so well during rehearsal and the dinner...!!!

Our drawing gift for this week...

Thursday, May 12, 2011


My followers keep coming and going....just going to deal with it!

We had such nice compliments about our Herb Faire Drawing that we thought it would be fun to have a drawing each week in May!!  I have our next drawing "gift" ready but forgot to take a picture...stop by this evening and I will post it.  You will have to come to the store to enter the see you soon!!!

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

THEY'RE BACK...... (my followers)!!

Well....glad that got settled...I didn't like seeing the blank space there!!!

Today's weather is quite a bit different from last Wednesday when we started our Herb Faire....when it was pouring pouring pouring down it is BEAUTIFUL!!  We still have lots of herbs to share with you too, and  it looks like very soon we will be able to get those herb gardens planted as our nights are beyond the freezing level and the ground is warming up!   We have some unique containers for you to plant in too if an "herb garden" is more than you want.  There is a sweet feeling of walking outside to snip a few sprigs of parsley, sage, rosemary or thyme....Hey that's a song!!!  Herbs are so easy and just plain delightful to snip and put in a vase...chop up in a salad...(having nasturtium blooms makes you want to have a tea party with a friend just to add the flowers to a salad and show-off alittle bit)!!  hmmmm - and maybe a sprig of lovage in a Bloody Mary...woohoo!!!  If you haven't already consider starting an herb is fun!

My two days off seems to just disappear so quickly and I sit here wondering just what did I accomplish???  I do have a few berries for the store's "Strawberry Patch" and a couple pillows!!  Tony worked much harder than me.  Some days I just like to "fiddle-diddle"...but today is a WORK day and I have a few "new" ideas to work on!

Tuesday, May 10, 2011


My "Followers" disappeared.....I don't know how to get them back....HELP!!!

Monday, May 9, 2011


...and for the better!  Our Herb Faire was a great success....and it is with alot of prayer and hope that our economy is starting to get better for everyone.   We are not an "upscale" store...we just sell wonderful, unique treasures at a good down to earth price.  That is who we are and will always be. of a kind!!  (although - our candy is certainly "upscale" but worth every bite!!) (big chocolatey smile)

Garden Thyme will be in full swing at the store as I think the weather has FINALLY turned for the better...even I am anxious to go play in the dirt and that is really not HIGH on my priority list...(I usually just like to pick and make bouquets  - herbal and floral) 

Today I will be working in the "strawberry patch"...the one in my sewing room.....Time to decorate for those summer days....and that means strawberries, Americana (need to work on that too)! and watermelons!  

Saturday, May 7, 2011


I love when the store is busy -( that is not always the case in this economy )- but I am at my best when sharing and talking with customers - learning their likes and dislikes - getting excited right with them when they find a treasure they HAVE to have!   Adding a ribbon or some sprinkles to a customers purchase and having them smile makes for a very fun day!  Needless to say this has been a FUN week. 
Tony has also been very busy putting his "magic" on some neat old boxes and the store is looking quite charming right now...(which is not always the case...(big smile) !!  
Yesterday was Grandparents's Day at 3 of our grands elementary school....I went to Kindergarten with Blakely and Tony went to fourth grade with Kennedy...later in the afternoon I went "back to school" for Champ's third grade class.  Their elementary school does a wonderful - no a " super duper" job in organizing
this event and all the volunteers just make you feel so welcomed. It is a highlight!!
 Hand stamped "herb markers" -

Although we are sold out of some herbs....we still have the favorites - so with this beautiful Saturday come visit us - find a treasure or two and "please touch the herbs" !!

Thursday, May 5, 2011


Our 19th Annual Herb Faire was a great success - you have to LOVE customers who wouldn't miss the Herb Faire no matter that it was pouring down rain and 48 degrees all day!   I got so busy talking and sharing with customers that I didn't take pictures of them shopping...but I did take lots of pics before we opened!  Sharing some with you -


Everyone who wore a "garden hat"  received a token of appreciation from us -
Lots of herbs and goodies left for you to enjoy - great Mother's Day presents too!!

Tuesday, May 3, 2011


Honestly you would think I was 10 years old instead of "soon to be 64" -( yikes that is a BIG number)!! 
I get so excited when we have an event...first I worry that I won't have enough items, then I worry it won't come together, and then I worry no one will come....BUT today I am excited...we have LOTS of wonderful herbs and garden treasures, it is ALL coming together just like I planned and boy if NO ONE comes will they be missing a FUN TIME at the "HERB FAIRE" !!
I am baking cookies, making Lemon Balm Tea and later today will make the Lavender Egg Salad (scrumptious)! -
Paper plates, cups, napkins - serving dishes...oh so much yet to do!!

Sunday, May 1, 2011


Happy May Day to you !!  May is a fun month - flowers are blooming, new gardens are being designed and planted - freshly mowed lawns scent the air in neighborhoods, along with barbeque grills, promising a great dinner!
May is exciting at The Cinnamon Stick too - our Herb Faire begins May 4th and we have the best herbs for sale along with lots of garden treasures, herbal treats to enjoy and FAIRY DUST!!
Last year we introduced "herb markers" made from old spoons, forks and knives - they were a big hit and we have them again this year. 
Many herbs grow great in containers and there will be unique containers for you to plant in.   An olde agate bowl filled with herbs sitting in your garden, is a fun and unexpected surprise!  Start the month off right and come to The Cinnamon Stick's 19th Annual Herb Faire....wear your garden hat and a "surprise" will find it's way into your purchase!!!
Pictures from Herb Faire 2010!! 

Stop in today for a May Day Flower Cone (or any day).....$4.00 (cone with water tube inside to add a fresh sprig or two)  ...many to choose from!