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Tuesday, April 12, 2011

WELL.... somedays are harder than others...

After hours and hours of trying to post on this blog I gave up...asked friends to help...tried everything and certainly if my mother were here she would have washed my mouth out with soap!!  I got up this morning....(BTW I got the bug or I should say he got me...stinks!) and clicked onto the blog and here I am posting....well it didn't post yet - we shall see!!

Anyway I wanted to share this sweet little girl with you...Adelaide - she was in the store Sunday with her parents and grandparents and after trying to divert her from the cups and saucers of jelly beans, M & M's etc. they showed her the Easter bonnets - you guessed it...she put one right on her head and came to the counter to show she not the sweetest!!
It was also VERY important to get "tiny lamb" in the picture!
Adelaide also got the bonnet to take home...she is going to be the "sweetest gal in the Easter Parade" !

It has been a busy but very fun week.....Sharon ( came on Friday with our friend Joanne - if you remember Sharon was the gal who named our "MAKE-DO" room.  Sharon did some serious shopping before her and Joanne took off for lunch and MORE time I am going with them!!

I am very busy getting things ready for our upcoming Herb Faire - the weather is not co-operating with getting all that has to be done - DONE though!!  Yesterday was so beautiful and I was laid up (even went to the doctors) - figures!   I am going to try and post this and "fingers crossed" it will work.  


ctlogcabin said...

Feel Better Friend !! Love all your Herb Plants ... Wish I could be there. Sweet little Girl with a Sweet little Hat !!
Get Well Soon ~~ Miss Ya !!
Love & Hugs ~~ Connie xox

bettyj said...

What a cutie!

Ginny said...

Well, it worked. Sorry to hear you are not up to par. Feel Better. The hat could not have gone home with a better lady!! LOL

Erika said...

Oh, so sweet! Thanks for posting Adelaide's picture! She has been wearing her hat around for days! :) Nice seeing you again, and thanks for solving our conundrum of what to buy my mother-in-law for her birthday!

moosecraft said...

Adelaide is a little sweetie pie! So cute! I had a wonderful visit with you and Joanne! I'm already looking forward to the next trip! Hugs to you and get better quick!

Joanne said...

What a darling and she looks so cute in that hat! So sweet! Now feel better quick (maybe you caught the stink bug from the computer since it wasn't working last nite!)

carolbrademas said...


Hope you're feeling much better by now! It's awful to feel bad when you have so much to do on a special event. Also love your new type-style!!