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Tuesday, April 26, 2011


That is what I did all day yesterday....don't believe me...take a peek !!!  (click on pictures to enlarge)
Above is my cash counter - and yes lunch was potato chips and diet Coke!

...stairway and mantel at back door! of right side of room.
..vintage gift wrapping counter dividing the room (this is now empty waiting to be "polished")

I really need to "shake-up" the first floor of the store... major overhaul !!  I have two very large display pieces and a cash counter that can't be moved so I have to work around them.  (I am one of those people that the room doesn't look "clean" unless it gets changed around) (sigh!)   I pushed and shoved - redid over and over again until finally I LIKED how the room looked.   When you sell antiques and have a small room, you really have to be able to be creative in making displays.  Sometimes it is a challenge (especially with 7 windows, 3 doorways, stairs and stone walls)~~~TODAY - I have to put everything together... find room for all that "stuff" in the pictures  and make sure I am ready to open tomorrow morning...I think I am "up" for the challenge....we shall see - (big smile)!! was really worse than this I took the pictures when I was half done....


Holly Hills Primitives said...

That's exactly what I have to look forward to for the next two days! But I'm ready too, I've had enough of bunnies for this year. Besides, everything looks "new" again when it finds a new home in tne shop. Have fun, Dawn

ctlogcabin said...

Morning Miss Judy ~~
Love how you overhaul the shop all the time .... keeps it so fresh & new lookin.
Have Fun today making your Magic !!
Love & Hugs ~~ xox

ann hermes said...

Love your shop...I have to get out there one of these days. I live in Ambler, PA.

moosecraft said...

Looking good! I think the sunshine put some zoom in you! Wasn't today simply fabulous? You will sleep like a log tonight!

Prims By The Water said...

Hi Judy, Bob and I were planning on doing a re-vamp of our store this weekend! We have an original red iron bed and a late 1800 dry sink that we want to incorporate into the new design...It always looks so fresh even when we just move the stuff we have around. Its hard work, but fun to see what you have accomplished. Your store always looks so neat and fun! Wish I lived closer. Take care, Janice