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Wednesday, April 13, 2011


,,,,,waiting for spring!  Is it my age ?? ...Am I reverting backwards to when I was a child and everything had to happen "right away" ??  Is this what happens when you hit the "over 60 club" ??  Or is it just "who I am" ?  I am going to believe it is JUST who I am....(big smile)...
Today is blustery, cold, damp and just miserable....and my cold just makes it worse.   I am SO ready to get on with spring, our gardens and pretty posies!!

Yesterday I picked up our "CINNAMON THYMES" is now the 4th printing.  A sweet little herbal written by me in 1995 and illustrated by Mary Lou Jenkins (the illustrations are just wonderful)!!  Here is a peek of the cover -

and the centerfold.....
It is copied on cream colored paper and consists of 18 pages...of very basic, but fun herbal info and recipes.  This herbal makes a nice gift along with an herb plant or two...!!!  Cost is $3.00

When I look out the window it looks like it is 5 pm on a winter's eve - think I will go have a conversation with the sun if he is up there somewhere!!


Angela said...

So sorry your weather is not cooperating with the season. We are having beautiful warm days here in the south, but not without tornados, storms and warnings going out every few days. I am a cold weather person. I HATE storms and stay scared. Would send some sunshine your way if I could. Try to have a great day and hope that dreaded cold gets better and you feel much better soon.

moosecraft said...

Looks like a real cute booklet! I do like the illustrations. Today is a good day to relax and get healthy!

Penny said...

I am feeling just like you -- will spring EVER get here?? I want to see and feel the sunshine, and sit outside with a good book or my stitching..... just enjoy some fresh air and a spring day. I am trying to be patient, but......... what I'm really feeling is - grrrrrrr!!!
Try to have a good one -- and feel better soon!

Anonymous said...

I SO HEAR YOU! Age makes us impatient only because we enjoy each day and realize the joy of life so much more.
Here in NH, I think the same thing about the time..the other day it was only 2:30, and it looked like 5in the fall!
You little herb book is sweet!
When the sunny days will be ready!

Joanne said...

It ain't the age - I'm in the 50 Club and I'm sick and tired of this gray dreary weather! Spring - Bring it on!

ctlogcabin said...

Fingers Crossed for SunShine & Better Health for Thursday !! My piggies want to be in flip flops and I need to feel some sun on my face. We are all feeling the same way going now to add more wood to the stove .. oh how Im sick of that
dirt & dust. lol
Love & Warm Sunny Hugs ~~ Connie xox