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Tuesday, March 1, 2011

READY - SET - GO!!!!

Ready or not Easter Open House begins tomorrow at THE CINNAMON STICK....I have really had fun the past two days setting up all our new spring and Easter goodies for you!   When we go from Halloween to Christmas it is just mind boggling -  we put all the orange and black away and bring out the red and green all in just 3 really don't get to enjoy the Christmas Open House until the first week is over.....BUT Easter Open House is another story and has been lots of fun! 
Sadly - nothing has sprouted in the garden on the back porch (sad face)....but I have "fairies".....(tee-hee)!!

Now what is on that prim stool in the middle of the store?????
 ...ahhhh - some glittery bunnies saying HAPPY EASTER!
...robin eggs in bird nests...
 ....a sweet bunny sitting on top of dried blueberries in an old cigar box....hey makes sense to me!
 ..a nice prim carrier with painted bunnies, large aged eggs and vintage postcards.
 Soooooooooo - I get everything done - floors vacuumed and mopped - stairs without a dust bunny in sight -
porch swept - bathroom sparkling - counters completely cleared and polished...and then - I go and do THIS!

..and that is what I will deal with in the morning as I prepare our special Lavender Lemonade and Cream Cheese Relish Dip - Wish you all could come visit!!! 


Ginny said...

Have a great day, can't wait to hear about it.

lemonverbenalady said...

I think I would call your style pre-comtemporary! Because you are always ahead of the upcoming holidays, Judy and do it in style!

Angela said...

Everything looks great. Sure wish I could twitch my nose and be on the porch at opening of the doors. Hope you have a great steady flow of friends and customers. Get a good nights rest and enjoy visiting with friends tomorrow.

Joanne said...

Wish I could come but will be too nervous tomorrow! LOL Have a great day - I"m sure everyone will arrive with a big smile and you will be grinning all day from ear to ear!

moosecraft said...

Oh so CUTE! Wish I could zoom out there today! I love the bunny garden on the back porch! I can see the carrot tops! lol! So many goodies to welcome Spring! Enjoy!

Cathie said...

Hi Miss Judy,
Good luck with your Open House. Eva and I will come shopping for Easter goodies on know how much she loves your store. We'd best bring Miss Mastercard too!
See you soon.

Holly Hills Primitives said...

Oh how I wish I could come! Everything looks grand, my friend. I loved your post about "who you are". I also don't think we have to be stuck in a category, it's fun to love and sell all kinds of things (especially prims). I know you will do great today, Dawn

Summer said...

Your quaint shop is so darling ....where in pennsylvania are you located .....i have not heard of the little town you are in .....are you in the nort,south,east, west or in between somewhere ?? please let me know by clicking on to my blog and just leave me a message on one of the posts thanks so much !!!!!

bittersweetandprim said...

WOW Just found your blog and I am glad I did, I loved looking around and have become your newest follower! Thanks for sharing and stop by sometime to visit me!