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Friday, March 18, 2011


Okay - do I have a "funny" voice??? 
A little story - last Saturday a young girl came to the counter with some purchases along with her was her 9 year old daughter...and she asked me "Did you have a store in your home at one time"??  Well, YES I did and she said she use to come there with her mother.  I asked who her mother was and recognized the name right away.  I then proceeded to ask her how she put all that together (as the store was called Doyle's Country Porch back then) - and she said as soon as she heard my "voice" she recognized it.  WHAT????  I told her that was 27 years ago....and she looked at her daughter and said I was your age.....I suppose it is comforting to know that SOMETHING hasn't changed on me for all those years!!!   (I may never leave a recorded message on the phone again)

Fun stuff - new items arrived last week and are really fun -
Wooden Easter Eggs in different colors and designs - comes with Easter header and grass!  Neat little gift!
 LOVE LOVE LOVE these Mercury Glass eggs with bunny scenes - here you can see the front and back of eggs!
My favorite....cupcake liner baskets...all grubbied up - wire handle and two eggs in the grass.....really sweet!
 We also got lots of tinware in the store - sconces, candle holders in tin and iron and this wonderful lantern (sorry the tag is in the way) !!
It was a "perfect" spring day - 75 degrees and lots of sunshine...AND I was lucky to have a friend from England visit the store  - Kelly came in to work and Carolyn, Alison and I went for a really delish lunch at The Carriage House...a nearby restaurant ( yes I had dessert)!!  Alison lived in the states for about 9 years and then returned to England....she looked great and had lots of wonderful stories to tell us.   Today was a PERFECT SPRING DAY!!!


Joanne said...

Sounds like a wonderful day! Too cute about the "voice"! You obviously made an impression! Happy you got out for lunch!

ctlogcabin said...

Happy Belated Saint Patrick's Day
Miss Judy Dugan Doyle !! (((hugs)))
What a Beautiful day it was indeed,
glad you got out for lunch today, and
a visit with your friend.
Love everything you have pictured, so Sweet.
Wish I was heading your way this week-end ! xox

Holly said...

I LOVE the cupcake liner baskets! Everything looks great! Would love to browse around in your shop!

LoveThePrimLook said...

What a cute story Miss Judy :) Love all your new goodes!!

Hugs to you, Angie

Linda Keller said...

Judy, your shop is so darling!!!! I just love the new wooden Easter Eggs. Everything I bought looks great in my shop. You have really inspired me and I guess our Joanne told you I'm still "distressing". Happy Spring!!! Hope to get up that way soon.