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Friday, March 11, 2011


I am the oldest of five children - coming from a large family was fun because there was always lots of excitement during the holidays!  At Easter we would always get live baby chicks that were dyed a pretty pastel color (I do think this is illegal now)!  They were so adorable!!  We grew up in the country, with a farm for a neighbor, so when the peeps "out grew" their coloring and started to make BIGGER messes - we would give them to "Uncle Sam" our farmer neighbor (we never knew what happened to them after that - thank goodness)!  
When I was ten we moved to town - where you could walk to the "Five and Dime".  At Easter, in a big wire cage, we kids got to see just how these "chicks" were purchased and taken home in a decorated cardboard carrier.   We still got chicks for Easter after we moved ( littlest brother) and my Father would take them to the farm as they grew bigger.   Every Easter when my sisters and brothers get together everyone has a story to tell about the chicks!  Memories are good.

Sooooooooooooooo - I decided to make some memories....these are my "Easter chicks" in pastel colors - made of wool and dyed with food coloring - blue, pink, yellow and green - uneven just like the feathers of those little peeps!

Selling them as a set - I just couldn't break them up - family has to stick together!
Hope you have great Easter day I will tell you the story of the "baby bunny" giveaway we had at the store....yi yi yi !!!


Holly Hills Primitives said...

Can't wait to hear the bunny story! I remember my cousins getting a little chick for Easter and it grew up to be the meanest rooster you ever saw! Yikes!!! Have a great weekend, Dawn

ctlogcabin said...

Love hearing your chick story ... I never saw the pastel baby chicks, I bet they were Adorable. Love the set you made and the way you have them packaged ... you always do things up so Special right down to the very last detail.
Love & Hugs ~~ xox

gail said...

Love the story!
Memories are a gift & i've made many with you...Thank you!

carolbrademas said...


I was just telling my girls at the shop today about the pastel baby chicks we got every Easter when we were little!! They lived in our kitchen (!!) until they got to be adolescent chickens, at which time they were taken to my Aunt's farm. We usually went to her house for dinner most Sundays, and I'm sure (though no one would admit it) that one of our chicken dinners those summers might have been raised in our own kitchen!!