We are now located on the Lower Level in Morgantown Market. A 90 dealer co-op that is just amazing!!
Open every day - 10 am to 5 pm
2940 Main Street, Morgantown, PA 19543

Thursday, March 31, 2011


I enjoy when the UPS guy comes and I have new items to put in the store.....BUT not when he comes with 6 huge boxes (and I mean huge) for me to "wrestle" into the basement storage area. I really WANT the items, it just gets overwhelming when it all comes at once...(mainly cause we are closed Monday and Tuesday) !! A couple of the boxes were light as they had these inside -
Three tier wire basket - $32. (awesome)

Wire birdcage $12. - perfect to put a plant in for your porch, deck or patio...or a sweet little handmade bird - we also have robins and wrens made of resin that would look great sitting in a nest in the many creative things to do with this!

Lots of wireware came into the store....(I love the vintage look of wire - fits right into all decors - whether you are country, primitive, shabby and even the vintage French style.)

Other boxes held spring/summer wreaths, garlands and lots and lots of "sprigs" !! I am "not so good" at arranging florals...but if you are - we have a really good selection of sprigs and twigs for you to work with!

As I empty the boxes and get items priced - I will share some pictures of "enticement" of the new goodies that are for sale!

Tuesday, March 29, 2011


Today was a "fun" day shopping with Joanne...I took her to a favorite antique store in an old Grist Mill..and she took me to all these wonderful stores that I had "heard" of but never had the chance to go!!    I found some goodies that will be in the store tomorrow and a few Tony will have to do his "magic" on - some fun stuff.  Even some goodies for the "make-do" room.   We had a "sinful" lunch at the Souderton Train was a nice day out without thinking of all the "cleaning" that was waiting for me at home.  Joanne has a wonderful home decorated with EVERYTHING  I love and lots and lots of quilts and hooked rugs...I was in awe!

On Saturday my DIL and two grandaughters stopped in to say hello and find some Easter treasures...the girls were upstairs in the "Make-Do Room" when we heard this  (gosh I don't know how to describe it) well...something spilled like 20 pearl necklaces falling to the floor (just floor boards - no rugs ) so when someone drops something it ALWAYS sounds much worse than it is....The little grandaughter stood at the top of the steps forbidding her Mom to come up (well you know that didn't last long...LOL!!)  It was a drawer full of "buttons" (and they picked up every single one) Some even fell thru the cracks in the boards to the first floor! ---I have this antique button display tin and never thought that this might happen to a customer....little drawers open from the back - here is a picture...
Guess I better put a sign up telling customers the drawers might stick alittle bit......
Hope you had a day full of fun like Joanne and I!!

Saturday, March 26, 2011


Brenda makes lots of "unique" mixed media and altered artwork for the store is a sample!
...canvas covered in her wonderful flea market finds....and an egg cup with nest and "Queen Birdie"  - only a couple left...stop in to get yours!!

Friday, March 25, 2011


What a great "find" Tony got this past week at auction...a  "DAZEY CHURN" from 1917 !  It is all cleaned up and ready for you to take home...what a great churn to add to your collection.

I love unusual pieces that add a uniqueness to my home decor...almost kept this one but not willing to put anything away to make room for it can be yours!!!  $115.  (found some on Ebay for $249.)...

Some more treasures you can find for sale - something for everyone!

Thursday, March 24, 2011


I was going to write a little story this evening...but as I read my mail I read this from my brother-in-law ...I think this is more important than my little story....story time tomorrow....
***I send this to all of you as a citizen of this nation who is grateful for the contribution made by our men and women in the armed services Past & Present. We owe them our support and remembrance.
Lizzie Palmer who put this program together, is 15 years old. There have been over 3,000,000 hits as of this morning on the News and the Internet. In case you missed it, here it is.
Watch all of it.......and, pass it on!!

Wednesday, March 23, 2011


Just alittle onion snow  - (I hope that was all it was!!)  Some parts of PA got some "inches" this morning.  I watched cars go past the store from wwwaaaayyyyyy up the mountain (Bear Creek Ski Lodge) and they were completely covered with snow!  Mine was just "slushy".  Not a very pretty day - dark grey skies that never let the sun peek thru - !   Hopefully by the weekend it will be nice again and we can all plant our onions!

Here is the picture of the repro jars we have on SPECIAL this week only - be sure to stop in!!!

Monday, March 21, 2011


The Cinnamon Stick does not have sales....but I do like to say "thank-you" to our customers with a surprise  "special" listed on our olde slateboard every once in awhile...unfortunately if you don't come in that day you miss the "sweet deal" !  SO...we have decided to have a "SPECIAL OF THE WEEK"  (while supplies last) for all our wonderful customers - for in store purchases only!  This will be a great time to purchase Easter or Mother's Day gifts too! 
Lots of new items are still arriving.....(boy did I have fun shopping) !!  ....and I think this will be a great way to get you in the store to see all we have to offer.

Reproduction blue glass cylinder jars - with tin lid and a BONUS flower frog lid!!!  In two great sizes!
Stop in this week  for your jar(s) !!!  (pics did not turn out so will retake) or better yet stop in the store and see for yourself!!)

Other new goodies....
Two tin "berry pails" great condition too!
...and "SAGE" - a sweet rabbit needing a new home!

Sunday, March 20, 2011


Officially spring today!!  woohoo!!   Won't be long till the April showers bring May flowers and lots of herbs to THE CINNAMON STICK.    I am "antsy" but I must say I don't want to "rush" time away - I am loving all our Easter and Spring goodies in the store.    There is so much wonderful creativity and so many new ideas to try - I keep wondering if I will ever be able to do it all ?????  (cause I am silly enough to want to do it all)...
The new issue of Somerset Life is in the store NOW - just gets me wanting to create and create -
(glitter on the spoon - be still my heart)!!!!
...olde wooden bobbins
...if these pictures entice you - just wait till you see the whole magazine!  Only 3 left !!!
I am hoping to try a class on one of their projects.....what fun that will be!!!

Friday, March 18, 2011


Okay - do I have a "funny" voice??? 
A little story - last Saturday a young girl came to the counter with some purchases along with her was her 9 year old daughter...and she asked me "Did you have a store in your home at one time"??  Well, YES I did and she said she use to come there with her mother.  I asked who her mother was and recognized the name right away.  I then proceeded to ask her how she put all that together (as the store was called Doyle's Country Porch back then) - and she said as soon as she heard my "voice" she recognized it.  WHAT????  I told her that was 27 years ago....and she looked at her daughter and said I was your age.....I suppose it is comforting to know that SOMETHING hasn't changed on me for all those years!!!   (I may never leave a recorded message on the phone again)

Fun stuff - new items arrived last week and are really fun -
Wooden Easter Eggs in different colors and designs - comes with Easter header and grass!  Neat little gift!
 LOVE LOVE LOVE these Mercury Glass eggs with bunny scenes - here you can see the front and back of eggs!
My favorite....cupcake liner baskets...all grubbied up - wire handle and two eggs in the grass.....really sweet!
 We also got lots of tinware in the store - sconces, candle holders in tin and iron and this wonderful lantern (sorry the tag is in the way) !!
It was a "perfect" spring day - 75 degrees and lots of sunshine...AND I was lucky to have a friend from England visit the store  - Kelly came in to work and Carolyn, Alison and I went for a really delish lunch at The Carriage House...a nearby restaurant ( yes I had dessert)!!  Alison lived in the states for about 9 years and then returned to England....she looked great and had lots of wonderful stories to tell us.   Today was a PERFECT SPRING DAY!!!

Monday, March 14, 2011


I am having an "off" day - my Print Shop program on my computer will NOT matter what I try - it is one I use every day to create!  So I cleaned the computer room/sewing room/paper storage room.....hummmm  I save WAY too much stuff so I decided to clean out the drawers of the oak dressers in this room....I made lots of messes - I would get a gold star if they gave one out for that!  I really really really like to be organized - truly I do - but - I go off on know...start this thing and then another and then a GREAT idea pops into my head and off I go to another adventure....I keep telling myself to s-l-o-w down but I am not very good at that. 
It is now after dinner any my computer "genius" neighbor is coming over soon to take a peek to see if he can figure what is wrong....If this program can't be fixed I tend to lose so much that I have saved in this program...UGH!!!   The saga continues.........I will be back...!!!

(wearing a sad face).....My neighbor tried everything....puzzles him and he is the computer whiz for a BIG corporation - hmmmmm...thinking maybe it is time to try Photo Shop.....(gotta count my pennies though)...Advice on Photo Shop anyone?????

Saturday, March 12, 2011

NEVER A DULL MOMENT.... THE CINNAMON STICK....honestly - what happens here never stays here - THANK GOODNESS FOR THAT!!
Let me start at the beginning....yesterday afternoon three customers were in the was downstairs with me and two other upstairs - a gentleman came down and told me he could hear something making noise in the attic...????????WHAT!!!  - like something maybe "furry" !!  So BRAVELY I go upstairs and Amy (another customer) tells me she heard it too (in the Attic Studio) and thought it might be a bird.  I open the door  - peeked - (I am not very good with this issue at all) and don't see anything...Amy says "let me look" and she spies a the tiny attic window and VOLUNTEERS to try and capture the poor thing.  Getting an old hat box from the Make-Do Room she proceeds up the steps while Abby (her daughter) and I stay on the second floor with the door to the attic closed....(hey if she needed a "quick" escape I would have opened it)!  After about 20 minutes.....this is what happened -
Amy with a captured sweet little bird in the hat box ready to go out the back door - Abby so proud of her MOM - look at that smile!

He wouldn't fly frightened - so alittle shake of the box and .... he went into the "wild blue yonder" !!!
DO I HAVE THE BESTEST CUSTOMERS OR WHAT!!!  Cause I can tell you - I would NEVER have been able to do how...THANK YOU AMY!!!  (there was a surprise in her sack when she left - oh yeah...that was  BIG capturing that bird for me!!)

On a sweeter note.....the "ARE THERE FAIRIES AT THE BOTTOM OF YOUR GARDEN" booklets are back in stock...
...signed by Betsy herself!

Friday, March 11, 2011


I am the oldest of five children - coming from a large family was fun because there was always lots of excitement during the holidays!  At Easter we would always get live baby chicks that were dyed a pretty pastel color (I do think this is illegal now)!  They were so adorable!!  We grew up in the country, with a farm for a neighbor, so when the peeps "out grew" their coloring and started to make BIGGER messes - we would give them to "Uncle Sam" our farmer neighbor (we never knew what happened to them after that - thank goodness)!  
When I was ten we moved to town - where you could walk to the "Five and Dime".  At Easter, in a big wire cage, we kids got to see just how these "chicks" were purchased and taken home in a decorated cardboard carrier.   We still got chicks for Easter after we moved ( littlest brother) and my Father would take them to the farm as they grew bigger.   Every Easter when my sisters and brothers get together everyone has a story to tell about the chicks!  Memories are good.

Sooooooooooooooo - I decided to make some memories....these are my "Easter chicks" in pastel colors - made of wool and dyed with food coloring - blue, pink, yellow and green - uneven just like the feathers of those little peeps!

Selling them as a set - I just couldn't break them up - family has to stick together!
Hope you have great Easter day I will tell you the story of the "baby bunny" giveaway we had at the store....yi yi yi !!!

Wednesday, March 9, 2011


...lots of boxes...and lots of work for me!!   I had to first open the box of rabbits from Country at Heart...this is a new artist for THE CINNAMON STICK!   When I saw her rabbits at market last month I just fell head over heels in love with them.  The attention to detail always impresses me - when I told Sandy her workmanship was unusually detailed and wonderful - she explained she was once a Home Ec teacher - (I remember my sewing teacher...Mrs. Peak - 7th, 8th and 9th grades...I did not like to sew and she didn't like that I didn't like to sew - somedays I look UP and smile at her for making me "learn" - as sewing is what I do best)  Well...instantly I knew why the rabbits were so great - Thank you Sandy - your box "made my day" !!
The other boxes I slid down the basement steps to work on I said yesterday...Never Enough Thyme!!
Here are a few of Sandy's rabbits -
There's more but you will have to come to the store to see them.....sneaky huh!!!  However you will not be disappointed !!
Lots and lots and lots of rain in our forecast for tomorrow so I should be able to get to those other boxes...can't wait to see what is inside  ( one month I forget what I ordered until I see it...old age?)
Enjoy your evening.....

Tuesday, March 8, 2011


I enjoyed a very nice weekend (mine is Mon. and Tues, - since we are closed those days)..getting accomplished most of what I wanted to do.  There is Never Enough Thyme for all  the things on my list! 
I am anxious to go to the store tomorrow as new goodies should be coming to see that UPS guy pull up. 
This tree is feeling a bit "naked" and I am hoping this week the glass speckled eggs and bunny and egg ornies will come  so I can "dress" it properly -

Dianne Galloway embroidered this sweet poem on a piece of osnaburg and "hand-cut" from fabric the bunny, sun and flowers -  (not a good pic - it is really a nice piece of artwork)

Another framed piece of handwork from Dianne....made of wool felt and finished in the "penny rug" fashion....
I am working on a "memory" from my childhood.....and putting that memory into fabric...will post as soon as it is finished.

Sunday, March 6, 2011


You know how some days just HAPPEN !!  Well yesterday was one of those.   A friend popped into the store who was "suppose" to be somewhere else but - well let's just say "she didn't make it" - so as she was scurrying around doing errands she stopped in the store - (and brought me good luck with many customers following and interrupting our conversation - woohoo!!)  It must have been old home week for her as I saw her talking with some of the customers - and then I heard a scream....OH MY!!  In walks Linda from Grant St. Woolworks, Chambersburg, PA (a good 2 1/2 hours away) (I have never met Linda but know lots about her)!!  She saw our sign and made her hubby stop at the store - not knowing one of her best friends would be there  (meant to be) !!  Since he was going to a gun show - he left Linda there with us and sweetly said he would come back for her.   Well.......NO WONDER YOU GALS HAVE SO MUCH FUN AT YOUR HOOK-IN'S I had so much fun with Joanne and Linda yesterday afternoon!!  Although I "dread" showing pictures of we are - this is what life is all about "friendship" !!
 Open house has been going great - everyone seems to be ever so happy Spring is on it's way....the store certainly looks like spring!!!  (big smile)....
New ribbon arrived on Friday.....we carry the best ribbon - displayed in our "Make-Do" room - and the prices are so reasonable.  
 Also up there are these repro Easter Flash cards for you to use in your artwork...or just to tuck here and there - fun to add to a card to a friend - they come in a set of 8 - fun stuff!
Did I mention....I LOVE MY JOB and all the wonderful people that come with it!!!

Wednesday, March 2, 2011


Parsley on my back door when I finished up yesterday ...just in case Peter Rabbit stopped by to see all my hard work....(he enjoyed it very much)!
Back in February I planted a garden next to the door on the porch....
 I planted  scrambled eggs, pickled eggs, deviled eggs and marshmellow peeps...I even made signs so I would remember where everything was planted...but not much was happening.....I talked to the seeds EVERY morning....wishing them to grow...AND
LOOK  WHAT I FOUND THIS MORNING!!!!!!  I was so excited....
 I hung up the welcome sign and enjoyed the first day of Easter Open House....oh yeah...and Peter
 gifted me these !!!!
I love my job!