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Monday, February 14, 2011

HAPPY VALENTINE'S DAY.....finally dear old computer must be having "mini" strokes as I am having a devil of a time trying to post anything!!  I wanted to wish everyone a beautiful Valentine's Day this morning....but...well it just wasn't to be.
I do want to share a picture of my very favorite customer - she pays me in "kisses"  and is always the best dressed !!!

"Miss Molly"
She is quite the wiggleworm and getting good photos is a JOB!  But so lovable !!  Joy (Molly's Mom) told me she loves to get dressed up and puts up her paw to get her dress on...too cute!!!

Today was WORK, WORK, WORK...putting SPRING into the store - (alittle bit of Easter is sneaking in too) - we are still waiting for truckloads of goodies to come in....I guess everyday we will be getting boxes of presents.   That is the "funnest" part of having a store - well that, and having the customers love what we have found for them!
Lots of X's and O's to you -


Joanne said...

That Molly is a cutie pie - Too funny she loves to get dressed up! Happy Day to you too!

carolbrademas said...

Judy --Miss Molly is SOOOO cute ---- it's always nice to have a 4-legged customer! Hope you have a wonderful Valentine's Day!

Ginny said...

It must have been bad computer day. We had a power failure and it just about took out our wireless modeum. Had to wait for the cable company to show up today. All is working fine. Hope you had a Happy Valentine's Day.

Jennifer said...

Molly is so cute. Just found some new blogs today and love yours!

Visit me and see our Miss Abigail. She has about 34 outfits but frequently wiggles out of them..LOL
She's a bit spoiled.

I love prim and stitching/designing samplers. Just joined your blog!

Feathers in the Nest (my blog)