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Monday, January 17, 2011


Friends - : one attached to another by affection or esteem !!!

Affection and Esteem surely describes this group of friends. Enjoying just spending time together is wonderful but there is so much more to our little gathering - as busy as we all are - I am so happy that we take the time to get together - eat till we can't eat anymore - share our lives and all the goodness that we have in common - leaving out the doldrums and crappy stuff....THIS IS A FUN DAY!!!

We were having so much fun not  one of us took any pictures when we were opening our I don't have any pictures of the great "presentation" they all had....(I will tell you glitter went home on everybody!!) (big smile)...and Bryan (Brenda's husband) is sure to find "glitter" in his underwear drawer too!!

This is my gift.....(made from old book pages...and it went perfectly with -

 Vicki's gift.....all original ledger, photograph and vintage book pages....
 Sharon kept with the theme - (not on purpose) with her wool snowman sitting in a party hat - look at all the embellishments...!!!
Brenda - made the sweet angel on an old spool painted white and trimmed in old paper - with trees and snowballs and tiny letters.....can't wait to display this under my cloche!
Dianne is the handworker in the group and made each one of these wall hangings....tiny stitches everywhere!
 Bev made the "cracker" from a vintage wedding gown, and when you pull the satin ribbon out popped a beautiful beaded angel...she has white feather wings that are not showing up!
 Brenda made each of us this WONDERFUL crown as her "favor" - sitting at each place our name card.   (we wore them to have our group picture taken) !!!
Eleanor had a stroke a few years ago and can no longer craft but she surprised us with a homemade cheese spread in a vintage creamer, crackers, knife, doily and old homespun napkin - just so sweet!
 A picture of some of the packaging....I am so bummed I didn't get the camera out before we opened....our gifts...!!
 Brenda's hospitality....all the gifts...all the laughs...and all the camaraderie....enjoyed in her beautiful home - YES WE ARE ALL QUEENS at least for today!!!
I will post some pictures of her "shades of white" decorating on my picture trail......enjoy!


Holly Hills Primitives said...

WOW! Looks like you had a great time and came away with some wonderful gifts. LOVE YOUR TREE! Nothing like a day with good friends, Dawn

Angela said...

love all the goodies. I love all the items that are being made from the old book pages and sheet music. Your tree was precious as well as the other gifts. Friends and food together make for a wonderful day. Glad you got to share it with friends.

Ginny said...

Doesn't get much better then the day that you all had, so many smiles, so many memories!!

Kathy (woolfind) said...

What fun, what smiles!!! Looked like a wonderful time for all :). So creative!

moosecraft said...

Now that is one bundle of creative and talented ladies! All of the goodies are beautiful!!! What a grand day! :-)

Angie Berry said...

Wow, lots of talent and sounds like lots of fun!! I'm just a little confused why glitter would be in the underwear drawer, LOL... but that is a story that is best kept to the "Queens", I'm sure. =]