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Monday, January 31, 2011


If you listen to even alittle bit of the news you now that the East Coast is going to get it pounded to them again...what is up with that!!  I am remembering the Farmer's Almanac coming out this fall and customers coming in saying the Almanac called for alot of snow this winter....I THINK WE HAD MORE THAN OUR SHARE ALREADY!  This storm seems to be a bit more scary as it is calling for alot of ICE...first we get 2-5" of snow tomorrow and then tomorrow night into Wednesday a wintry mix with up to 3/4 of an inch of ICE.  That is the scary part.  Hmmm..let's see - I have bread, milk, eggs - lots of Diet Coke - guess I am okay unless the electric goes out from broken tree branches.  Now that stops everything here as we have well water (no toilet power) Guess I can always melt snow...hmmmm - not sure how to do that without electric...I AM NOT A PIONEER WOMAN BY ANY MEANS. 
This will have to be my heat if the electric goes off - it is a very old pot belly stove - made in Royersford, PA (20 min.from my home) in 1837.  Tony purchased it in NJ when he was driving truck many years ago.  We put the brick floor and firewall up so we could use it.  It burns coal - it is a dusty mess - but when you are without heat who cares!!!

If I were a good keeper of the home this stove would have been polished with black stove polish and kept in tiptop condition.....(I am not)....but I do like the rusty look of the iron.  The little window panes have the original "mica" panels in them.  Gives the impression of plastic to give you an idea of what it looks like.  The bottom panel slides open all the way to remove the spent ashes and you can "bank" it by opening the slots just alittle so it doesn't burn out of it some air!  We have "cherried" this thing more than once. (that means it was so HOT it turned the iron fiery red).  You don't want to do that!!
Well here's hoping the electric stays on - the ice melts quickly - and spring comes EARLY!!!  Stay warm and safe my blogger friends!


Angela said...

Judy, so hoping you don't loose power. Just come on down south and stay until your weather gets better. We had a dusting compared to the east coast a few weeks ago and that was a lot of us. Atlanta was on the news, it was almost shut down. We are so not use to so much white stuff. Stay warm, and be safe.

TheRustyThimble said...

OH stay safe and Warm.......but you have it you can be a pioneer woman do you have a cast iron pot?? if so put it on top of that stove and melt your snow in it.

we went without electric one time for a few weeks. we had moved and the next day when they were suppose to hook up our poles and lines to our property my hubby wound up in the hospital. Now it was cold in the single digits and teens for a couple of those weeks. all we had was our wood burning stove....and I had a single burner camp stove to cook on. You have the main part there. I hope you do not loose your electric we have a winter blast headed our way in oklahoma as well.

Bayside Gal said...

Hi Judy, I'm with you,,I have had enough of this white stuff... take care and keep warm, A fellow east-coaster, Jean

Holly Hills Primitives said...

Hi Judy. Michigan is supposed to get hit too, 2-4 inches tonight and another 1 to 1 1/2 feet tomorrow night. Went to the grocery store, made sure the jeep would start, brought wood up to the woodbox (just in case) and I guess we're ready as we'll ever be. I'm going to set tight and sew, sew, sew for the next couple of days - God willing that we don't lose power. Stay safe and warm, Dawn

Joanne said...

ACKKKKKKK BLAHECKHHAHHHKLLSAAAAAAAS OKay done swearing about the weather! I guess the hatches are battened down as best as they can! Let's hope it's not as dramatic as they are calling for - I hope you have good stuff besides milk and eggs too like maybe ice cream and cookies?

Mel said...

Oh good idea Joanne (cookies) now I was fretting about possibly losing power here as well, I so do not like to be cold... But, when you are on a well, it does kinda put you in a hard place.

I hope and pray, we don't get as much as they are predicting.

I mean, no power= no internet, no phone (that means cell phones also) no blogging.... Yikes!

Stay safe everyone, and lets all keep each other in our prayers.


Judy said...

Can you believe we still have a landline phone. Don't use it unless the electric goes out..Cell phones are charged, extra water is in containers and I sewed a whole bunch today so I can stuff all day if I can't do anything else. Gosh forgot no internet...(sad face)! Judy

ctlogcabin said...

Judy ~~ What a Cute Stove !! Sure hope you dont have to use it, but it will be nice to have someplace warm to sit ... if it comes to that. My wood stoves & my gas range have come in handy a few times this year.
Keep Safe & Warm & Think Spring !! xox

Ginny said...

Love your stove. Les & I are all set. cell phones charge, candles all in their holders, extra water ready, even went to the store on Sunday, so I would not be out with the crazies, LOL. Now we just need to see what develops, but it does not sound good. Stay warm, keep busy, I'm going to tackle my work/home office, I might get buried, by paper that is!!

Barbara said...

OK Judy...don't panic. You CAN use your potty if the electric goes off. Make sure you have your bathtub full of water. If you NEED to use the potty, do so, then flush and refill the TANK with more water from the tub. It will work...promise. After years of hurricanes,we learned how to survive w/o power. Hope things won't get as bad as they say, but in case, stay warm and safe! Blessings from The Cabin In The Woods.