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Sunday, January 2, 2011


Crazy times right now....the phrase "NEVER ENOUGH THYME" comes to mind....!!  Our son and family are on their way home from Disney and the Outback Bowl game....sadly Penn State lost but young players will only get better and better!  We are babysitting Kassie their Labradoodle - she loves us but you can tell how much she misses all the "excitement" at her house with 4 kids to play with.  Last night we babysat for our daughter over night (four boys) and I am home now (Pop-Pop is with the boys)  to get ready for opening the store today....NOW....
The store is another story....yesterday morning (while we were closed) we added some "track lighting" to the Make-Do Room - the walls are mostly stone with a couple barnwood walls here and there and although this room has three windows - if they are not covered it is way too bright...and covering them makes it too dark.  The track lighting was perfect - shining down on all our ribbons and fabric....Although I really don't like "track lighting" we put them on the old beams and it serves the purpose - Tony likes to remind me this is my "store" and not my "home" - (it's a toss up of where I spend more time) !!!
I took the tree down....was going to let it up as it was just a branch covered in snow.....but change is needed and it is time for the downstairs to move around.  I have Monday and Tuesday to do that....
Hopefully we will open on Wednesday with a whole new look with lots of Valentine's love to share !!!
Have a great Sunday - I am off to the store!


Carolyn said...

Can't wait to see all the changes! I feel conflicted about letting Christmas go but I am anxious to move on too. So, I will leave all my white pin lights up to keep it sparkly and warm during the grey months of winter. I

ctlogcabin said...

Miss Judy ~~ Even your time off is busy ... busy you Amaze me. We are sitting in a deep fog here in CT cant see your hand in front of your face. Was going to take a ride ... but will stay put & store away the last little bit of Christmas.
Miss Ya ~~ Big Warm Hugs ~~ xox

Ginny said...

Judy, I have seen the Make-Do room in it's beginning stages, I'm sure no matter what you do, it will be great and you will have many customers. Don't forget if you need me to hang out up there, just holler!!