We are now located on the Lower Level in Morgantown Market. A 90 dealer co-op that is just amazing!!
Open every day - 10 am to 5 pm
2940 Main Street, Morgantown, PA 19543

Monday, January 31, 2011


If you listen to even alittle bit of the news you now that the East Coast is going to get it pounded to them again...what is up with that!!  I am remembering the Farmer's Almanac coming out this fall and customers coming in saying the Almanac called for alot of snow this winter....I THINK WE HAD MORE THAN OUR SHARE ALREADY!  This storm seems to be a bit more scary as it is calling for alot of ICE...first we get 2-5" of snow tomorrow and then tomorrow night into Wednesday a wintry mix with up to 3/4 of an inch of ICE.  That is the scary part.  Hmmm..let's see - I have bread, milk, eggs - lots of Diet Coke - guess I am okay unless the electric goes out from broken tree branches.  Now that stops everything here as we have well water (no toilet power) Guess I can always melt snow...hmmmm - not sure how to do that without electric...I AM NOT A PIONEER WOMAN BY ANY MEANS. 
This will have to be my heat if the electric goes off - it is a very old pot belly stove - made in Royersford, PA (20 min.from my home) in 1837.  Tony purchased it in NJ when he was driving truck many years ago.  We put the brick floor and firewall up so we could use it.  It burns coal - it is a dusty mess - but when you are without heat who cares!!!

If I were a good keeper of the home this stove would have been polished with black stove polish and kept in tiptop condition.....(I am not)....but I do like the rusty look of the iron.  The little window panes have the original "mica" panels in them.  Gives the impression of plastic to give you an idea of what it looks like.  The bottom panel slides open all the way to remove the spent ashes and you can "bank" it by opening the slots just alittle so it doesn't burn out of it some air!  We have "cherried" this thing more than once. (that means it was so HOT it turned the iron fiery red).  You don't want to do that!!
Well here's hoping the electric stays on - the ice melts quickly - and spring comes EARLY!!!  Stay warm and safe my blogger friends!

Saturday, January 29, 2011


I just have to show you the wonderful, fabulous, super-duper, made me "sniffle" gift I received today....for the new MAKE-DO room.   Joanne McIllmurray (who came to teach the Woven Wool Heart class today) made me this for the new room.....I love her "hit or miss" style of hooking - and when you see it in person (AND I think you ALL should come visit me) you will love it too.  The colors are just ME!!!
I can't wait to hang it in our new room tomorrow!!  THANK YOU JOANNE OVER AND OVER AGAIN!

We really did have a fun day can go to our PT ( ) to see all the fun pictures. ( I will have it up on Sunday morning - they wore me out today) !!!(big grin) !!

After the wool hearts were finished we made Valentine baskets from paper  - and then some heart pockets...
Time goes so fast when you are having fun.

Thursday, January 27, 2011


I worked on hearts most of the day today so I would have a nice collection for the weekend at the store... but soon my thoughts went to spring and a few little guys hopped into my sewing basket waiting to get stuffed and dressed.  
The white bunnies are made of wool and I have been making this same bunny for all my days of being a storekeeper.  It has been finished in many different fabrics and colors....timeless!
The smaller rabbit is new to the store....small and a little intense in sewing and stuffing....but he looks quite right when finished.   So I guess I am officially starting my "spring and Easter" to get the weather to cooperate!
PS - I am so into pretty ribbons and bows....I used aged "crinkle" ribbon that we sell at the store and aged vintage seam binding.   I think it adds just the perfect dressing for brown and white bunnies.


It  feels like I haven't been to the store in so long......I miss it!   There is always so much to do there...rearranging, creating and sometimes even "dusting" !   I think winter has "done me in" - with 14 in. to deal with this morning!
Of course Tony deals with it....I just stay in the house - warm and cozy - griping - no no no I promise no more griping!   Think today, besides stuffing some bunnies, I will bake a cake!  If the sun stays out ( it is so pretty right now making the tree branches glisten like crystals) (pretty but I still don't like it) - I suppose we will head to the store for some digging out there....sigh!
My birdbath....
 ...almost finished the driveway
...the home stretch !

Wednesday, January 26, 2011


Terri (Old Button Tin) sent me this picture of last year's brood at her farm - to brighten my snow-filled day.   A real good reminder that "spring" will come and peeps will be showing up everywhere.....I think I will go "sew" some right now.  I have a really nice yellow wool - and lots of vintage blocks for them to sit upon.

Monday, January 24, 2011


Oh dear I have it bad.  Spring Fever that is!!

  My car is still having thing gets fixed and something else goes wrong.  I have an old but sweet van.  It is a 1996 Dodge Grand Caravan - Hunter Green - with 215,000 miles on it.  I try hard to treat her with as much respect as an old car deserves but I am an antique dealer and sometimes she does get filled with heavy stuff - or weird stuff - or just plain old cardboard boxes.  For many years she has given me such good service but I am afraid she might be sick for good....I am not ready to give her up though.  Fingers and toes are crossed the Trans Doctor gives me a good report tomorrow!

Back to "spring fever"....It is only January and I am so tired of this brrrrrutally cold winter - and there is so much winter to go.   I just might have to pick a date for spring to arrive at the store - to keep my sanity!!!  Lots of great spring treasures are this -
These rusty metal carriers come with the green bottles and we have them with daisies (as shown), forsythia and pansies! 
Also in the store are these wonderful Flour Sack Tea Towels....not sure if I wrote about them before or not.
They are made exactly like the old sugar and flour sacks of years ago - We sold out of them right after Christmas and I ordered 100 this time and they are selling fast.   They make a great curtain (28"X28") sewn together...(very prim look), table runner,  pillows and you can embrodier on them too...but best of all they are the greatest towel for drying glasses!!!

You can find them in our new Make-Do Dry Goods room.....
Stay warm my friends......

Friday, January 21, 2011


....yielded all this!
The velvet heart make-do is not completed as I have the embellishments at the store (and I was stuck at home today) - lace, buttons and bows will be added tomorrow.  
We have Velvet Fat Quarters for sale in the store - $5.   Stop in  and check them out - Black, Green, Dk Brown, White and Red.....easy to work with too!!!


As soon as you walk into the store you know something wonderful arrived....our NEW potpourri !  Just look at it....
Clarity, Minty Orange, Red Hot Cinnamon!
Besides the scents being "devine", the potpourri fixings are just beautiful mixed together.  NO FILLERS !!

It is snowing outside AGAIN -  and my car broke down on the way home from the store last evening....Tony thinks it is the alternator - so sometime today it has to be towed to the garage. (it made it to Walmart's parking lot)  I am sure the plow guys are not happy about it sitting there...!!!  I will be happy to just stay home and play inside making hearts and pillows. 

Boxes of spring and Easter keep arriving and it is very, very hard not to "redo" the store as I am really DONE with winter...(big smile)....I will hold off for alittle bit, but you never know when spring will "bloom" inside THE CINNAMON STICK !!

Tuesday, January 18, 2011


...I can enjoy alittle sprig of spring!!

This is what my driveway looks like...

....and this is what is on my windowsill....YES it is real!  I picked a branch from our forsythia bush while traipsing thru our backyard about two weeks looked like little buds were forming .....sooooooooooooo I broke off a branch and put it in some water.  This morning I went to the back window and this is what I found!!!

A delight on this frozen, icy day....
Can SPRING be far away ?????

Monday, January 17, 2011


Friends - : one attached to another by affection or esteem !!!

Affection and Esteem surely describes this group of friends. Enjoying just spending time together is wonderful but there is so much more to our little gathering - as busy as we all are - I am so happy that we take the time to get together - eat till we can't eat anymore - share our lives and all the goodness that we have in common - leaving out the doldrums and crappy stuff....THIS IS A FUN DAY!!!

We were having so much fun not  one of us took any pictures when we were opening our I don't have any pictures of the great "presentation" they all had....(I will tell you glitter went home on everybody!!) (big smile)...and Bryan (Brenda's husband) is sure to find "glitter" in his underwear drawer too!!

This is my gift.....(made from old book pages...and it went perfectly with -

 Vicki's gift.....all original ledger, photograph and vintage book pages....
 Sharon kept with the theme - (not on purpose) with her wool snowman sitting in a party hat - look at all the embellishments...!!!
Brenda - made the sweet angel on an old spool painted white and trimmed in old paper - with trees and snowballs and tiny letters.....can't wait to display this under my cloche!
Dianne is the handworker in the group and made each one of these wall hangings....tiny stitches everywhere!
 Bev made the "cracker" from a vintage wedding gown, and when you pull the satin ribbon out popped a beautiful beaded angel...she has white feather wings that are not showing up!
 Brenda made each of us this WONDERFUL crown as her "favor" - sitting at each place our name card.   (we wore them to have our group picture taken) !!!
Eleanor had a stroke a few years ago and can no longer craft but she surprised us with a homemade cheese spread in a vintage creamer, crackers, knife, doily and old homespun napkin - just so sweet!
 A picture of some of the packaging....I am so bummed I didn't get the camera out before we opened....our gifts...!!
 Brenda's hospitality....all the gifts...all the laughs...and all the camaraderie....enjoyed in her beautiful home - YES WE ARE ALL QUEENS at least for today!!!
I will post some pictures of her "shades of white" decorating on my picture trail......enjoy!


Finally...................I am ready to give my gifts for our ornament exchange....(Tony might be eating glitter besides just wearing it - oh dear) LOL!!!   Will show you what is inside the bags later today - I have so much fun with these friends who are so creative and exciting to be with!
OOPPPS !!! almost forgot - I spent every spare minute at the store yesterday creating these branches with "paper leaves" - got the idea from the Country Business magazine...and wanted these to "hide" what was inside until it was time to open!!! 

Sunday, January 16, 2011


Yesterday (Saturday) we had our third Wool Feather Tree class - it was a big class with 13 gals.....and what a great group!   They ALL caught on right away and went home with their tree finished - (in the feather duster stage) as you have to let the glue dry overnight before opening it!  Well, all except Patricia who at the end of the day decided to "snip" her finger so she has to finish her tree at home!!  (all is well - a band-aid fixed the finger)!
I didn't get to spend much time with the girls as all I did was "cough" (you know that stinky little tickle) every time I went up the steps....I missed most of the fun!!! (sad face)!!  However we are planning another class for January 29th for Valentine's Day and hopefully some of these gals will return and I can get to have some fun with them.

 Kim is hiding in this one..... but we got her in the next picture.....Fun Fun Fun Girls....

We have lots of pictures and I will post them on my blog this evening......right now I have to finish my ornament exchange gift that has to be done by tomorrow.....just have one little thing I just can't figure out what would be best to use!!!  (pictures tomorrow of all our gifts) !!!

*****You know you are married to your soul mate when you casually tell him that he will have to live with "glitter" in his underwear for a week or two - and he doesn't even blink!!!  True Love!!
(my home workshop is in the Laundry Room)!!!

Thursday, January 13, 2011


Still got it.....geesch...not sick enough to stay home in bed - just feeling crappy and lazy - sigh!! 
It is so darn cold here too....or maybe it bothers me cause I am "not up to par" - whatever the reason I am having a hard time keeping warm - the thermostat is working overtime !!
I am getting ready for our Wool Feather Tree class on Saturday....well, not much for me to do as Joanne makes all the kits and does all the teaching....(big smile)  I just have to bake and clean the studio - AND remember to bring extra chairs from home....this is a BIG class.  Our classes are always fun - I have the bestest customers!
We got toweling in to sell by the yard -  and Tony made me this towel rack and I made a "roller towel" for it.....we have had some old ones but they seem to be hiding nowadays...!!!
 ...and Joanne made some Wool Feather Trees for Valentine's Day.....I made little stuffed hearts to decorate them with and Joanne made some little appliqued wool hearts....I LOVE VALENTINE'S DAY!!!

The rug hooked tree skirt was made by Joanne too... (she has been a busy bee!)
Tomorrow I will share the Valentine treasures I received from Terri.....brown velvet pillows with colonial applique!!

Monday, January 10, 2011


Confusing title...??  Well that is how I feel this morning.  I somehow caught the "bug"...and it is not fun (those who have gone before me know what I am writing about)!  Not sick enough to stay in bed...but not well enough to do much of anything....AND so much planned for today!
The Phila. Gift Show was on the agenda....and is a MUST....sigh - not much fun when you don't feel up to par.  Next Monday is our "Christmas Gift Exchange"...the one I do with a group of friends who are all so creative and talented (four create for the store)....and I had to come up with something that they hadn't seen before!  That was the biggest challenge...but mission accomplished...NOW I have to get them completed!  Will someone tell me why I procrastinate to the last minute....(this is last minute for me...any later and I would be having the "vapors") !!  I will share all the gifts next week....Brenda has our exchange at her is a picture from two years ago...her whole house is decorated in "shades of white" - and is just fascinating...cause the whole house looks like this...!!!!!

 ...a peek in to the family room...
...all these jars are filled with "great finds" that she uses in her artwork.
Brenda  told me she decorated her Christmas tree all in "numbers" this year...she is quite the accomplished blood hound and can "sniff" out a treasure in a box hidden in the back of an old truck at a flea market.....I swear she can go up to a table that I just "studied" and find the treasure that I didn't see..!!
I always have a fun time with these gals....thank goodness (if I had to get a cold) it is this week and not next)!
Hopefully today I will FIND some treasures to order and elevate my "mood" !!!
Happy Monday to you!

Saturday, January 8, 2011


Woven Wool Hearts by Joanne McIllmurray of

These are so wonderful - the wool colors are great!
 Valentine signs to hang on cupboard doors, wreaths, pegged racks - made of hard board with some added "bling" - (rhinestones embedded here and there) What I call Country will love these and only $8.

Snow is expected here today...I have already had my fill of it yesterday...yegads...just looked out the window and here it comes...!!!
Have a great Saturday!

Thursday, January 6, 2011


Honest to goodness he did!  I knew I had to order some Easter before the Atlanta Gift Show or they would be sold out...this company has great Easter goodies so I called on Tuesday and placed my order and half of the order is here already....woohoo!!!  It is going to be a grand Eastertide at THE CINNAMON STICK!

In other news....our Lavender came today too....the whole store smells "like springthyme" !!

AND....our first shipment of Distress Inks and applicators - Beacon 3 in 1 Glue - and our most wonderful Tonic scissors...came today too !!  I should have gotten a picture but late in the day Greta from The Moose's Antlers and her hubby visited the store from New Hampshire.  They are on their way to the Phila. Gift Show - I am really lucky to have the "shows" in my backyard because I have met so many wonderful storekeepers through the years...and even luckier that they always stop to visit and chat. 

Joanne McIllmurray made me the most wonderful "woven wool hearts" - I will take a picture of them tomorrow (if the snow is only alittle instead of alot - yes...they are calling for snow to start tonight and into the morning...sigh) !! AND  some rughooked hearts  (she is also going to make me a "country" PINK Wool Feather Tree)  Joanne is giving another class on the 15th on how to make the Wool Feather is a HUGE class of 14 gals....????? Somehow they all will fit  - the more the merrier right !!! 

Vintage Valentines are now for sale too....I have been collecting them whenever I could....what a fun way to decorate a mirror or a Valentine tree....Last year I sent one to Tony and just signed it with X's and O's and the number that corresponds with my initials....J - 10  D - 4 ...  10 4  He couldn't figure out what that meant for anything.....I finally did tell him but not till he puzzled over it for a day!  Silly Man  - he thought he had a "secret admirer" !!!

Tuesday, January 4, 2011


Well....the floors are clean....(oh you might find some glitter here and there but I will make some bets that it will still be "sparkling" along with the fireworks this 4th of July!!)  A little glitter never hurt anyone - right!!!
Here is a picture of the one barnwood wall we have on the first is all about Valentines !
Every day this area will grow.....(you can see some empty shelves) fact I can't wait to go shopping and get this place filled again.   Never Enough clean, shop, redo and redo - I have lots of stuff coming in though.  
Thursday our Lavender should arrive.....then the store will certainly have a "Heartspun" scent thru-out!  New toweling for the DIY gals will arrive tomorrow and since we sold out of our Flour Sack tea towels.....more are on the way - soon THE CINNAMON STICK will be back to normal (if there is such a thing!)
I am busy working on a Valentine Class - will let you know more about that when I get it figured out (big smile)!!  Yes...2011 is going to be a very good and funfilled year!

Monday, January 3, 2011


I made ALOT of progress at the store I "pulled and shoved and lifted and pushed " display pieces from one end of the store to the other (lucky this room is not so big) -cause some pieces found new homes "a few times over" !!  I left with a good feeling that tomorrow when I go in I will be happy with all that I did today.   AND, might even be able to take a few pictures - (laughing right now) as with all the Christmas gone the room does look pretty bare. you know how many times I heard customers say to me that they have "too much stuff" and are downsizing - going for a "simpler look" !  Well - too many times.  But you can bet those same customers will come in and go " look so empty" - think I will tell them this is how their house looks.....(oh no I won't....LOL!!)  (I ate too many candy canes today and must be on a sugar high!!)
I am anxious to show you my "red" velvet hearts...they just say HAPPY VALENTINE'S DAY over and over again and some say "I LOVE YOU" (they are really just plain velvet hearts, but of you listen you can "see" what they are saying)
Til' tomorrow......

Sunday, January 2, 2011


Crazy times right now....the phrase "NEVER ENOUGH THYME" comes to mind....!!  Our son and family are on their way home from Disney and the Outback Bowl game....sadly Penn State lost but young players will only get better and better!  We are babysitting Kassie their Labradoodle - she loves us but you can tell how much she misses all the "excitement" at her house with 4 kids to play with.  Last night we babysat for our daughter over night (four boys) and I am home now (Pop-Pop is with the boys)  to get ready for opening the store today....NOW....
The store is another story....yesterday morning (while we were closed) we added some "track lighting" to the Make-Do Room - the walls are mostly stone with a couple barnwood walls here and there and although this room has three windows - if they are not covered it is way too bright...and covering them makes it too dark.  The track lighting was perfect - shining down on all our ribbons and fabric....Although I really don't like "track lighting" we put them on the old beams and it serves the purpose - Tony likes to remind me this is my "store" and not my "home" - (it's a toss up of where I spend more time) !!!
I took the tree down....was going to let it up as it was just a branch covered in snow.....but change is needed and it is time for the downstairs to move around.  I have Monday and Tuesday to do that....
Hopefully we will open on Wednesday with a whole new look with lots of Valentine's love to share !!!
Have a great Sunday - I am off to the store!