We are now located on the Lower Level in Morgantown Market. A 90 dealer co-op that is just amazing!!
Open every day - 10 am to 5 pm
2940 Main Street, Morgantown, PA 19543

Thursday, December 29, 2011


I have to say I am one of the "best" mess makers....but I am having fun !!  The store is starting to look alittle better - I have all the display pieces where (I think) they should be - sometimes it is hard to make it work with the two large pieces (and counter) that have to stay where they are! (I could move the old gift wrapping display piece but I don't think I could talk Tony into it again - it is huge and heavy)!!
I sold Valentines goodies today...and worked on a Valentine card for our first class of 2012!! My back counter is a serious mess though, I really should spend some time "getting organized"!  One of my New Year's resolutions...(but hey - it ain't New Year's yet - right!!)
I wanted to share pictures of my handsome grandsons and beautiful granddaughters - this is their Christmas cards - each year I transfer the pictures onto muslin and make an ornament for each family  - they are getting quite a good collection now!  My DIL hung all handmade ornies from the kids on their tree this year along with the pillow ornies...It was a really fun "memory" tree!
My daughter and SIL's FOUR boys...
..and my son's and DIL's five!!
I am blessed.....

Tuesday, December 27, 2011


Yesterday Tony and I went antiquing and had a really nice day together.  We haven't done that for quite awhile as he has been working with our son.   Not tons was to be found but we did bring home some prizes!!
Today - oh my - all I can say is it is still Christmas on the outside on Star Road but is all gone!!! I kept looking for more to put away but we had a really nice season and there was not a whole bunch left - so it is asleep for the next 10 months....shhhhhhh !!! 
I am really, really trying to be more organized this coming year - but to look at the store right now...yikes...not so organized!  I must go in early tomorrow and clean up the faux snow I sprinkled everywhere (hindsight) and all the sparkly glitter  (remember those red and silver stars and star garlands...hmmmmm - glitter here and there and everywhere) - of course if you purchased one or two or three you know exactly what I am talking about!  Lucky I am a "fan" of glitter! (and the next holiday is filled with red glitter too) !!
The vacuum is sitting in the middle of the floor...Valentine fabric is waiting to be ironed and displayed...and now I am going to go sew up some hearts - the next six weeks will be filled with lots of LOVE!!

Saturday, December 24, 2011


Joanne - who helps me in the store - went to the store today to pick up a couple things while we were closed....this is her report to me!!!

 It was so funny - when I went in your store - I opened the door and there was dust bunnies flying in the air - millions of them - the sun was coming thru - I thought that was odd since the store was unmanned!  Then I decided to say "Merry Christmas" out loud and they (the dust)  began to twinkle - I swear it! Okay - I'm sure it was just the sun and a car going by but I'm going to believe there was a holiday party going on there and everyone was in a festive mood! 

I'm going to make a true believer of her yet...of the "spirits and fairies" that love THE CINNAMON STICK!!
We are home from our Christmas Eve partying and resting up to do it all over again tomorrow ! 


...cap on my pen last evening readying myself to leave for the night- I felt this sense of melancholy mixed with relief... am I the weirdest storekeeper or what!!!  Sad that the season had come to an end - but relieved that I can move on to start putting all the plans I have for 2012 into motion.
I was closing the store (a bit early) at ten of five - putting the goodies on the porch away - when a car pulled up with a young father and his two young sons - the oldest being 4.  His wife had seen something in the store a day or so ago and he came to get it for her.  I AM SO GRATEFUL THAT I DIDN'T CLOSE EARLY !  Little things like that make Christmas special for me.  ie. - the melancholy that I will miss these special happenings!! 
The relief comes very quickly though as I rushed home to start our own Christmas...closing today was a very good cheese pies are in the oven giving me time to visit here.  Only one more present to wrap and 3 gift baskets to fill and I am done.  Guess what  - Tony and I are going shopping...!!  He is at the bakery picking up the tomato pies and rolls for our Christmas Eve celebration this evening at our son's home.  It is low key  (as much as it can be with 9 little ones TRYING to be good for Santa Claus) - and informal.   We are blessed that we enjoy each others company.   I enjoy the hustle and bustle of Christmas shopping - hope everyone is NICE when we are out there!! (my toaster died and we MUST have toast for hubby in the morning)!!
I am so grateful for all my cyber friends - I wish I could meet everyone of you - best I can do is to wish you the MERRIEST OF CHRISTMAS  and A HEALTHY AND PROSPEROUS NEW YEAR !!
Stay safe my friends,  Judy

Thursday, December 22, 2011

JUST ARRIVED...for the creative souls!!

The new Somerset Life magazine arrived yesterday....what a great issue - filled with lots of inspiration and creative ideas for the beginning of 2012 (you gotta think ahead)!!  I couldn't keep my hands off of it and kept inspecting it between customers. 
  If you are following our blog then you know I am in VALENTINE mode and ready to "redo" the store!  NOT home...just the store !  I get "ants in my pants" and always want to rush the seasons...(where in the world did that expression come from and what does it mean?)  We received the most wonderful Valentine cards for your daughters and granddaughters yesterday...I can't wait to put them out!!
 All the Christmas is 25% off  and you have two more days to shop - we will be closed Saturday, December 24th - and reopen Wednesday, December 28th with our regular hours. 
AND.....for your Christmas gatherings we have the tastiest dips and spreads - you will get compliments galore when serving them...our drawers are stocked and ready for your parties!!

Wednesday, December 21, 2011


Sorry about the delay...but my camera was not working - and then I left it at Vicki's. Picked it up yesterday and can now show you our exchange gifts.
 First - what a great time we had. Vicki's house is ..I don't know how to describe it...It sparkled from the moment you parked the car - the whole outside was lit up with tea lights in jars - along the sidewalk, hanging from the trees...made you wonder how the inside could be more magical - it was !

Vicki's hubby sent me lots of pictures (since my camera was not behaving) and I will post them later on my PT - but for is a couple teasers of Vicki's Christmas house - this is just a "drop in the hat" !!
US!! (Vicki is in the white)
 ..the dining room
 my favorite !!!  I want those metal letters...and the music valance and the white gloves...oh the gloves filled with sparkles!!
from Dianne...
 ...from Brenda - cookie tin filled with the sweetest arrangement of Christmas wishes.
...Cinderella's slipper  -  from Bev - the heel is SOLID BLING!!
 ...from Mona - antique clock face with...
...a vintage paper fan and old corsage
...a paper studded mannequin from Sharon...AND
one from Vicki too.....LOL!!  Great artists think alike !!!
 ...and mine - along with -
three music sheet birds ornies  (idea came from Jill Peterson's "Tis the Season book with James Cramer)
...and Vicki's hostess gift waiting for us on each of our plates - a tiny pin cushion.  The top is a vintage lid to a salt shaker , alittle bling and lace and old hat pins and button! 
the place settings...
..our "place cards" were CHOCOLATE scrabble squares - honest...CHOCOLATE!!!
I am so blessed to have wonderful (and creative) friends...we always have a good time...and I didn't even tell you what we ate yet...!!!! 
Will get the rest of the pictures on my PT - gotta get ready for work...the countdown begins !!!!

Monday, December 19, 2011


My gifts for our exchange this evening  ....all packaged "plain and simple"...

 ..the name tags (or should say the "inital" tags)  (and I swear I did NOT set that up to read BVD!!!)  Made me laugh though!!

Sunday, December 18, 2011


Yeppers it is!!  Reality hitting me smack in the face - it is going to be a very busy week.   All the gifts are "purchased", now to the wrapping and the grocery shopping and the preparing - I KNOW we are all in the same room looking for the door (big smile)...however it is time to lock myself in and stop playing - OH NO!! not yet - I have the "gift exchange" with my friends tomorrow night.  All these gals are professionals who work full time jobs so I know I am not the only one "squirming" right now.....(except Vicki - Miss Organization to the max - remember pics of her studio from last year!! I need some lessons from her))!!  I have figured out the wrapping (plain and simple was the way to go) - I have yet to do that.  I will head to the store early this morning and get started !! 
The store still has some great Christmas and gift goodies for you but it is looking quite different than it did the beginning of the month.  To be honest I am "ready" to redo the whole store.    I have Valentines on my mind and am anxious to get working on them ( thing at a time Judy, one thing at a time)!!  We are also going to "redo" the upstairs (seems I do this every January)...Our Make-Do room has outgrown itself and I have to firgure just how I can make more room when there is NO more room to make...(but  I CAN do it - grinning)!
Wishing a week of "merriment" to everyone reading this!!!! XO
Flash card Garlands - by Vicki Schubert
Winter Wonderland wallhanging - hand stitched by Terri Leamer

Thursday, December 15, 2011

ME OH MY.....

Look what arrived at the store this morning !!! Four of them !!!
My dear friend Lorraine Filmore, Lancaster, PA makes these snowman heads using paper mache over a styro foam ball, fastens them on a canning jar lid and hand paints them !!!  You can fill the jars with candy (yummy M & M's look so pretty)  - what a nice decoration or even a better gift for someone special.....$15.

I finished my shopping this evening and now the wrapping - also finished my Christmas Exchange gifts today....whew!!  Haven't a clue how I am going to wrap them....that sort of has become a "BIG" deal....the way they are wrapped...sigh!!!  Might just have to go for the old "brown paper bag" wrapping....(but I am sure I can "fancy that up)!!!

I am starting something new for January - (well it is not really new - new) and will only be available to pick up at the store.  Years ago I wrote a little newsletter called THE CINNAMON THYMES - and I am bringing that back to the store but not doing any mailings. (so please do not ask - just not enough time) The NEW newsletter will be called "SPRINKLES" -partly because of the "sprinkles" I add to the customers purchases and partly because it will be "sprinkled" with all kinds of newsy stuff !  I am excited to do this again and hope those who come to the store enjoy reading it.   It will be published monthly instead of bi-monthly like before!
Just another "gimmick" to get you to visit the store!!! (but worth the visit - big Christmasy grin)!!!

Tuesday, December 13, 2011


What a "fruitful" day...finished up the HARD part of my Christmas exchange with the girls - (that was a biggy) and just have to add the "finishing" touches, decide HOW to wrap them, and make my tags (and I have till next Monday woohooo!!!)
Got all but two of the grands finished - and will do that tomorrow after work...nothing wrapped but that won't be hard (although I make a mess when wrapping) LOL!!
Still have Tony to buy for but I am letting him pick it out - SO - HURRAH FOR ME!!

This is what we will be serving tomorrow at the store -
 CRANBERRY HERBAL DIP MIX from Castle Creek Farms...located in Dillsburg, PA.  This package makes "3" separate servings and is the most popular for the holidays!!  Lots of cransberries already included and by adding some cream cheese, pecans and orange juice it is quite the "gourmet" spread !!
Crouthandel's Sweet Pepper Mix - adding cream cheese and alittle sour cream...oh my!!  This is a year round favorite!!
...of course you have all these to choose from....all our dips/spreads are top of the line delicious!!!

Sunday, December 11, 2011

OH CHRISTMAS TREE....OH CHRISTMAS TREE.... beautiful your branches of paper curls are!! got alittle tipsy there....
 ...nice and clean ready to go...!!
 ...nice and messy creativity at work!!

...Leen making sure her tree sits nice and straight on the glittery tree stand!!

 ...Jim - making a tree for Laura (his daughter) as she couldn't come...what a great sport and I must add...his creativity was awesome!! (the white wire is from the cord coming from ceiling where we have outlets for the glue huh!!)
Mom and Daughter - Cathie and Sara - very happy with their trees....who wouldn't be - they are perfect!
Patti...(Jim's wife) made a very curly tree...(I think she loved it)!!  I did!!
..then on to the "gift tags"...Beth is so creative and I love when she comes to classes...I always learn something new to add to my tags!!
Debbie...and she said she wasn't crafty...oh my!!  Her creations were way way way great!!! (look at that concentration)!!
 Leen and Beth deciding what trim to use...
...some finshed tags.. (decorated on both sides!!)
...Michelle will be happy I only have her hands in this pictures....she is my "groupie"...(Love you Michelle)!!!
What a fun class yesterday...honestly...I wish I could come up with more classes as I enjoy so much creating with others! 
I was busy making a tree too and didn't take pictures of all the trees finished....(sad about that) because the "forest of trees" was just beautiful !!  Thank you girls for a fun afternoon !!

Friday, December 9, 2011


It just isn't Christmas without Poinsettia's placed here and there thru-out your home (or store)...what a bright "hello" they greet me with each morning - and placed in our "Fernery" they really "sparkle" !! (I suppose I should put a price on the "fernery" as I haven't done so yet).   It always come in handy for something to display - like the 10 pounds of Christmas potpourri we sold, or a bushel of "sprigs" - and now to showcase our Christmas Poinsettia's !!
Across from the fernery is this wonderful olde pressed back chair...looking very prim in it's rather unique gold paint - Santa seems to like it!!
..and hanging above the fernery is this wooden spoke wheel with hard rubber around the rim...(we have two of them) and are not sure what they came off of.   They were held together with a metal rod - and pretty far apart - Tony (after much work) was able to separate them and wire them to hang - great to display herbs, kitchen utensils or make your very own "prim" mobile !!  We are showcasing Terri Leamer's handmade stockings that she made using our toweling fabric from French General - pretty cool !!
"tis the season to be "jolly"....hope you ALL have your "jolly" on !!

***Here you go Joanne and Connie (boy was I sweating that one out... (big smile) since I have been know to "make-up words - however.....)

Definition of FERNERY

1: a place or stand where ferns grow

2: a collection of growing ferns

Wednesday, December 7, 2011


This is just toooooo cute is an ugly rainy day here in PA but you can always find some JOY!!!
Click on this....XOXO, Judy

AND - this is how it was done....

Monday, December 5, 2011


The weekend of our Sleigh Ride Event was just plain old country "FUN"...lots of new customers (and really that is what it is all about) - and they were in the party mood  (well most of them) and ready to find great new items to purchase.
The camera sat on my back counter most of the day as Joanne and I were just busy talking and wrapping and explaining where other stores were (four stores participate in this event)!  The "Hot Pockets" seem to go over real big and new customers were amazed that we go to all the work - well...of course we do - it is our thank you for coming!  I love to entertain - especially at the store!!
Here is a picture of Joanne and Tony hamming it up while I was inside working real hard...(big smile)!!

Truth is we were "starving" and Joanne went to get us some popcorn!!

The set-up...before 10 am..
Tony getting the popcorn popping!!  (he makes the bestest popcorn!!)
 Marshmellows in the shape of little snowmen...for the hot cocoa!!
Hungry happy they enjoy!! of my favorites...Carolyn...always happy and always supports us!! XOXO Carolyn

I think they were enjoying our goodies!!
In the post with the snow...same mom and daughters here...sweet family...beautiful girls!
YES - it was this nice but no wind and the sun was shining brightly all day!!!
I'm ready to do it all over again....!!!  MERRY CHRISTMAS...