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Sunday, December 26, 2010


Here are pics of the room I am taking apart and none of this will be back in this room - well maybe a cupboard and the old Singer treadle table and the shelves on top of it....but that is all !
 Looking in from the doorway (this is a small room on the left of a larger room that you walk into when coming up the stairs)
Walking in and turning left ...a barn wood wall that I can hang stuff on...
...the right of this picture is the wall facing the back parking lot... has two windows  and the wall is all stone  (hard to hang on there...:)
 This is the wall to the right of the doorway (barn wood - yeah...I can hang stuff on it)  - must not have gotten a picture of the far wall but you can see it in the first picture - also stone with a window.
 ...and looking back out the door way !!  It is a small room but I think what we want to do in here it will be just the right size.

It looks COMPLETELY different now.....Tony and I emptied the room - can't wait to show you the new "MAKE-DO ROOM"  (of course in doing that EVERYTHING ELSE HAS TO BE COMPLETELY REDONE TOO!!!!) 
I love changing things around and so far what I visioned is turning out....(well a few little "it's" had to be tweaked but nothing major YET) !!!
(it is snowing here and I am not happy about that - it could be a major storm and that will just stop me in my tracks and I am on such a roll - sigh)


Cathie said...

Hey Judy,
I can't wait to see your finished 'Make-Do' Room. It sounds exciting but must have been lots of work.
I hope you had a wonderful Christmas with your family. I love the pics of all the grandbabies.
Is it true that 'goodies' eaten during the holidays have no calories? Boy, I really hope that's true or else I'll never fit in your doorway!
Hugs to you and Tony.

Ginny said...

Can't wait to see the room. Les and I are thinking of checking out Milkhouse Antiques this week, if we do and have time we will swing in. I will drop off some cards for up coming shows if you don't mind having them.LOL It's been snowing here since 1:00 we have 2 inches so far.

moosecraft said...

You really are on a roll! I remember that room... lots of goodies to be moved out of there. Can't believe you managed to get the new stuff in there already! Looking forward to seeing it! I hope you fared better than we did with the storm... looks like 2 ft. here with bigger snow drifts! UGH!

Holly Hills Primitives said...

What a great idea Judy! (Of course, you always come up with the best!) I want to do some changes too, trying to brainstorm and see what I come up with. Have fun "tweeking" you new room, Dawn

Kathy (woolfind) said...

You and your energy.. You amaze me! The room is going to be great. Hope to stop out there next time I'm out to visit Joanne to see it!

Kathy (woolfind) said...
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Karen/My Colonial Home said...

Morning Judy,
I love surprises!
Even at home if you change something around it leads to other things needing changing.
Can't wait to see your vision.


Joanne said...

If I know you are you are going to have that run set up like it's been there forever by Wednesday! You go girl!

Kitty said...

Can't wait to see all the goodies in the room when it's stocked!