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Monday, December 20, 2010


Thought I would share a picture of my antique goose feather has lost it's top branch (so Tony made me a star - many years ago) and the composition berries are almost all gone - but it still adds lots of JOY to our kitchen windowsill.  This year I decided to dress it in lots of the little Santa's that I have collected...most of these are from the early 80's...all are hand made and some by a friend who has passed on.  I cherish every folkart piece I have from her.
I have to admit to being "decorated out" and haven't really decorated much - my visions are redoing the store next week - I am one of those...when Christmas is over it is OVER...I so enjoy the build-up, the shopping and even the wrapping - (which didn't get done today for reasons beyond my control) No Paper...No Car...tomorrow is another day...not panicking yet...(big smile)!!!


Penny said...

Love your little feather tree -- it looks wonderful! I can imagine you are decorated out -- you have been one busy lady in that store of your's!
I am much like you -- when Christmas is over I do not want to see Santas! I have to redo things -- and I put out more snowmen where the Santas once were. And then I quickly move on to the next holiday!
Merry Christmas!!

ctlogcabin said...

Judy ~~ Love your little kitchen tree, its adorable and I love your deep wide window wells. Thanks for letting us inside with you. I'm with you too ... love all "my Christmas stuff" out before and early but when its over it all goes away very quickly. Hope the wrapping goes off with out a hitch tomorrow. Merry ~ Merry My Friend xox

Joanne said...

Oh Judy love that tree and your display - would love to have windows like that - like the idea of that shutter hanging there also (oh and you know how i feel about the color! LOL) You have a few more days to get done whatever needs to be done and if it doesn't, well it's the thought that counts!

Judy said...

LOL Joanne..there is a shutter on the other side too....and shutters on the other kitchen window. We put them up when we moved in (40 yers in June -yikes!!)...they have been brown, red, green, and back to red...POMEGRANTE is the real color...(I love color)!!!

Cathie said...

Ohhh Judy,
I love the deep windowsills in your kitchen with the shutters. Thanks for sharing pics of your home...maybe more pics are coming??? I love to see how others decorate. Your store pics are always wonderful so I'm sure your home is too.
Merry Christmas to you and Tony. Enjoy your family celebrations!!
XOXO Cathie