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Wednesday, December 1, 2010

DECEMBER 1, 2010

Hard to believe this year has only 30 more days in it !!  I just got use to writing 2010 - and soon that will change....(sigh!)  
It rained most of the day today...horrid winds and sidewards rain - gives me a chill just thinking about it.  The evergreens were blowing all over the parking lot - the OPEN flags had to be taken down in fear of "spearing" someone - but the twinkle lights, inside and out, gave a warm, cozy feeling to the store.  I made some warm orange tea for customers and served some Christmas cookies (Archway was the baker) !  Nice friendly talks with those that braved the weather.
I spent most of the day making messes...(I am great at that)...preparing for our Sleigh Ride this weekend.  I started to think about Valentine's Day and quickly dismissed that from my mind....I have to-do lists as long as my arm...with wish lists even longer...but my reality is slowly creeping up on me making me realize that I either have to "shorten" my lists or clone oneself!  YIKES!!  Can you imagine two of me....LOL!!!
Finally Tony took the cornstalks down (pumpkins are stilled lined up though)....hopefully the weather will let him put the spotlights and wreaths up whole neighborhood looks beautiful and then US with nothing shiny or bright outside....(I always have candles in each window so that doesn't count) !
Cheerful new items....
Horace Twinkletoes -- an elf in training!  $29.

Rughooked snowball ornie - $8.

Christmas applique by Terri Leamer...this is so beautiful....colors are amazing and so is the workmanship!

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ctlogcabin said...

Morning Judy ~~ I've been up since way too early ... checking off a few things on my list, and making new lists. It is amazing that it all gets done .. or at least the very most important things get done. Hope the weather is better today for I have swags & wreaths to rescue from all parts of the lawn. Love the hooked ornies so sweet.
Have a Merry Day !! Big Hugs Connie xox