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Thursday, December 9, 2010


I really do love to go "blog hopping" and can lose so many "minutes" (meant to type hours) !!! (big smile) when I get on a roll.....and I find the neatest ideas when I do.....sadly though, my computer will not let me open some blogs that I would visit all the time and some new ones....a friend told me she thought it was the 'BACKGROUNDS" that everyone is downloading on their blogs.....some that I couldn't get into I now can and others I can't (frowning) !!  I suppose it is the protection programs I have on my computer - so if you don't get a "comment" from me - know that I just can't get to read but I will KEEP TRYING! 
Does anyone else have this trouble????


Linda ★ Parker's Paradise said...

Not on my end. I am able to access everyone, though I sometimes find myself unable to comment.
Please consider losing the word verification to make your posts more blogger-friendly by making commenting easier. You can always employ the owner approval. I am on a mission to make blogs more reader friendly, enabling us to read more and leave more comments! Thanks!

nkuelbs said...

I love your little rug hooked snowmen ornies - do you still have any available?

Wendy @ Ravenwood Whimzies said...

No problems here either. I did try to become a follower on one, and it came up with some error...maybe Blogger is having problems.

Love the snowman ornie! Too cute.

Calico Rabbit said...

I do have some problems with blogs that have "Extensive" artistic backgrounds. I usually have no problems but there are some blogs that are so heavy with graphics they just don't load. and I have RR!

Also, I am not a big fan of music on blogs. Really limits how many windows I can have open. I usually mute my computer when reading blogs.


Michelle said...

I love this subject! I used to have problems opening some blogs until my son kindly purchased a new computer for my birthday. I guess it couldn't keep up with all the graphics, now I'm fine. I actually can't stand the music feature some people incorporate,if you want to go back a few pages and catch up, it keeps restarting the same song,(drives me crazy). I have had a lot of problems with spam so I have the word verif., but as Linda suggests maybe I will change that!

moosecraft said...

Hi Judy!!!! Some blogs take longer than others to load... so I'm thinking it just might be the fancy backgrounds... as well as other gadgets (video widgets and such) that might be activating your virus protection software.... I have fun visiting your blog and hope to be visiting your shop on the 23rd! You going to be there? As long as it's not snowing... I'm taking the day off to have fun in the country!!!!

Traci said...

I have had a problem with opening blogs only a time or two. I just took the music player off my blog. The part I didn't like is when you had more than one blog open at a time, you found yourself listening to two different players....Blessings, Traci

Jean @ Prim Crafts said...

Hi Judy,
I have a new computer (well about 7 months old now) and I still have problems with some blogs opening. I think it's because of all the graphics on them and the music players. I use google reader to visit all the posts and then try to access their site if I want to leave a post. If it doesnt open them I just click on like button at the bottom of google reader. Then I feel better atleast they know someone visited.

The Primitive Heart said...

Hi Judy, whenever I have a problem with my blog, I go to the help section on Blogger and I usually can find a solution.
Happy Holidays!