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Wednesday, November 3, 2010

IT'S READY.....and I am very excited...

Oh there is some tweeking to do.....I put the "fake" snow here and there and then turned on the vacuum guessed I need to do some sprinkling in the morning (big smile)!   Terri was the last artist to bring her goodies in today and they still have to be priced and displayed (except for her velvet angels - Miss Merry N. Bright )- OMG I am so keeping one of them! 
I took lots of pictures but the store never looks very good in pics but will show some anyway......FIRST  though. ....when I went in this morning, look what these little pranksters were doing - they must have been playing all night cause they were certainly very quiet all day!  Musical Chairs!!!

Glittered rosehips Winterberry scoop yourself....wonderful!!!!

Rug hooked snowballs!

..beautiful mercury glass ornaments
...more ornaments!

The tree......really pretty in person...

...filled with birds and icicles

Lots of "Christmas decorating "aids" for you ...


...snowmen - big, little, fat and jolly!!

Ready for the goodies -
Christmas Punch
Russian Tea Cakes
Chocolate Chip Cookies
Chocolate Fudge
Herbal Cranberry Dip w/crackers

...yet to be priced and displayed!


basketsnprims said...

everything looks gorgeous!

The Brickhouse said...

Awesome...looks so nice! I want to come and Shop!

Connie said...

I haven't posted on your blog before Judy. Your store looks amazing and I wished I could come for a visit. I love the first pictures with the doll/chairs - my mind works like that and I would have expressed the same thoughts. LOL

Pots 'n Prims said...

Oh Dear Friend! How I *W*I*S*H* I could be there!! Everything looks wonderful ~ hope it's the best one ever!! Hope to catch up soon!

Joanne said...

Pics look great but like you said it's wonderful in person! Wow you did so much work! Weeee let the fun begin tomorrow!

Holly Hills Primitives said...

WOO HOO! I'm done too! Your shop looks exceptionally great, I see so many things I would like to have. One of these days... Have a super, great day, Dawn

moosecraft said...

OMG! My eyes are buggin out of my head and I'm dancin' in my PJ's this morning!!!!! You're shop looks SOOOOOOOOO dreamy!!! I hafta make some time to get out there on a weekend sometime soon!!! Love those snowmen holding the red wreaths!!! Methinks I hafta have one of those!

gail said...

soooooooooo much work! you did a wonderful job! have fun!

Ginny said...

Beautiful job Judy. The store looks great, I'm sure that I will be in soon. For my sake hope everything is not sold. For you, I wish BIG SALES!!

Mammy said...

I'm feeling the "merriment" all the way to Oklahoma. So wish I could come and scoop my ow potpourri. Shop looks beautiful.....

Crow's Nest Primitive Shoppe said...

Your Shop looks Great!! Love all your special touches~ Sending you lots of Positive Energy :)