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Monday, November 15, 2010


Lately I have had some "crap" coming my way....real negativity that is sometimes hard to chase away....however I received this email this evening and it makes me KNOW I am just where I am suppose to be doing just what I am suppose to be doing.  Timing is so important and Sherry was right on time with her email...

Judy, When we were in your shop recently, and I saw the cloth dressmaker doll, I knew immediately that I had to have it. She soon took up residence in my workroom. I put minimal decorations on her; Jim said that she needed a heart. It wasn't until today that the full meaning of my selection hit me. Just before my two hand surgeries a friend asked if I knew the fairy tale "Handless Maiden." Through 7 months of recuperation, I was unable to pursue my usual creative outlets...all needed two hands. Little by little, I began to understand/ experience the dependency, helplessness, and creative blocks central to this fairy tale. It is literally a story about not being able to reach for what you need. So, now I understand that I was responding to this very long experience on a level not present to my awareness at the time. Now she stands, silent reminder of my fundamental creative needs, no face to identify her, only a few adornments to indicate she is ready to create once she has her hands back. Wow!! Hope you don't think that I have left the trolley track. She is now named MaryMartha and has a safe and loved place in my home.

Once again I must remark on the looks/atmosphere of your shop for Christmas. You have really captured this romantic's heart. Have a very blessed holiday season. See you in the spring. Sherry

Life is good.....


Holly Hills Primitives said...

Don't you ever let people's negative words or feelings ruin what you love. Your shop is wonderful, I just hope I can visit one day. You are my inspiration! Dawn

ctlogcabin said...

Judy ... What a Beautiful note !! Like
I told you last we talked Love Ya !!
Sending Big Warm Fuzzy (((Hugs)) xox

honeycreekprims said...

The lady who sent you the email has character. She was taught to say "thank you" and we all need to be reminded of this from time to time. ....and when we remember to do it, it feels good. Save it and when you read it years from now, you'll still get that warm feeling of knowing someone appreciated your efforts and creativity.

Carmen at Primcatshouse said...

You are blessed even when you don't know it. ♥♥

Carmen and the Primcats