We are now located on the Lower Level in Morgantown Market. A 90 dealer co-op that is just amazing!!
Open every day - 10 am to 5 pm
2940 Main Street, Morgantown, PA 19543

Tuesday, November 30, 2010


...CAUSE it was a "fun" shopping day!!  Which made TUESDAY a very busy workday!  Today I unloaded all the goodies from the van and carried everything to the basement of the store....unboxed and unwrapped lots of new items to start December with a store filled with wonderful new treasures!!!  I finally was able to get the rusty Seraphim angels  (in 3 sizes)...
 ....and the glittered rosehips are back.....we sold out of these and I didn't think I could get more - but here they are....oh so Christmasy!!
 ...and something new (for me anyway)....this window wreath and taper holder.....I am in LOVE with these!!  There is a hook at the top to hang a wreath on - perfect for all the time display!!!
 ....and tin angel stakes....with a pocket to fill with evergreens etc...- I filled this one with angel vine and a wooden candy cane!
There is lots more - so hopefully you will come out this weekend...Friday, Saturday or Sunday for our 5th Annual Sleigh Ride (pretend of course) thru Zionsville and Hereford....details are on our picture trail (click on the snowmen on sidebar) !!   I am just filled to the brim with Christmas spirit  - "I've got "spirit - how about you!!!

Sunday, November 28, 2010


Hey ...just found out that three of these guys will be arriving this coming Thursday, December 2nd.....oh what fun!!   Our Frosty has been quite lonely for such a long time and will just be so surprised when  a couple of his "cousins" pay him a visit....they will be here looking for new homes!   Our Frosty is 5 feet tall, made of tin roofing, handcut, handpainted and sealed !  He has been with us for a very long time and now the "creators" have 3 more for us to find new homes for.    Not exactly sure yet what side of the family these "cousins" resemble but I am sure they will be just adorable.
...there must have been some magic in that old top hat we found.....(always alittle "magic" happening at THE CINNAMON STICK)!!!


...these past few days have been.   Thank you to everyone who came to THE CINNAMON STICK to find some goodies to take home.   We have been at our present location for 11 years and I do believe this is the best "Black Friday" weekend we have ever enjoyed.   Tony and I worked very hard to find the best country wares and decor items we could find at the most reasonable price.   I overheard one of the customers Friday say (about what she was purchasing).."Affordable Quality"....I loved hearing that. (big smile) !!
We have a great selection available of Christmas decor and home goods in the store so you have lots to choose from.   New items are arriving next Wednesday to replace those that sold out - so be sure to stop in often - you never know what treasures you will find.

Our Thanksgiving was very nice, shared with family and in-laws....and all those grandkids....and a BIG announcement was made by Blakely (my son's 6 year old)...she said I have a secret.....MY MOM IS PREGNANT....!!!!!  Oh my - their # 5 will be here in July  -  and our total to 12 !!!  the more the merrier!!!
...the "secret" teller !!!

Wednesday, November 24, 2010


This morning great new treasures came in from Terri, Vicki and Brenda......I didn't get pictures of all the goodies but here are a few to tempt you!!! 
 Paper Trees by Vicki... come in a package of three on old wooden spools!

 Brenda's famous SNOW BOTTLES...
 Brenda's vintage bobbin with trees, angel and snowballs...lots of ephemera and detail !!!
 Vicki's paper angel sitting on a decorated Xmas ball with "angel" feathers...and lots and lots of detail!!

 We sold out of Brenda's vintage Santa boot but she was able to make us three more....
 Wool Angel by Terri Leamer with a rug hooked face..aged music wings and a sprinkling of glitter!!
More from Terri...."simple angels"  Terri uses the most unique fabrics and ages them to perfection!

Hope we have enticed  you to visit the store this weekend....  Our wreaths arrived and are wonderful....we are now taking orders for them.

Tuesday, November 23, 2010


I am  excited....starting tomorrow we will have "fresh blue spruce wreaths" for sale.... 12 in. and 16 in.....
They are beautiful and handmade by a local teenager - She keeps them "plain and simple"...a few twigs and some boxwood...a pinecone or two...I will take pics tomorrow when she delivers them!! 
NOW...if only I could get some "real" mistletoe -

...just so you know...
Along with the Christmas holly, laurel, rosemary, yews, boxwood bushes and, of course, the Christmas tree, mistletoe is an evergreen displayed during the Christmas season and symbolic of the eventual rebirth of vegetation that will occur in spring. But perhaps more than any other of the Christmas evergreens, it is a plant of which we are conscious only during the holidays. One day we're kissing under the mistletoe, and next day we've forgotten all about it (the plant, that is, not the kisses).

Monday, November 22, 2010


...and it wasn't much fun at first!!   I went "me" shopping and when you are a ...hmmmm let's say "full-figured" gal - you try on 80 pairs of jeans before you find a pair that lets you breathe and not trip over the length !!!  Today I found 2 pairs...woohoo for me.   Then I was on a all started because Tony made the comment to me this morning - "if we had a fire and you had to run outside in your pj's and people saw you".....okay....I will admit...I had on tops and bottoms that didn't match and a safety pin was keeping the top closed......BUT THEY ARE SO COMFY TO SLEEP IN !!!   So pj shopping it was - (wouldn't want to embarrass him ) !!!  It ended up costing  alot of money though ....LOL!!  As I kept finding lots of cool tops, along with the jeans and YES some pj's !!
Made a quick stop at Michael's as it is near the mall ( I really really dislike mall shopping)...and found a cool new punch of a candy cane....then of course I had to find red and white striped paper....and the only one I could find was in a whole book for $ I had to have it and only one coupon...I have no patience to wait till the next day to use another coupon...oh well....I am going to go punch candy canes and fill everyone's bag with them this weekend...I am a candy cane collector ( and eater).....did I mention that before??
More shopping tomorrow, but this time for holiday food - lots of measuring, mixing, and baking going on around here soon....I have so many lists to look at!!.....(big smile)
Good wishes that your shopping, baking, cooking goes as easy as 1-2-3 ~~~~~
Cardinal by Dianne Galloway...only at THE CINNAMON STICK!

Saturday, November 20, 2010


Today we had our second tree class....and another great group of gals went home with a WOOL FEATHER TREE in hand!!  It is hard to explain how much fun the class is....Joanne, our teacher, is so easy going and nothing "ruffles her feathers" - and just when you think you CAN'T do it...(the glueing and twirling) figure it out and there is no stopping anyone!  Watching  pieces of wire become branches and then a completed tree....pretty cool!!!
Here are some pics of today's class -
One of Joanne's trees done in red/white checked fabric.....

Two of the girls taking this class have been customers of mine from when our store was "Doyle's Country Porch" which was in our home for 7 years while my babies were growing up !!!.....(I like to brag about that - makes my heart sing so many customers have supported Tony and I from the very beginning)!!! 
There are lots of smiles when those strips of wool become a tree....!!! 
Tony, again, manned the store and poor guy got a bit "slaughtered" at times - so I had to help and didn't get all the pictures I wanted too....but posted more on our picturetrail -  -
Now I am off to rest....can you believe Thanksgiving is in 5 days?????

Thursday, November 18, 2010


Tony found this old tin  _______??? at the market a couple weeks ago.   He cleaned it up (yes it is clean) and we tried and tried to find out exactly what it was used for before we put it out for sale.  NO LUCK!!
The man he purchased it from told him it was used to "wash" dishes....that does make some sense - maybe - alittle bit - hmmmmmmmm?????
No is a really cool piece and would look perfect in your home doing something!!!
All one piece and the bucket part is solid.

I can see old lye soap draining here....

Utensils in here?????

...and something very Christmasy to hang on your door......

Tuesday, November 16, 2010


For the past two weeks I have been making pillows and selling them before I was able to take any pictures....this one seems to be the most popular....

...very simply made of white wool (front and back) with a snowman (in exact same wool) handsewn to the pillow.  For some reason I really liked the simplicity of it. 
It is quite damp and foggy here this morning so I am off to the store to see what kind of messes I can get into....All the Christmas tags sold and since I leave all the "glitter" etc. at the store I think I will go play and make some more!!!

Monday, November 15, 2010


Lately I have had some "crap" coming my way....real negativity that is sometimes hard to chase away....however I received this email this evening and it makes me KNOW I am just where I am suppose to be doing just what I am suppose to be doing.  Timing is so important and Sherry was right on time with her email...

Judy, When we were in your shop recently, and I saw the cloth dressmaker doll, I knew immediately that I had to have it. She soon took up residence in my workroom. I put minimal decorations on her; Jim said that she needed a heart. It wasn't until today that the full meaning of my selection hit me. Just before my two hand surgeries a friend asked if I knew the fairy tale "Handless Maiden." Through 7 months of recuperation, I was unable to pursue my usual creative outlets...all needed two hands. Little by little, I began to understand/ experience the dependency, helplessness, and creative blocks central to this fairy tale. It is literally a story about not being able to reach for what you need. So, now I understand that I was responding to this very long experience on a level not present to my awareness at the time. Now she stands, silent reminder of my fundamental creative needs, no face to identify her, only a few adornments to indicate she is ready to create once she has her hands back. Wow!! Hope you don't think that I have left the trolley track. She is now named MaryMartha and has a safe and loved place in my home.

Once again I must remark on the looks/atmosphere of your shop for Christmas. You have really captured this romantic's heart. Have a very blessed holiday season. See you in the spring. Sherry

Life is good.....

Saturday, November 13, 2010


Glad there is NO law on having too much fun cause I would be in jail all the time!!  The Cinnamon Stick was the place to be this day to learn how to make a Wool Feather Tree.  Eleven gals joined the fun and Joanne was a excellent, patient and funny teacher!  She put everyone at ease right away and made everyone believe they would leave with a finished tree - and they did !!  I was up and down as the store was pretty busy and Tony was manning it.....(I just have to keep an eye on him as he likes to give things away) (big smile).....I don't mean free....things that I DON'T WANT TO SELL !!!
 At times the work tables looked like a pile of wool and wire and sticky stuff!!!  THEN all of a sudden I was looking around and one by one finished trees were sprouting up all over !!!   AMAZING !!  I am posting a few pics but you can go to our picturetrial by clicking on the snowmen on the sidebar and I will have ALL the pictures there with explanations of what they are doing...

Joanne letting the girls pick the wool they wanted to use...

.....the hardest part is almost done here

...alittle instruction goes a long way
,,,,one on one  (or two on two) instruction


TA DA....sisters showing off !!!!

Friday, November 12, 2010


Yegads....this week is a bit of a blur !!  I had much on my plate as Monday and Tuesday (my weekend) I didn't have a car (inspection and some needed work-drats!) and had two little Grandboys home from school with a stomach virus  (and the Nanny in Europe) - so guess where I was!!!  I have been playing "catch-up" the rest of the week...(big sigh)...finally I am ready for our very FIRST Wool Feather Tree Class.   The class is filled to the brim and I had some rearranging of tables etc. to give everyone a comfy seat.  The classes are in our attic.....very bright and cozy but the ceiling is slanted so that makes for some ingenious set-ups!   Joanne McIllmurray (  ) will teach this class and I am so anxious to see every one's results.   I have been playing with making some little ornies for the tree and this will be an added "bonus" for the classmates.....I think everyone will have a great time. 

New items have come into the store and out of the store before I could post pictures.   I have reordered some items that are sold out and am "politely" asking our artists to work faster.....(big smile) !!  I LOVE CHRISTMAS!!
Here are a few pics of what is available....
Christmas  Fairy in a Teacup by Brenda Bobbin

Juniper wreath

Candy Cane battery tapers

Let It Snow garlands...made like the old flash cards with vintage ribbon and tiny Christmas balls by Vicki Schubert
I will post more pics soon....have a great weekend....go CHRISTMAS SHOPPING!!!

Monday, November 8, 2010


First week of "Merriment" has gone by and as a retailer things are looking UP - that is such good news for those of us who have been struggling in this economy.   Not one customer complained about starting Christmas so early...I think everyone was ready for some "jolly" !!   The weather turned cold with frosty mornings that helped set the mood.  The Christmas music does wonders for one's soul - as everyone hums along without even thinking about it or notices who might be listening.   Maybe it is that Thanksgiving is in November and we look back and see that we have lots to be thankful for.  
Lots of "NEW" Christmas arrived this much fun for me!!!
Santa holding an "antique" ornament

...penny rug CHRISTMAS wallhanging..(all handstitched)

Christmas mouse with stocking

....not a creature was stirring, not even a mouse!!

...vintage bottle dressed for Christmas

...many beautiful bottles for sale

and sweet "snow" fellows to tuck here and there.

Thursday, November 4, 2010


Rained today..and very hard at times, but that did not stop the "galent" souls that just had to be at our open house first day!!  You guys make me smile...put a song in my heart...and make all the aches and pains go away !!  It was a a great beginning.   I didn't get any pictures....(sad face) but will take some tomorrow as Vicki brought in new treasures today and I had some goodies that didn't get displayed (for lack of room)....but there is room now....(BIG happy smile!)!!
Coming home I pass a church with a sign that read - "Did you thank God today?"....thank you God, again, for blessing me with a life filled with joy,  a wonderful family and the bestest friends!!!  For making it possible for me to do what I love and keep my head above water - for the joy of watching customers find a special "something" that makes their hearts sing....GRATITUDE fills my soul. 
...AND Miss Connie  - - it is always so much better to get that "real" hug from you...!!!
What a great surprise today!

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

IT'S READY.....and I am very excited...

Oh there is some tweeking to do.....I put the "fake" snow here and there and then turned on the vacuum guessed I need to do some sprinkling in the morning (big smile)!   Terri was the last artist to bring her goodies in today and they still have to be priced and displayed (except for her velvet angels - Miss Merry N. Bright )- OMG I am so keeping one of them! 
I took lots of pictures but the store never looks very good in pics but will show some anyway......FIRST  though. ....when I went in this morning, look what these little pranksters were doing - they must have been playing all night cause they were certainly very quiet all day!  Musical Chairs!!!

Glittered rosehips Winterberry scoop yourself....wonderful!!!!

Rug hooked snowballs!

..beautiful mercury glass ornaments
...more ornaments!

The tree......really pretty in person...

...filled with birds and icicles

Lots of "Christmas decorating "aids" for you ...


...snowmen - big, little, fat and jolly!!

Ready for the goodies -
Christmas Punch
Russian Tea Cakes
Chocolate Chip Cookies
Chocolate Fudge
Herbal Cranberry Dip w/crackers

...yet to be priced and displayed!