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Monday, October 4, 2010


Thank goodness my WORK is play....well not ALL play - !!  There is much to do to prepare for our Witch's Nite Out....mostly last minute stuff...but I need to have everything ready when it is time to set up....I am very anal (and sometimes ridiculous) about this.  I was a GOOD Girl Scout and always want to be prepared!!
It is chilly and rainy here today...56 degrees is the high ...(that's what I get for complaining all summer) However Friday is suppose to a high of 70 and a cool Autumn evening - PERFECT WITCHY WEATHER!!
I think we will have more "Warlocks" coming our way this Friday night so I had to come up with a "gift" for the men who come to the store this evening (a thank you for letting their sweet "witches" shop with us all year)!   That is what I am working on this morning.  
I still have to "finish" my exchange gift - almost done...just the last minute stuff and of course the "packaging" must be special cause it is half the fun....???????...still not sure what that will be...yi yi yi !
I ran into two of the exchange girls at the flea market yesterday morning (by the way- we found some really great stuff for you) and they are as excited as I am - I will take lots of pictures and post them here and there.
Hope you will join us this Friday.... Warlock hard at work !
...pretty witches !!


ctlogcabin said...

Judy ~~ Love reading all you have planned .... so wish I could be there. Love seeing all the pics of the Goode Witches you have very creative Ladies that shop with you.
Big Hugs ~~ xox

Karen/My Colonial Home said...

Oh my you do have fun don't you....good for you...anyone's work should be fun!

moosecraft said...

Sometimes all a Warlock needs is a bowl of chili and some flannel pajama pants for a Halloween thank you! :-) Sounds like Friday will be lots of fun!

THE SPICE CUPBOARD said... did you know I have a big pot of Chili simmering on the stove right now for Friday night??? Oh I know...cause you are a "goode witch" - Joanne told me so!!

moosecraft said...
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moosecraft said...

:-) Actually... I have a very keen sense of smell! LOL!