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Wednesday, October 27, 2010


Lucky for me that I kept them the air conditioning....YES it was that warm today !!!  (not complaining...helps with the heat bill) !!
I am truly in the Christmas Spirit....counting the days till I can depart with the orange and black and start sprinkling the snow on the counter tops!!   Of course I am NOT near ready....but somehow figure it will all come together.
With Tony having shoulder problems I can't decorate the porches like I wanted too so that is another project I have to "think" about....(he can't raise his arms to wrap the porch posts with evergreens)...sigh!! (and the ladder is tooooooooo scary for me) !!
I got the bestest Christmas Potpourri in today.....the store smells so wonderful and I didn't even empty the box - just opened it for a peek....and this is what I found on top!!

...this is a bowl filler labeled "NAUGHTY FRIENDS ARE BEST"
see the coal in the middle....!!!

...and one little snowman all ready to find a new home!
Made of wool and situate on an old bobbin.

Almost forgot.....HAPPY BIRTHDAY TAD!! 
From this -

 To a husband and father of FOUR!!!  AND a great son!!  Love you!!!


kim said...

Maybe bundles of greens tied to each post at your arm's length. Something you may have thought of.
Can't wait to see all the goodies.
take care

Judy said...

Just what I am going to do the Christmas ribbon arrived at the store and there is a great candy cane stripe that will look perfect on each spray of mixed greens!

Holly Hills Primitives said...

Oh boy, I'm ready to ditch the orange and black too! Can't wait until Sunday - time to start. I will be closed on Mon and Tues to do a complete redo. Just ordered our outdoor garland - and yup, the ladder will be coming out. Have a great weekend, Dawn

moosecraft said...

OMG! That is THE BEST baby picture!!! :-) I hope to get back out to your shop soon! I'm kinda "done with the orange and black" too! Looking forward to see all the snow-goodies that fill up your shop and cool it down!

ctlogcabin said...

HapPy Birthday Tad !! Beautiful Baby Boy to Handsome Man !! I'm so excited with all this Christmas talk .... cant wait to see the Shop transformation. The outside of you Shop always looks so Wonderful, each and every Season. I know even if its not the way you normally decorate the porch, it will be Super, and I hope a whole lot easier. xox

denise said...

your snowman would surely be melted in florida toady. the halloween candy sure is. pretty ptpourri. what is the scent? denise