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Monday, October 18, 2010

LET ME TELL YOU.... FAST these days are going...Cathie (sweet friend) reminded me this morning (XO) that I had not written on my blog since (OMG) Thursday!!  I swear I don't know where time hides - it appears - and then "whooooosh" it is gone.  In the past 9 days we have celebrated "3" grandchildren's birthdays...2 - 10 year olds and 1 - 9 year old.  Still have a "BIG" kid (son) to celebrate on the 27th !!  

AND....I am working and shopping for Christmas.  (sort of getting excited too!)   Today Tony and I went shopping at the local wholesale houses.  I have been fretting over a Christmas tree for the store....oh I have the little table top ones but I only put one main tree up.   I am not fond of "fake" trees (real dead trees - yes!) but fake ones sort of just leave me "blah".  I have tried - honest to goodness - to have a real tree in the store but they don't last...even the potted ones - so I broke down today (cause I can't fathom that twiggy, green fake one this year - maybe I will feel different next year but not this way) and purchased a "fake" dead tree - with snow covered branches.  It is not real big so it will not take up alot of space in our small room....and I am really excited about it as I have lots of "glittery and shiny" ornies to make it sparkle!
Our theme this year is MERRIMENT and I want to create that in all our displays..."Life is just a bowl of Merry" .  

***FOR some special news.....this Friday the "paranormal" people are coming back to "do" their thing  in the store.   I am very anxious to see the results and hope the "gals" (we are pretty sure there are two) will give names - there is always something going on in the store...subtle happenings...I am quite sure they like when we are open and there is alot of activity going on. 
I am off to the store in the morning (even though we are closed) as the two seater desk sold and I have some furniture to move around to fill up that space...(gosh it looked so good in front of the mantel)...Enjoy it Mary Kate!!!


Prims In The Pines said...

I truly enjoy reading your blog! The theme you have Merriment is great. I was excited to see you talking about the up coming holiday. I have to agree about the fake tree lol dead tree is what they are but for many that is all they have as an option. I wish you well in your store for the up coming holiday shopping.

Cathie said...

I, too, enjoy reading your blog. A day is not complete without your blog. 'Merriment' is the perfect theme for your store and I can't wait to see how you tranform the Cinn. Stick for the upcoming holidays. I am EXCITED about the 'spirit people' returning. I hope you get lots of readings. Please share with us all the details when they are done...we love it! Hugs to you and Tony, Cathie

moosecraft said...

"Life is just a bowl of Merry"... I really like that saying! :-)

Mel said...

I agree "Life is just a bowl of Merry" is very unique... Love it!

Perhaps, you can get some video clips for sharing of the Paranormal event. It's great that the two are comfy in the shop, and with strangers coming and going.

No, No, No... fake tree's fro us, we every year hike out on a christmas tree farm and cut ours fresh. I "love" the smell of Balsam fir throughout the house. Our girls, both adults now, are the same.

Gots ta have the real deal!