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Tuesday, October 5, 2010


I love using Martha Stewart's craft tools and glitter etc....and although they are more expensive than some of the other tools - hers are the best ...and the GLITTER..!! THE VERY BEST!!   So when I realized that Martha was going to be on Oprah's show today I made sure I was home to watch.  (I have the utmost respect for Miss Martha)  How exciting it was to find out that Martha was "gifting" all the viewers with a 50% off coupon on any...ANY ... of her products.  I quickly downloaded the coupon and after dinner Tony and I headed out to Michael's - only to find that they had ALL the Martha Stewart items on sale and therefore the coupon was not any good.  When I asked for a manager - she said the coupon states not usuable on sale items....when I said ALL the Martha was on sale...she smiled and said yes !!  Talk about a gimmick.   This is what I emailed Michael's and also sent this email to Martha's blog (it will be interesting to see if it gets published)...I am very disappointed...not so much the savings....but the attitude of big business that feels it can treat customers this way.
My email to Michaels -

"I watched Oprah today and was so excited about the 50% off coupon from Martha Stewart and Michaels.  I downloaded right away - ate dinner and took off for the nearest Michaels store....only to find that the coupon was NOT USUABLE because all the Martha Stewart items were on sale....??????  How sad and how crappy of you to do this.  I am a weekly customer at your stores - I am a business owner and send ALL my customers to you for accessories and supplies when I give classes - some come back and tell me that the class costs them $18. (my price) plus another $100. they spent at Michaels.   THEN YOU HAVE THIS PROMOTION THAT IS ONLY WHAT I CAN CALL A "GIMMICK" !!  That is not playing fair - I will forward this email to Martha  - and also let my blog followers know how I was treated this evening.  It is hard for me to believe Martha knows about this and hopefully she will make this right.  Judy Doyle "

On a good note....I finished my "exchange" gifts so now I can just concentrate on our Witch's Nite Out !!  Oh and what a good packaging idea I came up with....woohoo~~~!!  Will show all next Tuesday!!


Anonymous said...

dirty....can't wait to see where this goes. Sometimes retail can be so rude, they need to realize without the customer they have nothing!!

Glad you pursued this..


Jessica @BeforeTheDawn said...

I've never been a fan of Michael's. They have way less product than other craft stores and their prices are higher.

Lois said...

Judy, Michael's is a rip-off. Last week they had a 20% c/o entire order, including sale items. I bought these turkey that were on sale and the 20% wasn't taken off. I bought other things on sale and was taken off them. And it will not take the 20% off the 40% coupon item!!!! That coupon says...make your own "sale" So, hence, a sale item!!!!???? I've written Michael's about their luring ways of getting you in the store. They just said, sorry that happened...they would look into it. And to me, that problem still hasn't been remedied!!!!

Lois L.

Karen/My Colonial Home said...

Good for you Judy...quite possibly Martha doesn't know about this...BUT...that's besides the point isn't it?

It isn't a bait and switch thing but it is quite similar...GET THE PEOPLE IN WITH THE COUPON (even though they can't use it) and they'll buy SOMETHING as long as they are there already...REALLY NOT FAIR IS IT.

lakeffect said...

Good for you. The more letters Martha gets the more likely something might be done to rectify this situation. Wish she'd sell her products somewhere else. Those coupons at Michael's are gimmicks, and I can never seem to benefit from them when buying something I want.

gail said...


moosecraft said...

Yay Judy!!! It always makes me so mad when these stores trick people with their "coupons". I do hope something good comes out of this... and, please keep us updated. I do know that Martha is now in AC Moore too... though I haven't really checked out the glitter dept. And, Martha is in Walmart too. Actually... I think Martha is EVERYWHERE these days! LOL! Including Home Depot AND Lowe's... does the woman ever sleep? ;-)

Olde Corps Primitives said...

good for you! I have had my share of disappointments with my local Michaels.

Janene said...

I hope that all customers who have this happen to them do the same as you!
It takes a lot of guts to stand up to big business...most people just let it go...Kuddos To YOU!

Erika said...

If the coupon were still available, I would have taken one in to my local Michael's as well, just to add to the hubbub! Anyway, I hope the phone calls you received were extremely apologetic!

It was a pleasure meeting you today and visiting your charming shop. Adelaide LOVES the chocolate bark we purchased, so I guess I won't be getting any for myself!

Since I forgot to leave my actual email address, here it is: Thanks again! -Erika