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Tuesday, September 28, 2010


As I sit at the computer and look out the is a perfect Autumn day.  It has been raining for the past two days...not hard...and not constant - Just a nice rain with a Autumn stirring of wind and leaves.  The leaves here are just starting to turn color and I am hoping the rain does not ruin their beauty. 

I have been working in the basement of the store...trying to make room so I can get all the Christmas priced and organized.  This is not an easy chore as I have a habit of what I call "stacking"!  (you have to see it to believe it - LOL!!)  I haven't gotten the  Christmas "bug" yet - so things are not going quickly.  I keep opening boxes and finding the bestest goodies though....Maybe once I get the "overwhelming" pricing done (those who shop in the store understand about my price tags and the time it takes to do them) not that anyone cares except me...but I do so that is that and I have to do what I have to do!!!!   Last night I purchased the neatest "STAR" punch and I know the price tags will have to have something to do with that punch! ????????????

Meanwhile there are "creepy" crawly things coming early to join our WITCH'S NITE OUT - October 8th !!   Part of the basement is "holly and jolly" and the other part.....well ....don't really know how to describe will just have to come to our Witch's Nite to see!!!  Enjoy this fine Autumn day....


Holly Hills Primitives said...

Can't wait to hear about your Witch's Nite out! We are having one this Friday and it is a shop hop with another country shop about 20 minutes from me. I'm SOOO looking forward to it! Have a great time, Dawn

Joanne said...

Where is our "Autumn weather"?????? Creepy and Crawly - Yes - Christmas - NOT YET! LOL

Auntie Kit said...

Oh, now THAT'S just creepy! WOW! I LOVE it!!!