We are now located on the Lower Level in Morgantown Market. A 90 dealer co-op that is just amazing!!
Open every day - 10 am to 5 pm
2940 Main Street, Morgantown, PA 19543

Thursday, September 30, 2010


Please join us for our Customer Appreciation Witch's Nite Out !!!

Click to enlarge !
This invite is really on ORANGE paper -  when I scan it in it turns yellow...oh well...Would love to see you there !!!!

PS... So I get an email from Moosecraft (Sharon) and this is what it said...

         I waved my magic goode witch wand on your blog and the flyer turned
Woohoo....good witches can do anything !!!!!  Hugs to you !!!

Wednesday, September 29, 2010


Today was a nice fall day....but tomorrow  OH MY !! they are calling for inches and inches of rain and high winds.  Hoping my cornstalks stay on the porch posts. 
More Christmas boxes came in today.....and I started to hum Christmas Carols as I was unpacking them.   Had to laugh at myself.  I was abruptly brought back to reality when I found these sitting at the back door.
I think one of the witches left them behind when she was checking out our "Witch's Nite Out" event!  Tomorow is the last day of September already...seems like I was just saying Happy September...geesch!

I love this old washing machine tub.....(inside are all ridges where the clothes would scrub clean)...all the paraphernalia has been removed and Tony but 3 legs on it from an old rope bed.  The green paint is of a kind for sure.

Tuesday, September 28, 2010


As I sit at the computer and look out the is a perfect Autumn day.  It has been raining for the past two days...not hard...and not constant - Just a nice rain with a Autumn stirring of wind and leaves.  The leaves here are just starting to turn color and I am hoping the rain does not ruin their beauty. 

I have been working in the basement of the store...trying to make room so I can get all the Christmas priced and organized.  This is not an easy chore as I have a habit of what I call "stacking"!  (you have to see it to believe it - LOL!!)  I haven't gotten the  Christmas "bug" yet - so things are not going quickly.  I keep opening boxes and finding the bestest goodies though....Maybe once I get the "overwhelming" pricing done (those who shop in the store understand about my price tags and the time it takes to do them) not that anyone cares except me...but I do so that is that and I have to do what I have to do!!!!   Last night I purchased the neatest "STAR" punch and I know the price tags will have to have something to do with that punch! ????????????

Meanwhile there are "creepy" crawly things coming early to join our WITCH'S NITE OUT - October 8th !!   Part of the basement is "holly and jolly" and the other part.....well ....don't really know how to describe will just have to come to our Witch's Nite to see!!!  Enjoy this fine Autumn day....

Saturday, September 25, 2010


If you follow my blog then you know that on Martin Luther King's birthday each year -  a group of  my "galfriends" get together and have an ornament exchange!  Everyone is off work this day and since we are TOO busy before Christmas to enjoy a "party" we get together on this date.  Five of the gals make things for our store so it is always the most creative gift giving event!  
This past Christmas exchange they decided (I could not attend because of my brother's funeral) that since MERRIE HALLOWEEN is everyone's favorite time to create and craft -  that we should have a Halloween exchange too.  (these galfriends are sooooooo much fun) !!  Now I can't tell what I am working on (cause they might be reading).....but OMGosh  as simple as it is it is taking so  much time preparing all the "pieces" and then putting them together...much longer than I anticipated so I started working on my projects (I need to make 5) at the store and both my front and back countertops are filled - piled high - ready to fall over - that I can hardly do business! (as all customers will attest to today) !!!
Now I have that nice workshop in the attic....why oh why didn't I just "spill" everything out there?????
 I must go to the store early tomorrow (we open on Sundays at noon) and get myself organized....somedays I am just a mess!!!
Our exchange is October 11th and I will share all our "creations" afterwards.
Vicki makes these for the store...
Dianne makes these "Kats".... I can only imagine what goodies they are creating!!

ps.  I am feeling a little better off to the flea market in the morning!!!

Friday, September 24, 2010


Still under the weather a bit....I have to learn that I just can't go and go and go like I use too....bah humbug!!
Summer returned to PA this week - bah humbug!!  I was so enjoying the cool Autumn weather.  Indian Summer - ???  wonder where that expression came from???

I am working on our Witch's Nite Out event.....making lists, checking them twice....(are you getting the idea that maybe CHRISTMAS is in the back of my mind...!!!! (big smile)!! 

Wednesday, September 22, 2010


Feeling a bit (no - alot) under the weather - what a way to spend the last two days off.  Heading to the store this morning as I just have to go make some sense out of the "crow convention".   (thinking maybe I partied too much???)
AND, I am making an appointment for my FLU shot.  !!  Hope everyone is doing well...will be back soon....!!!

Sunday, September 19, 2010


The crows have "left" the building....of course there are always a few "stragglers" hoping to hitch a ride home with one of YOU !!!
I NEED to thank everyone for coming to the "Crow Convention" and being good sports with my silliness! (we did have fun though didn't we!!!)
My plan was to get customers to come into the shop after having a grand open house.....and it worked....(wonder what kind of convention I can apply for next year???) 
A special "thank you" to all the folkartist who made it a "unique" weekend....without your creativity I could have never pulled it off...!!!
Now what???
Well we have lots of fall and Halloween still in the store...some really cool stuff to make your home the best decorated on the block - handmade treasures you can only find at THE CINNAMON STICK!
Then preparations for our Witch's NIte Out.....October 8th !!!  But in the meantime I am still making after-life fairies..pumpkin cats...and ornies for your Halloween tree....Did I ever tell you I LOVE HALLOWEEN !
(I think the spirit of Edgar Allen Poe is visiting us.....ahhhh NEVERMORE said the Raven....Ravens are the largest members of the crow family and we had quite a few who came to the convention - we also have old jars of earth from his burial plot!!!)

Thursday, September 16, 2010


WOW !!  I didn't know those crows could make such a mess!!   Thank goodness they have a "clean-up" crew on 24 hour duty!!   There is still a few more arrivals expected in the morning...I left some room for them on our grapevine tree - not sure where they are coming from though!
Seems that they really love our dead tree from Home Depot (remember when I got this tree???)  It is a perfect resting spot!

I can't believe how MUCH they eat.....Look at the empty corn cobs - geesch !!!

Some pictures of the PARTY !!! 

The event planners....


September 16, 2010

Hi Country Friends,

Do you remember those "infamous" words from Alfred Hitchcock's "THE BIRDS".....!!! Well, you don't have to fear the birds that are coming to THE CINNAMON STICK!!

The trees are set up----the "crow soup" is prepared----all the bird feeders are filled to the brim---and we are ready to PARTY!!

Join us this Friday, Saturday and Sunday (Sept. 17 thru 19) for the 138th Annual Crow Convention being held at the store!!!

Judy and Tony

ps - lots of new goodies have arrived this week too!

Monday, September 13, 2010


September 13, 2010

Hi Country Friends....

That is what it sounds like at THE CINNAMON STICK these days...OMG !!! it is happening - the crows have started to arrive from "hither and yon" to celebrate their annual Crow Convention.

It started in 1872 when a flock of crows ran into another flock of crows and decided to share their adventures with each other ~~~for 138 years they have come together to "party" AND this year the party is at THE CINNAMON STICK!!!! Woohoo!!!

I met with some farmers who will let them "stay over" in their cornfields as a place to rest and they will even share their feed corn with them....(super nice farmers in Pennsylvania)!!

The "Convention" starts this Friday, September 17 thru Sunday September 19.
There will be lots of crow "souvenirs" to purchase, along with beautiful fall florals and unique Halloween treasures!

We hope you will not miss this "once in a lifetime" event!!

Your Halloween friends,
Judy and Tony

PS...we will be serving "Crow Soup"....yummy !!!
Here's some pictures of the "Crow Convention" organizers...hanging out in our backyard...

Saturday, September 11, 2010


Woke up this morning to 59 did get warmer later in the day  (like 80) but for the most part it was a PERFECT shopping day.  Our first week of open house is almost behind us and I am busy getting my "thoughts" together for the "CROW CONVENTION" being held next Friday, Saturday and Sunday!  The "crows" have started to arrive from all parts of the country - (noisy fellows they are!!)  SQUAWK, SQUAWK - CAW -CAW... all day long....(it is going to be a long week but a FUN week)!!

Our header features vintage apothecary jars to fill with your favorite Halloween candy.   The graphics on these are unique and truly make you "question" what is inside...(big smile)!  Hand decorated by Brenda Bobbin these "one of a kind" jars are one of our best sellers.

This crow has landed on a stack of pumpkins and looks like he found a home... made by Leah Webb it is one of our fun Halloween goodies. 

All our window candles have these "smiley" pumpkin heads on them....At night it looks so sweet....ahhhh the whimsy you get away with at Halloween.  Don't know if I told you but I LOVE HALLOWEEN !!!

Friday, September 10, 2010


Thought I would post some pictures of the rear entrance (which is our main entrance as the parking lot is in the rear of the building)!  I am fortunate to have both front and back porches the length of our store.  Of course, that means I have a lot of outside decorating to do. 
Here are some pics of our store and Homespun, the store next to me......that is Jake the Rake hanging out on Homespun's fence ( Jake was created by Kay , owner of Homespun and belongs to her store)- he causes quite a stir with the customers as I watch them, with paper and pen, sketching what he is made of.  (quite a silly guy!! - Not at all as sophiscated as our Cornball - sadly I didn't get his picture today....but tomorrow I will)

(see the "dead" tree...!!  That is home to some of the crows at the Convention next weekend)

Thursday, September 9, 2010


Leah Webb (one of our fabric artist) brought in a second batch of pumpkins for us today.   I love the big princess pumpkins - oh heck ...I love them ALL !!  She replenished our bonnets and aprons too (all in wonderful shades of brown) !!   AND I replenished the "after-life fairies" but again they sold out!  Too cute!!
I also put together alittle gift basket of Pumpkin Melting Tarts in an old berry basket that Tony cleaned, stained and put a wire handle on....I love to put together "gift baskets" cause I get to play with wrapping and presentation....silly I know but I love to play!!

Also today, some of the crows, who are coming for the "CROW CONVENTION" flew in....all the way from Williamsport, PA....lucky for me I had a place for them to stay and lots of feed corn on the cornstalks out back! (I really wasn't expecting them till next week but they have lots of cousins they wanted to visit with)  I think our "Crow Convention" is going to be quite a "thing" !!!  Woohoo!!!  Hope you can come join us!

GRAND FIRST DAY...It's only just begun....

I love to be have excited customers trying to decide from all the goodies what they NEED.....and I really, really love the ones who NEED IT ALL !!  (you know who you are!!!)  It was a great day for THE CINNAMON STICK and we will be restocking and fluffing every day!  
It was so good to meet you Sharon....(from NJ) a faithful follower of our blog - love meeting and putting faces to new friends!
A HUGE thank you to everyone - however it is NOT over items will be arriving and the store will be filled with treasures - and next week another super event.....more later!!
Off to fluff and stuff!!!!

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

READY - SET - TA-DA !!!!

We are ready to open our doors tomorrow for our 2010 "Autumn in the Country" open house!!!  Whew...!!!   I do believe there is something for everyone.....from the macabe and alittle dark, to the beautiful handworks of our talented artists...and alot of "whimsey" inbetween!!!  Here is alittle sneak preview -

Some "earth" from Edgar Allen Poe's burial site....

After-Life Fairies.....

....alittle whimsey


...more whimsey

pumpkins and
owls....all sizes and shapes !

..beautiful X-stitch pillows and pinkeepes of a kind completely handstitched applique!

....oh the candy counter filled with treats!!!
..witches and cats and Autumn potpourris....

and so much more - you will just have to come see for yourself all our wonderful Halloween and Fall goods!