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Wednesday, August 25, 2010


I think I am getting old...seems I just can't get done what I use to anymore.  That makes me wonder what it is going to be like when I am a storekeeper at 80 years old !!!  ???  !!!   UPS brought BIG boxes today and I had to empty them of a bunch of little boxes as they boxes would not go down the basement steps.  (well it is a tad crowded down there right now) !!  So up and down and up and down - all before 10 am. 

Lots of customers today and one favorite who brought me goodies to sell (Christmas trees) and a "present" for me.  When I get it decorated I will post a picture!  AND she brought treats - Apple (something) and Blueberry Buckle - and that was my lunch (not all of it - saved some for Tony) !  Thank you Joanne it was delish!  Her rug hooking friends have those treats to look forward to tomorrow evening at their hook-in!
It is two weeks before our Autumn in the Country Open House and I have so-o-o much to do.  Treasures are starting to come  in fast (waiting for my Turkey Hollow Folkart treasures to arrive)... I am trying hard to keep up with the pricing but it is getting ahead of me.  (I have this thing about price tags....yiyiyi) 

Tomorrow evening we have our "It's All about the Shoes" class - I am "almost" ready - I seem to be a bit disorganized of late...not sure why but if I started a list I think it would be pretty L O  N  G !!! (big smile).
The classes are always fun for me - nothing better than a bunch of gals (and guy) getting together to create!
Once we get into it the ideas just start getting better and better.    We won't have classes for a few weeks as open house is happening and I am still waiting "word" on that special happening the week after open house!
Nana's little helper - (he painted the whole pumpkin himself except the sides)
Crew Lotz - 4 1/2 years

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Joanne said...

Apple Dapple was the name! LOL don't ask me it was my Mom or Grandmother's recipe!

I can't wait to see what's in all those boxes and what treasures are hiding -

The store looked great and SMELLED great too - like a fall breeze with goblins and witches hiding in the eaves!