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Friday, August 20, 2010


I woke up and 3/4's of August was gone!!  So much going on here with getting the store ready for fall - Tony's injury ( I won't tell you how stir crazy he is cause he can't do anything) - and trying to create my own goodies for the store.  So what do I dream about last night ?????  CHRISTMAS !  Yegads Judy one season at a time please!! 
I have the old hag on the outhouse - Cornball (our resident scarecrow) decided he wanted to be on the front porch this year to wave at the passing cars...(yi yi yi - I deal with so many different personalities !!) and the olde wooden witch is griping cause I can't find any "candy corn" for her to hand out to customers.  Ah...the life of a storekeeper!
For those who visit the store and know how I would NEVER EVER part with my tiny bales of hay (that would  be put on the stairs in the fall)...well, the mean old insurance man has let me know "under NO circumstances" is anything EVER to be put on my steps to the second floor....(no crocks, jugs nothing!!) (the steps are nice and wide with plenty of room) - anyway - I no longer have a need for the little bales (well, I will keep a couple) so they will be for sale - $4.00 each.  These bales are not imported - they were handmade by a local craftsman with a machine that he and his friend constructed for farm demonstrations.   Things never stay the same - sigh!!
We still have openings for our "It's All About the Shoes" class for Thursday, August 26th - if you are interested.   Another fun evening at THE CINNAMON STICK!
Enjoy your Friday -


Cathie said...

Good morning Judy!
I've missed your daily blogs...I was afraid something happened to you. Now I know you are busy, busy, busy! Whew! Please put aside 3 of your hay bales for me. I'll be over this weekend to pick them up...and whatever else catches my eye.(I'd better leave Eva at home).
Enjoy this beautiful day!
Hugs, Cathie

ctlogcabin said...

Judy lookin all Fallish .... Love it !!
Dang that Insurance man ... always loved the stuff on the steps !! :-)
I'm getting ready to hunt for PumPkins
amongst the Amish ... lol
Wish me Luck !! xox

moosecraft said...

Boy... your insurance guy is a real party pooper... I thought the hay looked so nice there... it's light enough you can see them against the dark steps...

Karen/My Colonial Home said...

I guess having these kinds of dreams is part of owning ones own business and all that goes with it! lol
I understand about August being almost gone...incredible where it all went.

Cute straw bales!


Lois said...

Judy, Mean ole insurance man!!!! Too bad the ghosts didn't make him trip....over nothing!!!!! hahahaha
Lois L.

Penelope's Beehive said...

A grand good morning, I have just popped over from Turkey Hollow for a wee visit to your corner of the world. It will certainly not be my last surely...your blog and shoppe are so very inviting!