We are now located on the Lower Level in Morgantown Market. A 90 dealer co-op that is just amazing!!
Open every day - 10 am to 5 pm
2940 Main Street, Morgantown, PA 19543

Tuesday, August 31, 2010


I hardly ever take a day off...but MOST of my days are filled with some kind of Cinnamon Stick fun!  Yesterday Tony and I (BTW - after leaving the orthopedic's office the good news was he no longer had to use the crutches - must keep the "boot" on for ten days but able to put pressure on it) THAT MEANS HE MADE THE COFFEE THIS MORNING!!  He can also now drive!! It has been 5 weeks so far)  Anyway...Tony and I went to a wholesale candy store that my friend Kathy from Gardner's Candies in Pennsburg, PA  told me about.  I can't even explain how the term "a little kid in a candy shop" applied to me - lol!!  I  tried to control myself  however I did pick up some fun candies for the store.  When we have our Autumn open house I fill bowls, tins, baskets or whatever seems handy with lots of Halloween candy for customers to enjoy - since they are "Trick or Treating" at THE CINNAMON STICK !!   I also picked up some for Miss Wigglesworth's Candy Counter !!
Today (although a day off) I am off to the store to do some rearranging and pricing - the store looks so cool all dressed in the colors of Autumn and it is fun to put out the new!!
Our new header is a picture some of the new....Vicki (one of our mixed media artists) made the potion bottles that are a "must see" to get the full effect of how wonderful they are.  The detail is amazing...and it is hard to choose which one(s) you need to purchase!   There are still goodies to arrive and I am anxious to see what our handmade artists have created!
Have a fun day and I will too!!
Fun Halloween ribbon for sale !!!

Sunday, August 29, 2010


LOL!!  I spent the whole day yesterday thinking (and writing on invoices) it was the 29th !!  So now I am a day "ahead" !!!  Woohoo!!
It is a beautiful sunny morning and I just stuffed 3 pumpkin pillows and am ready to sit at my machine and sew - however I thought I would "browse" the internet for some inspiration.  Do you do that?  There are so many wonderful blogs and websites that get my creative juices flowing !
The store finally has my stamp of approval for looking all ready for fall - not the outside however.  I was so lucky to have a customer who would give me her cornstalks every year and we would use them on the porch posts - but this year they did not grow corn.  It is HARD to find cornstalks this early -(sigh) - and NO pumpkins in sight - but I will keep trying....still have a 1 1/2 weeks before open house.
Sadly, as I opened some boxes to price items that came in last week - they were broken....some that I was counting on...(I hate dealing with China made things) !  But it is really hard to be completely handmade  - so deal with this I must.   (we do have some fun goodies that will be for sale)!!!  
AND I have made the most  "FUN" item....nothing fact quite small and inexpensive -  so far my favorite Halloween decoration....(those who I have dared show - LOVE HER)..although I am not so sure everyone will....LOL!!!  Can't wait to share with you....I am all "a glitter" over her!!!
PUMPKIN BUTTER ...yummy !!

Saturday, August 28, 2010


Whew...busy few days - as August winds down I am twirling and scurrying all over the place trying to put all the "ends" together into one nice's hard work!! (big smile)! 
Thursday evening was our "It's All About the Shoes" workshop and what a fun time we had....I enjoy watching the gals take my idea and run with it to produce such fun creations!  As always my pics are crappy - (I don't think it is me - I'll blame it on the lighting!!)  Here are some of the creations!

We put our projects here while we went on to do more.....

We made 3 witch shoe ornaments - everyone's was different!

To see more of this fun class check out the class album on our picture trail !

The weather has just been perfect for shopping and getting in the "mood" for fall - although  I heard the "heat" is coming back next week....ahhhh the "dog days" of summer are upon us!

Wednesday, August 25, 2010


I think I am getting old...seems I just can't get done what I use to anymore.  That makes me wonder what it is going to be like when I am a storekeeper at 80 years old !!!  ???  !!!   UPS brought BIG boxes today and I had to empty them of a bunch of little boxes as they boxes would not go down the basement steps.  (well it is a tad crowded down there right now) !!  So up and down and up and down - all before 10 am. 

Lots of customers today and one favorite who brought me goodies to sell (Christmas trees) and a "present" for me.  When I get it decorated I will post a picture!  AND she brought treats - Apple (something) and Blueberry Buckle - and that was my lunch (not all of it - saved some for Tony) !  Thank you Joanne it was delish!  Her rug hooking friends have those treats to look forward to tomorrow evening at their hook-in!
It is two weeks before our Autumn in the Country Open House and I have so-o-o much to do.  Treasures are starting to come  in fast (waiting for my Turkey Hollow Folkart treasures to arrive)... I am trying hard to keep up with the pricing but it is getting ahead of me.  (I have this thing about price tags....yiyiyi) 

Tomorrow evening we have our "It's All about the Shoes" class - I am "almost" ready - I seem to be a bit disorganized of late...not sure why but if I started a list I think it would be pretty L O  N  G !!! (big smile).
The classes are always fun for me - nothing better than a bunch of gals (and guy) getting together to create!
Once we get into it the ideas just start getting better and better.    We won't have classes for a few weeks as open house is happening and I am still waiting "word" on that special happening the week after open house!
Nana's little helper - (he painted the whole pumpkin himself except the sides)
Crew Lotz - 4 1/2 years

Sunday, August 22, 2010


Finally someone asked about my "dead" tree - first customer today asked what I spray painted it with to make it look dead....yiyiyiyi !!!

FUN STUFF happened today though - after visiting with some good customers -  Helen Voytilla - (one of the artist who makes handmade fabric items for the store )- delivered her Halloween goodies.  EIGHT boxes full of treasures.   It was the end of the day so most are still packed safely away until I go in tomorrow to unpack, price and play !!  I did get to take a couple pics before I left for the day - Here is a scarecrow sitting on a pumpkin - not sure what I will name him yet - he is a big fella!

This is a very friendly witch all dressed in her sparkly Halloween finery - you are going to love her when you see her!
...and last - just look at this kitten and his pet mouse advertising for the sweet witch shown above.....
I know the pics aren't great ...I was in a hurry - today was so strange weather wise...the sun would shine brightly and two minutes later - torrential I just wanted to get home and snug in our little house.
Tony (broken ankle and all) spent some time the last few days in his workshop creating these neat candle holders (great night light) from old pelt boards and ceramic insulators.   He added an old brass drawer handle that you can hang candles, herbs, vintage handwork etc. from!!!  I put a battery tea lite in the insulator and it was too cute!!!!

Saturday, August 21, 2010


I am so excited but I really can't say for sure and not that I want to "jinx" this special happening so I will just give you a tease cause gosh I am so "flattered" with this wonderful opportunity....oh I am  babbling aren't I !!

Well....I heard this rumor that the week after our AUTUMN IN THE COUNTRY OPEN HOUSE...a very special "happening" is going to occur at THE CINNAMON STICK.  As soon as I know for "positively" sure I will let you in on the event.....however, I can tell you it has something to do with this "dead" tree I obtained from Home Depot the other day.... 
I am all befuddled and excited !!! 

The funny thing is all week this tree has been standing there at the back porch entrance and NOT one person even asked about it - do you think maybe my strange decor has become mundane to everyone...????  Or just maybe nothing surprises them anymore!!! 

Friday, August 20, 2010


I woke up and 3/4's of August was gone!!  So much going on here with getting the store ready for fall - Tony's injury ( I won't tell you how stir crazy he is cause he can't do anything) - and trying to create my own goodies for the store.  So what do I dream about last night ?????  CHRISTMAS !  Yegads Judy one season at a time please!! 
I have the old hag on the outhouse - Cornball (our resident scarecrow) decided he wanted to be on the front porch this year to wave at the passing cars...(yi yi yi - I deal with so many different personalities !!) and the olde wooden witch is griping cause I can't find any "candy corn" for her to hand out to customers.  Ah...the life of a storekeeper!
For those who visit the store and know how I would NEVER EVER part with my tiny bales of hay (that would  be put on the stairs in the fall)...well, the mean old insurance man has let me know "under NO circumstances" is anything EVER to be put on my steps to the second floor....(no crocks, jugs nothing!!) (the steps are nice and wide with plenty of room) - anyway - I no longer have a need for the little bales (well, I will keep a couple) so they will be for sale - $4.00 each.  These bales are not imported - they were handmade by a local craftsman with a machine that he and his friend constructed for farm demonstrations.   Things never stay the same - sigh!!
We still have openings for our "It's All About the Shoes" class for Thursday, August 26th - if you are interested.   Another fun evening at THE CINNAMON STICK!
Enjoy your Friday -

Monday, August 16, 2010


Ran up to the store today (to get Tony out of the house for a bit) and to delivery the "dead" tree I got from Home Depot last night - I am sure they are still talking about me.....(will tell that story Wednesday when I have my camera to take pics so I can show you what I am writing about)!!  AND, the magazines A Simple Life had arrived at the post office.   Looks like a another great issue - can't wait to sit for a spell with a cool glass of iced tea and take my time to read it.  
It is so hot here in PA again - and any minute the skies are going to open up and storm on us.   I can hear the thunder in the background -  hope it cools things around here.  I am so tired of complaining about the weather - sending my apologies to you!!!

Friday, August 13, 2010


The creativity that was flowing thru the Attic Studio Thursday night was unbelievable!!!.  I was afraid I was giving  the girls too  much to decide and choose from but heck no...!!!...all the gals were so creative and made their wall hanging,Witch Fairies, and tags so completely different from each other.  We ran out of time to do a "proper" show and tell - once you  get started you don't want to stop and that was just the case last night.   Here are a few more pictures...

We couldn't get Jim to sit still to get a good picture but what a "fab" artist he is!

Today was "clean up" day although no matter how much I protested a couple of the gals claim "OCD" and wouldn't leave until their spot was clean...!!!

Now for the interesting part of the day and evening....Those who follow my blog know of the spirits who live at the store - Well, a paranormal investigator from Maryland was in the store yesterday and relayed  to me she felt the presence of a woman...   she told me  the woman  wanted to work for me and loved being in the store - she at one time lived there.  She felt her name started with a "C".  This woman left and came back to tell me she got the name "Carrie"...NOW....Kim (dark hair first picture in class) is also a Paranormal Investigator (neither of these gals were the ones that investigated our store)...Kim has  a  program on her phone that lets you know when an "energy" is  close at will also blurt out words....(when Kim first showed me this program I had told her about Tony breaking his ankle...a few minutes after telling me about the program on her phone - two green dots of "energy" showed up...and quickly disappeared as we acknowledged them - a couple seconds later the phone said "ankle"....this is just one of many occurances that the phone "rightfully" blurted out.  (I don't know how else to explain it - the phone just talks,) We had Kim turn her phone on last night and were getting somewhat words that you could somewhat maybe apply to what was going on in the room.....when I went downstairs and came back up they asked me if I knew the name "Johnny" ....It did NOT ring a one I knew.   So we dismissed it.   THIS MORNING....telling Kay (neighbor storekeeper) about it I got the shivers and goosebumps up and down my whole body.  Hanging on my front door of the store is a crocheted tablecover that I use as a curtain.   It was my husband's fathers when he was in the seminary (9 years before he met Tony's Mom) of the family "Nuns" had made it for him to cover his night table.  His initials are on the tablecover in 4 places on little cotton laundry tags- (as the laundry was sent out to be done).....he passed away in 1976  -  Tony's fathers name...
JOHN CAREY DOYLE.    Do you have the shivers.....!!!!!!

Monday, August 9, 2010


The HARVEST banner is on our fireplace mantle (there is no fireplace here...just a mantle that we sometimes put away) - It looks great hanging there and really puts you in the mood for fall !  In the bowl (love that bowl..can't believe it hasn't sold yet)...are bittersweet garlands...they are skinny and look great when displayed inside a cupboard (or on top), on a mantle (all your other decorations can fit in between the berries) or just wrapped like a wreath in an old wooden bowl (or you can purchase this beautiful one we have for sale) (big smile) !!!
I am really in the decorating mode and can't wait till all the goodies come in so I can work my displays.  I know Wednesday an order of bittersweet sprigs (very real looking and no mess) and sprigs of really cool "pods" will job is fun (as long as the air conditioners do their job)!!!
We have posted our next class " IT'S ALL ABOUT THE SHOES" in our Class Schedule Album on our picture trail....this is such a fun time of year to play!!!

Saturday, August 7, 2010


I don't know anyone who can make "messes" the way I do.   For two days I have been spilling and dropping, banging and flopping - which led to bending and stooping, picking and stretching !!  AND there is so much more to do!!  I "think" (never sure) I have the first floor room set up furniture wise for fall.  I brought up the "fake dead tree" (have yet to secure it) and moved display pieces until I was nicked and bruised! (Why I try to move a cupboard that is still filled with goodies I don't would think I would learn by now!!)  Some lessons are learned the hard way time after time!!  I plead GUILTY!!
Today is Saturday - a busier day in the store - which means I have to at least try to clean up my cash counter and back counter to make some kind of order so I can do business. 
Two of my favorite "girlfriend customers" came yesterday - Rita and Joan....Rita is 79 and Joan is 76 - both purchased pumpkins, they are so ready for fall and made me write down when HALLOWEEN OPEN HOUSE was going to start....I envy their love of life, decorating and having fun shopping together!   Gave me the "spurt" of energy I needed to get the store in order!  So that is my agenda today!!!  Bring on "FALL" !!!
Pumpkin flavored Malted Milk Balls.......!!!!

Thursday, August 5, 2010


I think the "spirits" called them in to give me some inspiration on what to do for fall in the store.  My brain is on overload right now as the fall and Halloween goodies arrive....overwhelmed? maybe !
There are so many ideas and like usual "never enough thyme"
Our Harvest Thyme Open House begins September 8th this year and I am starting to change the store around this week -  hopefully I will get alot done.  I decided to put up our "Fake Dead Tree" as I haven't used it in a couple of years (and with Tony laid up it doesn't look like I am going to get alot of help)....I do love that tree...and there are a bunch of owls needing a place to roost!  So that is my plan of "attack" today!
Wish the weather would get cooler around here....

Monday, August 2, 2010


Two youngest grandkids at Williamsburg...(they told me they are not "babies" anymore so I have to call them "kids")... I know I am over doing it with the pics but they are just so dang cute!!  Crew - 4 1/2  Blakely 5...
Crew still has to have a "mini cast" on his broken arm....he is such a trooper doesn't seem to mind a bit...but told the therapist he wanted an orange cover...(Dad talked him out of it) !!!

Sunday, August 1, 2010

WHAT WE'RE MISSING.....(sad faces here)

Blakely Doyle age 5
Crew Lotz age 4
Evan Lotz - age 9
Grayden Doyle - age 8
Shannon and Jeff Lotz
Evan, Cullen, Crew Lotz
Blakely and Kennedy Doyle
Seems that they must have been on a "water ride" as they are in a "dryer" ????

Looks like they are having a great old time at Busch Gardens !!!  Can't wait for more pics....