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Sunday, July 25, 2010

WHEW!!! that at of my system...the Yard Sale!  Hottest day of the summer...(poor hubby) and I guess my "junk" wasn't that great cause we had a "van load" that we took to the Church Thrift Store after the sale.(They LOVED IT!!!) Of course it was FREE...but it still left you with a good feeling that all the "attic" work wasn't for naught!
One REALLY GOOD thing happened at the yard sale...besides seeing some friends I haven't seen for awhile...we did have a FABULOUS day in the store and quite a few very NEW customers!   So it was worth the advertising monies!!  AND the attic is well on it's way of getting orderly. (still quite a bit of work to do up there....ah...39 years of stashing and hoarding is certainly catching up with me) !!!   But I do think the rest will go RIGHT TO THE THRIFT STORE!! (big smile) !!
Now this week's task is to - first get my house in some kind of order and then get ready for vacation...much needed at this point.  We leave very early Sunday morning for Williamsburg, VA for a 4 day adventure.   No computers - cell phones will only be used to find out where the rest of our crew is -( this is our family vacation with son, daughter and the grandkids....all but Anthony (14)..he is in Australia with People to People - and having a great time.   The kids stay a week but that is just alittle too much for us.....(SIGH) as the little ones will keep us hopping)!!)  AND I will truly only think of the store on my way home!
This morning at the flea market I ran into two of the artists that make items for the store....Vicki is already working on Halloween goodies....woohoo!!  That will be my focus when we get home - I love the fall season.  Be sure to check out the Trick or Treat class we will be giving August 12th and 14th - Lots of fun is in store for THE CINNAMON STICK!!


Susan said...

OMG! You had a yard sale yesterday!!!! It is a wonder you are not a pile of sweat and flesh on the road!

PS What flea market do you go to on Sundays?

gail said...

glad you had a good day at the store! did i miss anything at JAKES? decided i would stay home today after a trying day yesterday. hope to get some stuff on ebay.
you'll have fun next week. DON'T FORGET YOUR CAMERA!!!!!!

Ginny said...

I had a good time visiting with you yesterday, have fun on the vacation. Found the Hen House just fine.