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Thursday, July 1, 2010


Great old  "butter churn" - excellent condition (one metal band missing at bottom though) .. all the other parts are complete and original!     Glad my butter comes from the grocery store.  Although I have to tell you one of our artist....Terri Leamer...has her own cow(s) and makes her own butter AND ICE CREAM !!!   She is raising four boys and they are "studs" !!!
It has been such beautiful weather for the past two days...after all that heat from the past two weeks I am finally enjoying summerthyme!
My mind is thinking HALLOWEEN...I am trying to get one of the tables cleared off in the basement of the store so I can start pulling out what might be leftover from last year and see what we are in need of in the way of florals, wreaths and garlands.   I ordered quite a bit new at the Market Show!!!
Yesterday fall prints came in and I decided to display them for the summer shoppers as I can reorder if I need to - this company is pretty quick on reorders - I love these prints!!!
The iron candle stands are back in stock and we received two new Spoon Cupboards in mustard over red...pretty cool!!! (I am putting my stamped spoons in them to display!!)
Tomorrow I will show you what I found in the attic.....the very FIRST craft item that I sold for MONEY!!! Once I got the "fever" I never stopped...that was 31 years ago...!!!!

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moosecraft said...

Halloween!!!! Yes! That has been in my thoughts too! I thought it was just because it was so dang hot, that I needed something cooler to think about... but now that it's cool, my brain is still thinking pumpkins! LOL! Homemade ice cream sounds good too! I did see about those pedestals in the picture trail, thank you!... going to have to plan a trip out your way soon!